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At night, Chen Xiang madly ran in the ravine as he raised his head to look at the stars in the night sky. There were normal sun, moon and stars here, but the s.p.a.ce was so strange.

"Could it be that Night Devil has never been here before? Those Night Devil are all full of pig brains, this place should be filled with Night Devil." Chen Xiang suddenly became suspicious, he did not see Night Devil's corpse at all along the way.

"It's indeed strange, those Night Devil s should have hidden in here, could it be because Bai Shan YUE has been guarding that place for so many years?" Su Meiyao also felt that it was strange.

It was night now, and also when the Night Devil appeared. This place could be considered as inside the Night Devil h.e.l.l, and it was rather close to the center, but the noisy Night Devil noises could not reach here.

However, the silence here made people feel some fear. In this silent and lifeless place, they always felt that they were in a place filled with lost souls.

"Is there something I can't see here?" When Chen Xiang thought of this, he immediately felt gooseb.u.mps.

"Impossible, my divine soul is so strong, even with something that I can't see around me, I can still sense it."

Although Long Xueyi said this, Chen Xiang still opened the eye of primal chaos above his forehead.

The moment he opened the Eye of Primal Chaos, he inhaled a deep breath of cold air, which greatly surprised Long Xueyi, and anxiously asked: "What do you see, are there really many things that you can't see?"

"Some... I don't know how to describe it, but there are a few blurry people floating around with blood all over their bodies. All of the immortal qi in this piece of land was absorbed by this thing, so I don't know what they are. " Chen Xiang said.

"How many?" Bai Youyou asked in a low voice. She seemed to know something.

There are a lot of them. They are all so dense that they can easily penetrate my body. I think my life force should have been absorbed by these people who are neither human nor ghost. Chen Xiang withdrew the Eye of Primal Chaos, because those things were truly too frightening.

"It should be the vengeful spirit. Most of these fellows that you saw had ferocious looks on their faces. They looked like they were at the last moment before their deaths." Bai Youyou said.

"Mhm, they are indeed very much like those who are about to die, but they don't have any grievances on them, and Xue Yi can't feel them either." Chen Xiang was very suspicious of this matter. He could even sense the remaining remnant souls after death, if he did not use the Chaos Divine Eye, he would not be able to see those things.

"This type of soul resentment is different. The soul power of these vengeful souls has been extracted, leaving behind only an empty sh.e.l.l. Some extremely weak resentments formed an image that only those with special abilities would be able to see."

I don't know why there is such a strange phenomenon. In short, this is probably the case as well, the power here will be crazily devoured, and it is also the result of these vengeful spirits, because there are too many vengeful spirits here.

"Sister You You, what is the use of these vengeful spirits? I feel like a large number of them are sealed here." Chen Xiang asked: "Maybe it was brought in when the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was killed that year, I heard that many people died at that time."

"I'm not sure what use it has, but someone did indeed intentionally seal a large number of vengeful spirits here. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been so dense." Bai Youyou said.

Now Chen Xiang finally understood why his lifespan was being devoured. It was because he had too many of these invisible vengeful spirits by his side.

"Could it be related to those Night Devil s, and maybe these things are used to create those Night Devil s? If you want to create a life form, you must first have a large number of souls, all kinds of medicinal herbs have spirits, but they are very weak. If the spirits of the flowers, plants and trees are strong, they can also turn into benevolence and benevolence." Long Xueyi said.

"It's very possible that someone extracted the spirit and left these useless and uncontrollable vengeful spirits here. Right now, those Night Devil s are still appearing non-stop, where did they get such a large amount of souls? Could it be that there's a very powerful formation here, and how to gather those floating souls?" Bai Youyou frowned, she also felt that this must be related to the Night Devil s.

Chen Xiang also didn't want to open his Chaotic Eyes again. Looking at that kind of thing would only make him even more unhappy.

It was daybreak. Under Long Xueyi's urging, Chen Xiang opened his eyes once again, but this time, he did not see any of the tormented souls.

"He's gone." Chen Xiang said in shock.

"Indeed, vengeful spirits only have malicious intents. They fear the scorching sun. Although those vengeful souls do not have their own consciousness, they can instinctively avoid the scorching sun." Bai Youyou said.

"Doesn't that mean he's the same as the Night Devil?" A thought flashed in Chen Xiang's mind, "Those Night Devil s that howl at night might have actually vented the anger in their hearts, as well as the unwillingness to die."

Bai Youyou said in a serious tone: "Clearly someone intentionally created a large number of Night Devil s, I don't know how he did it, but in short, this is not a good thing, the guy who created a large number of Night Devil s also had ill intentions, because over the years, in this large group of Night Devil s, he has already evolved and produced a very powerful Night Devil."

only knew about the existence of this thing, but had never seen it before. He felt that there must definitely be more than one Night Devil that did not fear the sunlight.

"Looks like this batch of Night Devil are also very powerful existences in this Heaven Realm. If they were to be controlled one day, then wouldn't it mean that the heavens would change?" Chen Xiang could not help but think that when night fell, thousands and thousands of Night Devil s would suddenly cover the sky, and like a sudden rain, they would swoop down and attack the life forms above the nine heavens.

Chen Xiang also floated in the air at this time, arriving on the ground. This was still a desert, but he could see that in the direction of the sun, there was a large stone mountain. As long as they pa.s.sed through that stone mountain, they would be able to reach their destination.

"As long as we pa.s.s this mountain, we'll be almost there." Chen Xiang ran towards the stone mountain. What he was more worried about right now was how to leave this place, because he had no way of retreating right now, and could not turn back.

The moment he stepped into the group of mountains, he felt the ground shake violently, as if something had been disturbed by him the moment he entered this place.

"Did you find anything?" Chen Xiang stood in place without moving because he felt that wave of trembling was due to his appearance.

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