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As long as the soul was still there, there was still a chance for him to be revived. But right now, in the situation that Chen Xiang was in, his bones could actually not be destroyed, but he did not know how he managed to cultivate it.

"This is the strongest human skeleton I've ever seen. Maybe even those Nine Emperors and Five Venerables s back then weren't as strong as this guy's bones, I never thought that he would actually die here." Long Xueyi exclaimed.

"I'm already a Body of Heavenly Sage, is this still not strong enough?" Chen Xiang felt that his body could already be considered a very strong existence among humans, but there was still someone who was thousands of times stronger than him.

"The Body of Heavenly Sage is very strong, what do you think about comparing it with this Jade Bone?" Long Xueyi asked.

"Comparing my a.s.s, I can't even break a Divine Weapon, this guy can't even be considered a human." Only now did Chen Xiang feel that this Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm was so terrifying, if even a person with such a strong body would die here, what about him?

"The owner of this skeleton could very well be the Dan Emperor." Bai Youyou suddenly said.

In the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables, the Dan Emperor alone occupied two spots. The Pill Elder and Dan Yan Jing were him and many people did not know about them at the time. This showed just how terrifying his strength was.

"Is there any evidence?" Chen Xiang asked.

You should be very clear that you used flames to temper your own body. In the past, you often used them to temper your own body, and during that era, only a few people had such a strong flame. Fire Emperor, Dan Emperor, and Divine Craftsmen were one of them, and Bai Shan YUE said that the Dan Emperor came here and never went out.

"Although Bai Shan YUE and his group are very strong, they are nothing in front of Dan Emperor. Dan Emperor is an existence close to G.o.d, and only his fleshly body is close to the Divine Body realm. Right now, he is only at the Holy Bone stage." Bai Youyou explained.

He died without any power, but even the divine weapons were unable to cut through his bones. When he was still alive, he was indeed very powerful.

Chen Xiang had the Vermillion Bird's skeleton, but the bones of a Holy Beast like the Vermillion Bird weren't that strong.

"But... Dan Emperor is so powerful, how could he possibly die? " Chen Xiang was in disbelief. Even Fire Yan Jing was still alive, and if the Ice Emperor wasn't killed by him, he would still be half dead.

However, this Dan Emperor only had one set of bones.

"He didn't die, he just gave up his physical body, and his divine soul left his physical body. He used other methods to leave this place." Su Meiyao said: "It should be like this, he is a Dan Emperor and it is impossible for him to die of old age. Furthermore, he has such a powerful physique, there is nothing that can harm him."

There was no wound on the white bone at all.

Chen Xiang dug a hole in the ground, buried the white bone well, and then continued on his way. Even if he turned his head back now, he would not be able to see the road he had taken just now.

He felt that the s.p.a.ce he was in was the same as time, he couldn't retreat. Better than time, he could walk left and right, but to do that with Crab, he had to run faster or stay where he was.

"If that's really the Dan Emperor, I wonder what he got from this place. After he left this place, where did he go?" Chen Xiang said.

"I don't know, maybe he went to a higher realm, or continued to muddle through the nine heavens. If he could cultivate out a stronger physical body, he would be able to rule over the Heaven Realm, which is just like a small fry in front of him. He is a true great emperor of his generation." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang took out the map, and looked at it carefully. This forest was very big, and it was also surrounded by a large mountain.

Walking out of the forest, one would be able to arrive at a desert. And above the desert, there was a very large river. There was also a pa.s.sageway at the bottom of the river, and that was the 5th section of the safe route.

Chen Xiang didn't know whether he could leave this forest or not, because the Bai Shan YUE had said before that none of the people that entered were able to leave. Bai Shan YUE had only discovered the danger and immediately escaped as fast as he could.

"At least for now, I'm safe. According to the clues I've obtained, my greatest danger is being trapped here."

Chen Xiang kept the map and rushed forward without a worry.

"If that white bone is really the Dan Emperor, then that guy is too strong, he should have already reached the final destination. According to the special s.p.a.ce in this place, it's very hard for him to walk any further, but he's still there, and I don't know how he did it, if he continues to work hard, he might even be able to walk out."

The place where the bones were found was very close to the outside.

It's hard to say. Perhaps every step he takes will take him a year or ten years, and the strength he needs may be very strong as well. He may not be able to last any longer, and sometimes he just has to endure for a moment.

Chen Xiang felt that in the future, when he met Dan Emperor, he would definitely ask him how he felt at that time.

