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It was right for Chen Xiang to stand there without moving, because he suddenly sensed that a barrier had appeared in front of him. It was difficult for him to see it with his naked eyes, but he could sense it, and he did not know what the consequences would be if he stepped into the barrier.

What he could do now was to bypa.s.s this barrier and continue towards his destination.

Although he couldn't walk forward, he could move left and right to avoid the barrier. However, just as he took a few steps forward, the ground suddenly shook again. Soon after, he saw a figure flying over from the distance and stopped on top of a small stone mountain.

There was actually someone inside, which surprised Chen Xiang quite a bit. If that person was a bit stronger, he wouldn't be so surprised, because it was very likely that he was a friend of the Bai Shan YUE, and the person currently standing on top of the small mountain was a handsome young man in white with a delicate face. His strength was about the same as the Late period of human immortal, so he didn't know how to restrain himself at all.

"After entering that Spirit Formation, we can retreat." Chen Xiang thought, because the man was able to fly towards him, it was obvious that he was not affected by the strange spatial laws.

The young man just stood on top of the small mountain and looked at Chen Xiang with wide eyes, not saying a word.

However, just as he was about to enter the barrier, the white clothed youth who was standing on top of the small mountain suddenly shouted out and waved his hand to release a ray of light. Upon closer inspection, it was a good quality immortal sword, probably because the middle grade immortal sword had been injected with a strong force that carried a sharp killing intent, flying straight towards Chen Xiang in anger, because he did not do anything at all, and under the pain of the person, he shouted loudly, and did not dodge at all as he grabbed the tip of the sword, causing the sword to stop. Chen Xiang shouted angrily. The killing intent from the White Tiger Gloves on his hands immediately surged out, filling his arms with power, adding the anger in his heart, he used a huge amount of power to forcefully break the middle grade immortal sword.

The White Tiger Gloves could be considered a G.o.dly weapon. In his hands, the middle grade immortal sword was no different from an ordinary weapon. With just a few movements, it was easily crushed.

The white-robed young man was equally infuriated when he saw his beloved immortal sword destroyed. He didn't expect this person to be so powerful.

This is a Holy Land, and we've been here for many years to protect this place from outsiders. Anyone who dares to step foot into this place will die. The white clothed youth knew that he was not Chen Xiang's match and did not dare to walk forward, because Chen Xiang had also not entered the barrier. Chen Xiang asked. If this was really someone else's territory, he really couldn't go in.

"No, we are human. This used to be the sacred land of the beast race, but now that they have left, it belongs to us. Outsiders are not allowed to enter." Although he had a calm expression, Chen Xiang could already see a hint of fear in his eyes. The white clothed youth had clearly been frightened by the move he had revealed just now.

Chen Xiang glanced at the white-clothed youth, then walked around the barrier. As long as he did not step inside, there would be no conflicts of interest. Right now, that Sacred Ground had already been taken by someone, and after many years, the people inside should all be very strong.

Chen Xiang used the Heaven Tour, wanting to enter the barrier to check out the strength of the group inside. However, he was stopped by the barrier, he knew that if he stepped inside, he would not be able to come out, because there was no way out from the barrier.

"Han Chen, what happened?" As soon as they heard the delicate shout from afar, a woman dressed in a simple blue dress floated over. She had a gentle smile on her face as she gracefully landed behind the young man, bewitching him with her movements.

When Han Chen saw the lady, his originally stern face immediately revealed a smile, but his voice was still serious: "Qianxiang, there is a foreign person there. He destroyed my Immortal Sword just now, he is very powerful, go back and report it to the clan elders, get them to send the Immortal Monarch over."

Mu Qianxiang looked at Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang also looked at her, with a slight smile on his face. Right now, Chen Xiang was using his own appearance, although he was not a very handsome man, at least if a woman saw him, she would not hate him so much.

Although the two were separated by a long distance, they could still clearly see each other. Mu Qianxiang could already tell that Chen Xiang was only at the middle stage of the Worldly Immortal Stage, but when she saw Chen Xiang's eyes that were as deep as the sea, she almost lost her mind.

Mu Qianxiang immediately frowned and closed her eyes.

"This woman actually knows some kind of mind reading sacred art. She wanted to see through your thoughts, but I didn't expect you to backfire on her." Long Xueyi laughed, "You almost made her lose her mind, if it got serious, she would become a fool."

"Fortunately, I've trained in the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell. Using such a move against this woman is simply courting death." Chen Xiang laughed.

