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Chen Xiang had become a small flying insect again, and no one entered the crack yet. The young experts that came here all looked to be better, they did not immediately enter, but chose to fight instead.

"Seems like many forces have joined together to deal with this Phoenix Princess. I'm afraid that this Phoenix Princess will not be able to enter that crevice." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang looked at the mountains on both sides of the crevice. The mountains were so tall that one couldn't see the top, and if he wanted to reach the summit of these mountains, it would definitely be difficult.

"Look up." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang immediately looked above the Phoenix Princess. A cyclone actually appeared, and Phoenix Princess also seemed to be locked on top of it, making it difficult to leave this region. Although that He Feng was powerful, she was very afraid of the fire rings in her hands.

"It's the Heavenly dragon seal, it's being used by the Imperial Dragon Clan, it's actually two against one …"

"It's not two against one, but to group up and beat this Phoenix Princess. Look at the young experts of the other forces, they are all ready to make a move." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang looked at the dozens of men and women in front of the crevice. They had all taken out their Immortal swords and treasures, and were all together.

The Heavenly dragon seal descended and directly struck Phoenix Princess, the locked on Phoenix Princess was. .h.i.t squarely in the face, and her reaction was also timely, her arm had turned into a giant flaming wing, using her flaming phoenix wings to block part of the attack, but she spat out a small mouthful of blood.

"Let's go." Looking at her special Innate Qi surname, she should be from the Divine Wind Heavenly Kingdom, which means she was Feng Clan s of the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family.

As she shouted, a group of young experts holding onto their Immortal swords, rushed towards Phoenix Princess.

"Help her. She helped you before." Long Xueyi said. She also could not bear to see such bullying.

"I know, I'm waiting for an opportunity." Chen Xiang was very clear about his own strength. If he was surrounded by those young warriors, it would be very difficult for him to deal with them.

Phoenix Princess was currently very angry, if she fought alone, she would definitely win, but she did not expect to be ambushed by Imperial Dragon Clan's Heavenly dragon seal, and there were still more than ten young experts from other forces rushing towards her, blocking her escape, as though they wanted to kill her.

Imperial Feather Race and He Peiqing, the new king, had always been at odds, and it was normal for the two to be surrounded and attacked. She was a Phoenix, so her body was incomparably precious, even the holy dragon of a Imperial Dragon Clan couldn't compare to her.

Phoenix Princess was very strong. Facing the onslaught of so many people, although he was severely injured, he could still hold on. His entire body was covered in raging flames as he controlled the dual rings in his hands to attack the young experts around him.

Chen Xiang had already snuck near the Phoenix Princess. He was currently only a few hundred meters away from the Phoenix Princess, he had to endure the shockwaves of the battle and get closer to it little by little, so that he would not be discovered.

"You shameless things are all from prestigious families. I didn't expect you guys to do such a thing." At this time, she was already covered in wounds. If not for the Phoenix Blood which allowed her to regenerate, she would have been taken down long ago.

"You can't let us who are not part of this alliance enter this path. Even faster, you are the Imperial Feather Race, you have once prevented my royal father from ascending the throne, and you, the Imperial Feather Race, brought this upon yourself." As He Feng was speaking, that Imperial Dragon Clan unleashed another Heavenly dragon seal, and it was a flash dragon's punishment for this sudden attack.

The severely injured Phoenix Princess was suddenly struck by lightning and cried out. Her entire body felt numb and she was unable to use her powers for a moment, causing her to fall from the sky.

"I want your Phoenix Elixir." He Feng laughed out loud, he dove down from the sky and chased after Phoenix Princess, the Immortal Sword in his hand piercing towards Phoenix Princess.

Just as Phoenix Princess was about to lose all hope, she suddenly saw He Feng's wildly laughing face suddenly freeze, followed by the appearance of a ray of cyan light. She only saw a beautiful cyan arc appear, accompanied by the sound of a resounding dragon cry.

Green dragon demon-slain broadsword.

Although Chen Xiang was quick to retract his blade, anyone would be able to catch the mighty and mighty Green Dragon Blade Body, and the overbearing aura that was filled with might immediately allowed people to recognize the blade.

Chen Xiang, who suddenly appeared, cut off He Feng's arm and took away his arm and the Immortal Sword.

It was not the first time someone cut off He Feng's arm and stole the sword, but the second time. Previously, it was also Chen Xiang who did it, but he did not know that it was Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang cut off He Feng's arm and traveled downwards, grabbing onto Phoenix Princess's body. Stepping on the Shrinking step and using the spatial travel, he managed to enter the crevice in a few moments. After entering, he threw out a few more Destruction Ice seal Dan and froze this path.

Soon after, Long Xueyi also appeared, he smashed the two sides of the crack behind Chen Xiang, they wanted to block the road.

Chen Xiang was running very fast in the crevice, but Long Xueyi was able to release a powerful divine ability from inside the ring, causing the two walls to shake violently, and causing a large amount of huge rocks to fall.

