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Chen Xiang stood at the end of the crevice, and this was the crevice of a tall mountain. At this moment, he was halfway up the mountain, and when he looked outside, he could only see a sea of jade-green trees, and at the very beginning, a blurry green shadow of a tall mountain.

A cool breeze blew, causing him to feel that he was not in the legendary terrifying Night Devil h.e.l.l, but instead in the beautiful mountain forest.

He raised his head and looked up. There was no such thing as a thick fog. He could see the blue sky and white clouds and the birds flying. No matter how he looked at it, it did not seem like he was in a dangerous h.e.l.l.

"I wonder where the road they took will go." Chen Xiang had seen the map that the Phoenix Princess gave him.

"If this place is used as a location to hide treasures, then it would be very good indeed. However, it would also cause the death of many people." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang looked at the Ancient Forest below. The trees were all very tall and big, hence he quickly found a huge boulder inside the forest. The boulder was as big as a small mountain, and there was a small hole on the boulder that could only fit one person.

He could see the boulder, but it would take him some time to get there, because the boulder was in front of him, and all he could see from there was a small dot.

"Little Naughty Dragon, can you see the danger in this forest?" Chen Xiang used the Spirit Travelling Technique and quickly took a stroll in the forest. Other than the fact that it was relatively cool, there was nothing else out of the ordinary.

"I didn't sense any danger, but it's hard to say. This is the deepest part of the Night Devil h.e.l.l." Long Xueyi said.

Although the place looked peaceful, Chen Xiang would never believe that it was safe here. He turned into a bird and carefully flew above the forest.

Just as he flew into the forest, his surroundings suddenly darkened, followed by an extremely evil aura. Looking down, he saw a dense cl.u.s.ter of Little Night Devil.

These Little Night Devil were very small, only the size of a child, their entire bodies emitted a faint greenish black light.

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang was overwhelmed with shock. Those Little Night Devil s below seemed to be inside a beehive, each grid had a Little Night Devil on their side.

The lush and verdant forest from before had already disappeared. This endless Night Devil gave Chen Xiang gooseb.u.mps. This was actually the lair of a Night Devil, and it was extremely huge.

What made him astonished was that these Night Devil grew very fast.

He already knew that the blue sky and beautiful scenery he saw before was fake, but now, this place was completely dark and the lair of the young Little Night Devil was everywhere.

However, the gigantic boulder in front of him was real, which made Chen Xiang feel more at ease. He was only worried that there might be Little Night Devil inside the cave.

"What a powerful magic array, even I was fooled by it. This kind of powerful magic array is not something that the Night Devil can set up, someone must have done this on purpose, to protect the lair of the Night Devil. Who exactly is it, and what is it for?" Long Xueyi sank into deep thought.

Chen Xiang also wanted to know the answer but no one told him. However, he knew that the Devil-killing Summit might know something about it.

He continued to fly forward, and then he saw many Little Night Devil holding onto an ellipsoid the size of a watermelon. These ellipsoid emitted a faint green light, and were placed into the hexagon by the Little Night Devil.

Night Devil had the same wings as the bat, and their flying speed was extremely fast. At this moment, they were like diligent bees, carrying a large amount of Night Devil eggs.

Many young Little Night Devil s gradually grew up after absorbing the large amount of immortal qi here. Chen Xiang could see many young Little Night Devil flying out, and their sizes were much smaller than those of the other Little Night Devil s.

This was how Late period of human immortal's Little Night Devil was born. Chen Xiang was curious how so many Night Devil Eggs were born, he realized that he was at a place that was deep underground, and this place was like an ant's lair. Large numbers of Little Night Devil were born every second, no wonder there were so many Little Night Devil s in the past.

"If you really thought this place was safe and flew in directly, you would definitely alert these Night Devil. They might even be hiding the Night Devil King, and then you would be in deep trouble." Long Xueyi could not help but feel gooseb.u.mps all over his body, this was the lair of the Night Devil, the route on the map could actually bring people here.

"Maybe there's more than one lair in Night Devil." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang did not release any energy at all, and furthermore, he had hid it well, so when he found out that this was the Night Devil's lair, he immediately became smaller.

While flying, he discovered there were a lot of holes on the surface, which probably led to the ground. Right now, he still had something important on him, so he did not investigate where these Night Devil Eggs came from.

After flying slowly for half a day, he finally arrived at the small mountain and entered the mountain cave. At this moment, he heaved a sigh of relief, because Night Devil did not enter the cave, it seemed to be because there was something inside that Night Devil hated.

He entered the cave. The cave led downwards, and it was pitch black inside.

According to the map, this was the entrance to the second section of the safe route, and this section of the road was not as long as the first section. However, in this underground pa.s.sage, he felt uncomfortable.

"It seems that when I was drawing this map, there was already a Night Devil present, so these safe routes could ingeniously avoid those Night Devil. Although this is their home, as long as you are careful, you won't encounter any powerful Night Devil, even if you were discovered on top of it, you can quickly enter this pa.s.sage." Long Xueyi said.

"Could it be that these Night Devil already appeared when they were still around?" If these Night Devil had existed for so long, with their amount, they could definitely evolve into a very strong Night Devil. They might even be existences that surpa.s.sed the Night Devil King.

At this moment, Chen Xiang had a deeper understanding of the Night Devil h.e.l.l. Originally, it was true that this was the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm, but now that the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm was no longer here, it was a completely different world altogether.

What caused him to feel fear in his heart was that these Night Devil s were born for what reason. This was because the Night Devil Lair was protected by an extremely powerful illusion formation that even Long Xueyi could not see through.

It only took him five days to fly out of the tunnel. This pa.s.sage led upwards, so after he flew out, he confirmed that the world he saw was real. It was definitely not the realistic illusion he saw before.

"The thick fog is gone, but it is still shrouded by a layer of death aura." Chen Xiang turned into a bird and flew at a low alt.i.tude. At this time, he suddenly saw a gigantic silver-white mountain in the distance. There were a lot of green mountains beside the gigantic mountain, which could be considered to be extremely huge.

"That's the Devil-killing Summit." Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao shouted in shock at the same time.

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