Two days had pa.s.sed and Chen Xiang was still in the forest. He had not encountered any danger along the way, but just when he was starting to relax, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

The trees he pa.s.sed by earlier were all full of life, but the large area in front of him had all lost its leaves. The trees were all bald and withered, and the hot sunlight was not blocked by the dense foliage; instead, it was shining directly on the ground.

"Weird, almost all the trees in front died, and this happened only recently." Long Xueyi said.

If this had happened a long time ago, these ancient trees would have already rotted in the endless water moon.

As soon as Chen Xiang stepped into the withering woods, his face immediately changed.

"What's wrong?" Long Xueyi asked anxiously.

"Hurry up and give me a Longevity fruit. It will lose your life force here." Chen Xiang said.

Fortunately, Chen Xiang had prepared a few Longevity fruit in the Serene Jade Ring. Furthermore, with his current cultivation, these Longevity fruit could help him extend his life for a very long time.

After he ate the Longevity fruit, his expression became much warmer: "Staying here for one day would take at least one year of lifespan. If there were no Longevity fruit, and I was trapped here for a long time, I would die of old age before long."

"Is it because of the pa.s.sage of time? Or is it because of some other reason?" Long Xueyi asked.

"There is a force that is devouring my life force, not the pa.s.sage of time. In short, I cannot stay here for too long, I wonder if the road ahead will continue like this forever." Chen Xiang's face became gloomy, because the safe route was no longer safe. Although there was no way back before, at least it was safe, and no life-threatening events occurred, but now something strange happened.

"Seems like the person who created this safe route has powerful strength. It might even be the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord." Long Xueyi said: "The Beast Slain Method is extremely important for the entire Beastman race. Back then, it was precisely because of the Beast Slain Method that the Beastmen had so many Holy Beasts."

"But why does the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord have to protect the Beast Slain Method like this? Can't they just destroy the cliff directly?" Long Xueyi was extremely confused.

"We'll have to wait for Old Man Duan to find more information before we can find out. Something must have happened that year, so this Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm became a Night Devil h.e.l.l." Chen Xiang sighed, this was something he had always wanted to know.

Chen Xiang rushed there overnight and after a total of twenty days, he finally left the forest and stepped into the desert on the map. He prepared to take the fifth safe route but he was still unable to go any further when he arrived at the desert.

The fifth safe route was under the bottom of a large river. He followed the map and found the large river in the desert, but it was already dried up.

Before, there was a large river outside the forest. That river was much smaller than this one, but it did not dry up. Furthermore, there were two huge Xuanwu beasts.

This made Chen Xiang unable to understand. This desert was extremely hot, without any immortal qi. He felt that something was devouring the energy in this area.

"Although it has dried up, we still have to follow that safe route to avoid any accidents." When Chen Xiang arrived at the bottom of the river, if he were to look down at the river from a high vantage point, this large river would definitely seem like a huge crevice in the ground.

At the bottom of the dried up river, a ditch could clearly be seen. This ditch was the safe way, it was as deep as three people, and now that Chen Xiang was running inside, if there was water, this ditch would probably be safer, just like the river before.

This was the fifth section of the safe route. After pa.s.sing through this desert, they would reach a mountain. At the bottom of the mountain, there was a very long tunnel that led to a huge valley.

Ever since he entered the area with no way of turning back, he had never seen those Little Night Devil s, not even his voice could be heard. However, he still felt irritated because this place was like a land of death, and there was no way of turning back yet.

"There's nothing here. This river should be the biggest one here, right? Some of the skeletons of aquatic beasts are fine as well." Chen Xiang was running frantically under that ditch. This dried up river was empty, he did not find any water beasts that were as big as the Black Tortoise.

"Do you think all the beasts have jade bones? Corpses and corpses have all been destroyed after tens of thousands of years." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang sighed in his heart. Right now, the only hope he had of getting out was to go to the end point and find the Beast Slain Method.

"I wonder if my friends from Bai Shan YUE and his wife will still be alive. Maybe I'll be able to meet them." Chen Xiang said.

"It's hard to say. Even if they're alive, they're probably at the very back of the group. If you don't go back, it would be very hard for you to meet them here." Long Xueyi asked.

"In this desert, is your lifespan still being devoured?" Bai Youyou asked.

"I can probably devour you even more in one day, but fortunately, I have Longevity fruit." Chen Xiang said.

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