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"It's a silver-white mountain." Bai Youyou muttered to himself, "Young master has told us this before. He said that if you see this mountain in the Night Devil h.e.l.l, you better not think that you can enter the Devil-killing Summit just because you saw it. If you do that, you won't be far from death."

Chen Xiang looked carefully at the gigantic mountain, even though it was very far from him, it still gave off a holy and solemn feeling, and the silver multicolored light that it emitted made people feel fear and reverence towards it. It was the mysterious Devil-killing Summit, and the people that came out were all people that could cause chaos and slaughter throughout the nine heavens.

However, there had not been a single Devil-killing Summit Ranker in a long time.

"I really want to go over and take a look." Chen Xiang said.

"Don't go, going now is equivalent to seeking death." Su Meiyao said in a serious tone.

Follow the route on the map and do not deviate from the path you took. The reason you were able to come here safely and even see the Devil-killing Summit was because of the map. Bai Youyou's voice was very cold.

Chen Xiang immediately dispelled that thought. Right now, he really could not take any risks, but what made him curious was that the Devil-killing Summit in the distance had always been maintaining a distance from him. Even though he had flown a distance, he still felt that there was no change in the distance between him and the Devil-killing Summit.

Right now, he was flying above a lifeless forest. Although the trees in the forest had lush branches and leaves, they were lifeless, and looked grey and filled with death Qi. Chen Xiang suspected that it was caused by the Night Devil Lair deep underground.

Chen Xiang had followed the route on the map, and right now, he was going to the entrance of the third section, so he had to be careful.

However, after Chen Xiang had flown for half an hour, the sky suddenly darkened and the land became shrouded in darkness. However, the Devil-killing Summit in the distance was still emitting a silvery-white light, which made him look even more holy and solemn.

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang felt that something was amiss, he said that it would be dark once it got dark, and it was not covered by the dark clouds, but rather it made people feel like the sun had suddenly set.

"Time, what power is controlling time, causing this place to suddenly speed up and enter a very wonderful state." Long Xueyi said in shock.

The sky had darkened, and what had annoyed Chen Xiang had happened. It was the Night Devil's howl, and he had no choice but to seal his own ears, or else he would have gone crazy.

"Something's coming."

Hearing Long Xueyi's reminder, Chen Xiang saw a green light shooting towards him. In front of him, a Night Devil suddenly appeared and shot out a long tongue.

Chen Xiang immediately dodged, then increased his speed and flew forward, wanting to get rid of Night Devil.

"It's the Night Devil King. He has his eyes on you."

The Night Devil King originally thought that he could easily eat the bird that appeared in the darkness, but who knew that the bird would suddenly dodge and even accelerate its escape?

Night Devil King immediately chased after it. He would never let go of the prey that was about to come out of his mouth, even though eating this bird was not beneficial to him at all.

"Didn't they say that all of the Night Devil King s have intelligence? Then this guy is just like a stupid pig, chasing after this d.a.m.ned bird. No matter how I look at it, he doesn't seem to be an intelligent guy." He did not want to create unnecessary trouble. This was the territory of the Night Devil, so if he were to create any disturbance, there would be thousands of Night Devil that would appear and become a sea of the Night Devil.

After chasing for half an hour, Night Devil King was also furious. It was just a broken little bird, but he had not eaten it even after chasing for so long.

The Night Devil King stuck out his long tongue from behind, wanting to entangle Chen Xiang with his tongue and then suck him into his mouth. Who knew that Chen Xiang would always be able to dodge it.

"d.a.m.n this Night Devil, I can't take it anymore." Chen Xiang's body suddenly flashed with a golden light, revealing his true form.

When he had changed into his original form, he released a very strong Demon Suppression Holy Light, shining down onto Night Devil King's body in pain, his eyes becoming even more piercing.

After Chen Xiang changed into his original form, he immediately took out his Devil-suppressing mirror and imbued it with a very strong Devil-suppressing holy power, taking fierce pictures of the Night Devil King.

This kind of Night Devil's body contained an extremely evil power, and the Devil-suppressing holy power was extremely destructive towards them. Chen Xiang used the light emitted by the Devil-suppressing mirror and pierced a few large holes on the Night Devil King's wings, and the skin on his body was burnt so much that black smoke rose out of it.

If the Devil-suppressing holy power were to land on the bodies of these evil beings, it would be able to purify and melt them. Therefore, all the great powers had to look at the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace before they came here.

Night Devil King never would have thought that the bird he was chasing would suddenly turn into a human, and even released that kind of light that he hated the most, catching him by surprise.

At least this Night Devil King had the strength of a Immortal Monarch, but just as he was about to counterattack, he suddenly saw a large golden seal pressing down on him, striking his body in the blink of an eye.

Chen Xiang released the Holy Devil-suppressing seal. He wanted to quickly finish off this Night Devil King, and the word "suppress" from the Holy Devil-suppressing seal ruthlessly hit the Night Devil King's body, making it feel as if the Night Devil King was pressed down by a burning red mountain.

"If you're not courting death, you won't die." Chen Xiang suddenly retracted his Holy Devil-suppressing seal, took out his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and injected it into the Devil-suppressing holy power.

From the beginning, the Night Devil King did not even have time to react. Just as he wanted to resist, he was attacked by the Demon Suppressing Sacred Artifact, which destroyed the condensed power in his body. Then, he was struck by the sharp Green dragon demon-slain broadsword again.

Chen Xiang's move was already at the peak of perfection. To be able to catch him off guard and to be quick and accurate, even the Night Devil King that was much stronger than him would die.

After getting rid of the Night Devil King, Chen Xiang immediately turned into a bird and quickly flew away. At the same time, a few Night Devil King s rushed over as well, and there was a large group of them.

After he flew away for a while, he sensed a very terrifying evil aura. He guessed that it was the appearance of the Night Devil King, and that aura made him feel that the Night Devil King was much stronger than those Immortal Kings.

"This place is dangerous indeed. A Night Devil King appeared so quickly, I wonder how many of these things are inside." Chen Xiang exclaimed, he did not want to meet those Night Devil Kings.

Two hours later, he arrived at the third safe route. This was a small river, and this river was very deep. The river water was very cold, and he dove into the river.

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