Phoenix Princess only saw Chen Xiang's sudden appearance before he fainted. At this time, Chen Xiang was still carrying him, running frantically through the crevice.

After three days and three nights pa.s.sed, Chen Xiang was very safe inside the crevice, and along the way, Long Xueyi was in charge of blocking the way. As for how he was going to get out, that was a matter of the future, and the most important thing was to make sure that he wasn't being hunted down right now, because his ident.i.ty had already been exposed, and there was still the group of experts from Dragon Emperor that was behind him.

Phoenix Princess was heavily injured, but Chen Xiang was not worried about her. Her recovery rate was much better than Ji Meixian's, and in the past three days, he could feel that the injuries in her body had recovered a lot.

I can't stop yet, at least in ten days. Although Dragon Emperor and the rest of the people are fighting with the ancient beasts, but He Feng and the other little ghosts can't be underestimated. Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang had been running inside the crack for two days, and it was very dark inside. On both sides were thirty thousand meters high stone walls.

"There's a fork in the road, the leftmost one." Su Meiyao said, she had already memorized the map and was following the route on the map.

"Then I won't be blocking the way." Long Xueyi also stopped blocking the road behind him, and there were four paths here.

After five more days, Chen Xiang had been running frantically in the crevice for ten days. The Phoenix Princess had already woken up, but she was still weak, and currently, Chen Xiang was carrying her on his back and running hard. Although Chen Xiang was running very fast, it was very smooth and did not make her uncomfortable.

"Thank you." Phoenix Princess whispered into Chen Xiang's ear. She, who was extremely weak, was speaking with a very soft voice while spitting out an orchid. Feeling that someone was blowing next to his ear, Chen Xiang's heart slightly trembled.

"You're welcome. You helped me before too, but now we owe each other nothing." Chen Xiang said.

"So the person who used the stone tablet to hit the Night Devil was you." Phoenix Princess suddenly understood, Chen Xiang was indeed quite weak, but she had a lot of methods up her sleeve, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to save her.

"Don't talk, take good care of your body." Chen Xiang said in a low voice.

"Yes." Phoenix Princess replied softly as he placed one side of his face on Chen Xiang's shoulder and fell asleep very quickly.

If she wasn't so weak right now, Chen Xiang really wanted to ask her about this crevice, because she, Imperial Dragon Clan and those people from the big powers all knew about it.

Chen Xiang travelled for a few days and discovered that there would be forks in the road every so often. There were four of them every time, if not for the map, he would not even know which one he would have chosen.

However, Chen Xiang was still carrying her on his back, because her internal injuries were still very severe. Although walking and running was no longer a problem, it could not be used in large amounts, and her speed would not be too fast either.

Right now, Chen Xiang did not dare to slow down, as he was worried that the Dragon Emperor behind him would catch up.

"Are you better now?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's much better now. Put me down." Phoenix Princess said gently, with a smile on his face.

"No, you can't run fast now, what if the Dragon Emperor catches up to you? That guy hates me to death, and if he knows I'm here, he would chase after me without caring about anything else." Chen Xiang said.

When Chen Xiang ran on the Shrinking step, it was as if his entire person was walking on a great river. He moved forward quickly along with the smooth flow of the water, and didn't feel any b.u.mps like when he was running.

"According to the p.i.s.s of those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, I reckon when they saw your father, they would even fabricate a lie saying that I kidnapped you and then your father would work together with the Dragon Emperor to open up a path." Chen Xiang said.

Phoenix Princess let out a light sigh, she was very clear about Chen Xiang's current situation. Previously, her father Phoenix had also had the idea of stealing Chen Xiang's divine blade or something similar from him.

"Who asked you to kill that Prince Imperial Dragon as well as that sacred dragon's clan's few Dan Immortal. It would be weird if Dragon Emperor doesn't hate you to death." Phoenix Princess said, "You're really bold."

"That idiot Prince Imperial Dragon always wanted to kill me, and he really met a good opportunity to kill me, but he looked down on me too much, and I killed him in a few moves." Chen Xiang laughed: "If you were like that Prince Imperial Dragon who treats me well, when the time comes, I would act a little more softly against you."

"Do I look like that kind of b.a.s.t.a.r.d to you?" The Phoenix Princess said with bitterness.

"Who knows? In short, I need to be on guard against anyone who doesn't know how they died." Chen Xiang was indeed on guard against the Phoenix Princess, so he left all of them in Long Xueyi's charge.

"How did you get here? And you seem to know the way." Phoenix Princess also had this question in his heart.

"I was about to ask you, you royal birds … ~ Does Imperial Feather Race have a map? Chen Xiang asked.

"Un, but that map is not complete. Only a small part of it, combined with the Imperial Dragon Clan, Fire Divine Palace, Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and those forces that have the power of heaven and earth, can obtain half of the complete map. As for this complete map, it has already been printed all over the streets, but there is no route." The Phoenix Princess said.

"So it's like that. Then do you remember the route? Draw it for me to see." Chen Xiang said. He wanted to see if the route was the same, every major power had kept a small fragment of their map.

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