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Right now, Chen Xiang was facing a difficult decision, whether to walk into the forest or turn around and leave.

Entering the forest, he might not be able to get out, because Bai Shan YUE, this antique had a few strong teammates who had gone in and did not come out. Furthermore, he had waited here for hundreds of thousands of years.

Even an expert like Bai Shan YUE was unable to deal with the danger inside, let alone him.

However, if he did not enter, he would not be able to obtain the Beast Slain Method and this trip would be a waste. Moreover, he felt that there might be a divine cauldron's lid that was not only contained within.

"Even the Dan Emperor did not come out, and this Bai Shan YUE is so much weaker than him. What kind of danger is hidden inside?" Chen Xiang frowned as he thought.

"Perhaps you can come out. Although you are weaker than those guys, you are different from them. Moreover, you already have some Heaven Earth Killing Method, so perhaps the things you have on you can allow you to go to that place unhindered." Long Xueyi said. She was also not willing to have Chen Xiang give up here, and come here just because she couldn't wait. She didn't want to come here again after coming to this kind of place once.

"Young man, you need to go in." Seeing Chen Xiang considering, the Bai Shan YUE did not think that Chen Xiang would still have the intention to enter.

"Of course, I came here for this, although I only found out now that there is a Beast Slain Method inside." Chen Xiang said as he held the map.

Chen Xiang had already made his decision. If he wanted to go in, he would need to take on a certain amount of risk in order to reap any rewards.

A violent wave of air suddenly attacked from afar. Bai Shan YUE lightly waved his hand and opened it up.

This was the battle between the Black Tortoise and a powerful Night Devil. Chen Xiang had seen the Black Tortoise before.

Chen Xiang realized that the violent shock wave did not cause any damage to the ancient forest in front of him. It could be seen that the ancient forest was protected by a mysterious power.

"If you want to go in, I won't stop you. I hope you can come out. Take care." The Bai Shan YUE seemed to be accustomed to this kind of situation, which made Chen Xiang unable to help but think that the Bai Shan YUE had been here for many years, preventing people from entering the forest. However, many people did not listen to him.

"Yes, I will do my best to find the people inside who are still alive." Chen Xiang cupped his fist at the Bai Shan YUE, then turned and ran into the ancient forest.

Just as Chen Xiang entered the Ancient Forest, the sky suddenly darkened, and Night Devil flew everywhere. However, they did not dare approach the Ancient Forest, nor did they dare approach Bai Shan YUE.

Not long after Chen Xiang entered the Ancient Forest, he heard the Night Devil's shout from outside. He had already gotten used to it after so many days, and he predicted that it would be dark soon after he entered.

Not long after he heard the cries of the Night Devil, something surprising happened. The Night Devil's voice suddenly became softer and softer, and as he continued to speak, the Night Devil's voice gradually disappeared, making him wonder if he had heard wrongly.

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang immediately used Spirit Travelling Technique. He wanted to see if there were any Night Devil flying in the sky, but who knew that his divine soul was unable to fly out.

"This ancient forest is truly strange. My divine strength is unable to fly out of this forest, and I can feel that this forest seems to be rotating." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang immediately turned around, wanting to leave the ancient forest. But no matter how he turned around, he didn't change his direction.

In order to identify if he had gone in the wrong direction, he had even placed a Spiritual crystal on the ground, and then turned around. But no matter how he turned, that Spiritual crystal was still in front of him, on the ground.

What was even stranger was that when he was walking backwards, he was actually moving forward. It made people feel like the entire ground was rolling. Now, he had no way out, and could only move forward.

"Am I inside a formation? If it's a formation, then I can break it open."

Chen Xiang was very calm at the moment. He continued to walk forward, but he was extremely vigilant, because what the Bai Shan YUE said was true, and the safe route was not safe here. Now, he began to admire the Bai Shan YUE, and if the Bai Shan YUE still managed to escape under such circ.u.mstances, it would be impossible for him to do it now.

Originally, the forest was pitch black, but after he couldn't hear the Night Devil's cries, light gradually shined in this place. He felt that the days and nights in this forest had already returned to normal.

"Am I in an illusion? These things are all very real." Chen Xiang pa.s.sed by a tree and touched it with his hand. He pinched his fingernails, causing some sap to come out from the tree trunk.

"Everything in this forest is real." Long Xueyi said with certainty, because Chen Xiang had broken off a few tree branches and placed them into the ring. If it was an illusion, those tree branches and ring would not exist, and would disappear the moment they entered the ring.

However, Long Xueyi and the other two girls in the ring were able to touch very real leaves. Su Meiyao had also a.n.a.lysed the age of the big tree and found out that it had actually existed for a million years, because the life force contained in the sap had been in it for a long time.

"There shouldn't be any danger in here, otherwise these trees wouldn't have existed for such a long time." Su Meiyao said.

If a battle had broken out, then this entire forest would have been destroyed long ago. But now, this place had survived for a million years, or even longer. From then on, it could be seen that there were very few battles occurring within the forest.

However, Chen Xiang still had to be vigilant, because if he encountered anything, he could only move forward.

He walked very slowly. After about two hours, he suddenly saw a pile of white bones under a tree that was even larger than the surrounding area.

Even during the daytime, the snow-white bone still emitted a faint white glow. When one walked in, they would feel as if this bone was naturally formed from white jade.

"This guy's body must be very strong. I didn't expect him to die here." Long Xueyi said: "The bones that have turned into white jade are evolving into the shape of a Jade Dragon."

"Oh, is my bones the same now?" Although Chen Xiang could see his own body from the inside, he couldn't see the specific appearance of his own bones.

"It's far away. Your current bones are at most stronger, but if you encounter a divine weapon, you can still break it. However, this jade bone in front of you is very difficult to break. Try it if you don't believe me." Long Xueyi said.

The person who died here was very strong, and might even be Bai Shan YUE's friend. However, Chen Xiang was sure that this was a man, because his bones were thicker, he could tell at a glance.

Although it was disrespectful towards the dead, Chen Xiang only wanted to try his fingers.

He took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and its bones and placed them on top of the hammer, then used the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword to cut down on it. He felt that even if it was a material for refining Holy level, it would still break after being chopped like that.

After a series of tremors rang out, Chen Xiang was shocked in his heart, because that tiny fingerbone was not cut at all.

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