"This person shouldn't have any malicious intentions. Can't we just let him in? At night, it will be very dangerous outside. I wonder how he got here." Mu Qianxiang said in a low voice, and then glanced at Chen Xiang. Right now, she didn't dare to look at him too much.

"We can't let him in, this is a rule." Han Chen's face was stern, he said angrily: "I actually hope that guy comes in, so that I can kill him, and actually destroy my immortal sword."

After Chen Xiang who was moving around the barrier heard this, he shouted: "You used the Immortal Sword to attack me first. At that time, I also hoped that you would come over.

"Who asked you to step into the Spirit Formation?" Han Chen roared.

Can't you give me a warning from the distance that you have to use such a barbaric method? I haven't entered the barrier yet, so with my strength, once I enter, I can immediately slaughter both of you. However, I'm not as unreasonable as you. Chen Xiang replied indifferently.

In Chen Xiang's eyes, Han Chen was just a wet behind the ears brat. Furthermore, he would get angry easily.

Chen Xiang secretly praised him for having such good self-control. Compared to him, Han Chen was indeed much worse.

"Do you want to walk around the Spirit Formation? It's impossible for you to pa.s.s through it. The area that the Spirit Formation covers is very big and it spans almost the entire region." Mu Qianxiang shouted.

"Qianxiang... Go and call the elders over. This person destroyed my immortal sword, we cannot let him go like this. " Han Chen was a little angry, and spoke in a much louder voice to Mu Qianxiang.

"What's the use of an elder coming? Who dares to walk out of the spirit formation? It's not like he's going to come in. If you want to deal with him, at least let him in." Mu Qianxiang snorted, as he was filled with discontent.

Chen Xiang did not walk forward but chose to sit down instead. He smiled and said: "It seems like even if you all let me in, I won't enter anymore, in case I get killed. I'll instead wait here for your elders to come and see how they deal with me."

Chen Xiang felt that the two young men and women in front of him must have grown up in this Sacred Ground. Furthermore, their knowledge of the outside world must be different from those in the Heaven Realm s.

Right now, her eyes were flickering, and they were filled with endless desire to learn. They could tell that she really desired the outside world, and that was why she was able to use the Mind Reading, or even the ability to search for the memories of other people to deal with Chen Xiang. It was only that her desire was broken.

"Hurry up and go." Han Chen shouted, "I can't leave this place, in case he sneaks in."

Chen Xiang did indeed have such plans, he planned to wait until night before sneaking in.

"Why don't you go? I'll just watch over him from here. I'm stronger than you, and my celestial sword wasn't destroyed." Mu Qianxiang said somewhat angrily, her beautiful face no longer had the gentle smile from before.

"Qianxiang, you're not young anymore. Furthermore, we will be holding a marriage ceremony soon, at that time, you will be marrying and having children, why are you still quarreling all day?" An elder walked through the air and quickly arrived behind Mu Qianxiang.

"Don't marry him, he's always the one who p.i.s.ses me off first, and he doesn't respect me at all." Mu Qianxiang snorted lightly.

"Humph, there are many women who want to marry me, it's better if you don't marry them so that you don't have to spend all your time arguing with my other women. As a woman, you only know how to cultivate all day. You don't have to worry about this kind of thing, what you have to do is take care of your children at home, serve your husband, and take care of the ch.o.r.es." Han Chen sneered.

When Chen Xiang saw the old man, he immediately stood up. Your old man gave him a lot of pressure.

This old man looked very spirited. He had a head full of white hair, but he did not look old at all. His skin was as tender as Mu Qianxiang's.

"Han Chen, you already have more than ten women, but even if they combined their powers, they still wouldn't be able to beat me. What's the use? Mu Qianxiang was enraged by Han Chen's words, he did not look like a virtuous lady anymore and had a face full of killing intent.

"Shut up." The old man let out a light shout, but it was as if a thunderclap had exploded in his ears, and both Han Chen and Mu Qianxiang didn't dare to speak anymore.

When the old man came here, he stared at Chen Xiang, he knew that those who were able to come here, were all extraordinary characters, but the man in front of him, was emitting such a weak Innate Qi aura, although he looked very shrewd, with a face full of wind and frost, looking mature and steady.

"What are you doing here?" the old man asked. Although he had already guessed the answer, he still had to confirm it.

"I came here on the basis of a map. I have no way out now, you should know that." Chen Xiang sighed.

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