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Phoenix Princess took out a piece of paper from his Storage bag and handed it over to Chen Xiang.

"It's different from the safe route on your map. I don't know where they will go, even the destination is different. Could it be that the map their ancestors left behind also contains treasures?" Su Meiyao saw through it with a glance.

At the first fork in the road, Chen Xiang took the leftmost path, while the one on the map of the Phoenix Princess took the right-most path.

"Is it the same as yours?" At this time, Chen Xiang also stopped. If it was different, they would not have caught up, because in the eyes of the group of people, the road they were walking on was probably the one they were walking on.

"It's not the same." Chen Xiang shook his head.

Phoenix Princess frowned: "Then is the road you're taking dangerous?"

"Do you see any danger along the way?"

"This is only within the crevice. In the end, we still have to leave the crevice. It's hard to say when we go outside." The Phoenix Princess was worried, the depths of the Night Devil h.e.l.l was extremely terrifying, even Immortal Kings could die without reason, let alone with their strength.

Chen Xiang returned the map to the Phoenix Princess and said: "I need to rest now. After running for so many days, I'm tired."

"En, do you need any medicinal pills? I have some with me that can help you recover faster." Phoenix Princess took out a small jade box.

Not to mention that the other party had already pa.s.sed it over, so Chen Xiang directly accepted it with a smile.

"What pill is this?" Chen Xiang received a pill that was as red as blood. He could not feel the spirit energy contained within the pill, and was unable to determine what rank it was.

"The Phoenix Blood Pill is formed from a large amount of phoenix blood. After being processed, it is then preserved." The Phoenix Princess said, "It will be of great help to the humans. Quickly eat it."

Even Long Xueyi wanted to try it. After Chen Xiang consumed it, the Phoenix Blood Pill melted in his body and immediately fused with his Jade Dragon Blood, allowing it to quickly flow into his entire body. Originally, his body felt extremely tired, but now, he felt that his entire body was filled with energy.

"Phoenix Princess, this thing is very precious. Not only can it help people recover quickly, it also seems to be able to help people's blood and bones to have the special characteristic of phoenix blood in the future." Chen Xiang had a.s.similated a Jade Dragon Blood before, so he knew that this could only be accomplished with a large amount of Phoenix Blood.

"It's nothing." Phoenix Princess smiled sweetly. "Call me Xue Ying, that's my name."

Chen Xiang thought that the name of the Phoenix Princess was very similar to Xue Yi.

Phoenix Princess built a fire, her phoenix eyes stared straight at the dancing flames, no one knew what she was thinking, as though her heart was heavy.

"Xue Ying, what plans do you have for your injuries to be healed? I can't bring you to that place, it is very important to me, there must be danger there, although my strength is not as strong as yours, but you can't compare to me." Chen Xiang said.

"I know. Otherwise, you would not be able to save me. In that situation, it would even be very difficult for me to escape." Of course Phoenix Princess knew about Chen Xiang's ability to protect himself. When surrounded by Dragon Emperor and the other Rankers, not only would they be able to safely escape, they would even lose out to and the others.

"I will return on the same path. My father will definitely enter this crack as well. I should be able to meet with him." Phoenix Princess had already made her decision.

Just now, she had also eaten a Phoenix Blood Pill. Her complexion was already very good. It seemed that she had almost recovered.

It was night now, and perhaps because the crevice was too deep and the mountains were on both sides of it, the voices of the Night Devil could not reach here.

"Xue Ying, in the future, can you become the Phoenix Emperor of the Imperial Feather Race?" Chen Xiang smiled and said: "I don't want to become your enemy."

"That's still far. My royal father only dares to call himself king, not as arrogant as the Dragon Emperor. He became an emperor before reaching that stage." Phoenix Princess chuckled: "I don't want to become your enemy either. Speaking of which, I have to thank you again, help me get rid of this loathsome Prince Imperial Dragon, if he doesn't die now, and his strength is on par with mine, according to his personality, he will definitely come looking for me to duel everyday."

Chen Xiang and Phoenix Princess chatted all the way until the daytime, and now she was in her best condition.

"We'll definitely meet again in the future. Take care." Phoenix Princess smiled and bid farewell to Chen Xiang.

"En, until we meet again."

After the Phoenix Princess left, Chen Xiang also continued on his way, it could be said that he was temporarily safe, until the end of the road, he would not know, after all the route on the map was from many years ago, who knows if it was still the same as before.

"The next time I see her, I'll shamelessly ask her for a little Phoenix blood. Adding your Jade Dragon Blood s, that's the most impressive." Long Xueyi said: "In the future, when your bloodline matures, it will be of great use to me."

"I wonder where that Devil-killing Summit is." Chen Xiang felt that he had already entered the depths of Night Devil h.e.l.l. He wanted to find that Devil-killing Summit on his way.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also wanted to, if they could find the young master that knew how to refine pills in the Devil-killing Summit, they would be able to quickly recover to their previous peak strength, but that was easier said than done, their master's strength could even cause heavy injuries, even if Chen Xiang had the powerful ability to escape, it would still be useless here.

"Even my master doesn't know about this, if he had known back then, he wouldn't have returned with heavy injuries. If he wanted to find the Devil-killing Summit, he would need to be led by someone from the Devil-killing Summit, or else don't even think about it." Su Meiyao said: "Most of the experts who claimed to be from the Devil-killing Summit have never been to the Devil-killing Summit, but they did receive the Devil-killing Summit's inheritance, such as your master, that old lunatic, and us senior and junior sisters."

From the route drawn on the map, it seemed like there was a long way to go, almost to the center of Night Devil h.e.l.l.

"Wasn't this the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm, why did it become the Night Devil h.e.l.l? I wonder if the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm is still here, if there are still holy beasts inside." Chen Xiang looked at the map, the last destination of the route was a very big valley.

"Probably not. No one knows what happened back then, but a group of Holy Beasts disappeared. They probably went to an even higher realm. Then, wouldn't the Super Old Fire Beast and Ice Dragon be the ones?" Long Xueyi said: "The resources of the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm have already been used up, so we are unable to produce any more powerful Holy Beasts."

After running for more than ten days by himself, Chen Xiang finally saw a bright light in front of him. He was finally about to leave the crevice, and this was only a small portion of the map's route. This route would allow him to safely enter the depths of the Night Devil h.e.l.l.

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