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Chen Xiang also felt that it was unwise for the Imperial Avian Race to bring a weak phoenix here.

"Perhaps this phoenix has the talent to undergo rebirth, which is why it isn't afraid of death." Long Xueyi said.

"Can your Heaven Tour go deeper in? I used some just now, and before long, the power of my divine soul dissipated." In this sort of environment, it was very easy for the G.o.d to explore the path, but right now, the G.o.d could not swim too far.

"I can't either. There's a type of energy in the fog that can corrode G.o.d Power. If our G.o.d Power is too far away from us, it will easily corrode and can only be used nearby." Long Xueyi was also in the same situation, except she could put it a little further than Chen Xiang.

The Night Devil would not appear during the day, so during the day, everyone would rush there, but that did not mean that it was absolutely safe, the danger was not limited to just the Night Devil.

Chen Xiang felt that even if he had the map, it would still be very difficult to follow the route on the map. This was because he was unable to see the terrain here and could not find the correct path compared to the map.

There were hundreds of thousands of super powers in front, and only ten to twenty million people at the back wasn't scared of death. Originally, there were more than two hundred thousand people, but after the appearance of Night Devil last night and the deaths of a few, many people had already retreated and left at dawn.

After walking for more than an hour, Chen Xiang arrived at the top of a tall mountain. He used the Chaos Divine Eye to look into the distance, and even though he could not see those mountains clearly, he could still see their contours through the Chaos Divine Eye.

"I haven't found him. It seems that he hasn't entered the Night Devil h.e.l.l yet." Chen Xiang shook his head and looked down. At this time, the several hundred thousand people had already reached the mountainside, and there was a small mountain in front of them.

Of course, Chen Xiang could not see clearly, he had used the Chaos Divine Eye to see through the dense fog and the outline of the mountain. Just as he was about to go forward, he realized that the small mountain below him had gone east for a while, he knew that he was not wrong.

This was the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm, and there were many powerful beasts here. Of course, there would be some that would run out, and these beasts were one of the dangers in the outer area of the Night Devil h.e.l.l.

After Chen Xiang realized what had happened, he stopped in his tracks immediately. Through the Chaos Divine Eye, he saw a red blob that suddenly flew out.

"The phoenix has made its move. I wonder if it's that Phoenix Princess or that Phoenix King." Chen Xiang was unable to sense the Qi in front of him, because the strange mist could stop the Qi from spreading.

"It's that little phoenix girl, I didn't expect her strength to be so much stronger than I expected." Long Xueyi said.

"Much stronger than you." Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

"Hmph, you should be asking me how much stronger she is than me. This kind of bird isn't my match at all, if I were to attack, I would be able to kill her with a swing of my tail. She is only a Phoenix Princess, while I am a Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, I am not even comparable to her." Long Xueyi bragged proudly, as if the Phoenix Princess would immediately kneel down and worship him when he appeared.

"Alright, honorable Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, go and capture her. The taste of the phoenix meat should be pretty good, right?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"The phoenix meat isn't tasty. It's very hard and sour, and it'll be very bitter when heated. Moreover, it's not easy to cut. Compared to the taste of the Golden Roc meat, it's like heaven and earth."

"You have." There were very few phoenixes in the first place, and he had never heard her say it before, especially since he had been with Long Xueyi for so long.

"I've never eaten it before, but there's a reference to it in my inheritance of memory. It can't be wrong." Long Xueyi said.

The Phoenix Princess's strength was not bad, and he managed to get rid of the gigantic beast blocking his path in an instant. All he heard was the beast's angry roar, and then there was nothing else.

"What a waste, it turned to dust in an instant. There are a lot of Spiritual crystal on that beast." Chen Xiang said with a look of pity.

"I am a Phoenix Princess, I lack these Spiritual crystal." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang ran down from the top of the mountain. At this point, he was already lagging behind a lot of people, and the group of people at the back felt extremely relaxed, because the group in front led the way. The ones at the back didn't need to worry about anything, they just had to be careful of the Night Devil s.

Chen Xiang felt that it would be good if this group of people could return ten percent alive. As for the disciples that the big powers called, they would probably all be sending themselves to their deaths. In any case, these big powers did not lack disciples from the bottom rankers, there would be a lot of people who would want to join their forces every day.

As the sky darkened, the screams became louder and louder. Not long after, everyone felt as if they were enveloped by the screams, all around them, and even more loudly, as if someone was wailing in your ear. It was as if someone was wailing in your ear.

Chen Xiang did not mind, he could just directly seal off his hearing, so that he would not be affected, and only used his divine force to observe his surroundings.

"This place can already be considered a Night Devil h.e.l.l. If a Night Devil appears, it wouldn't be a few more." Bai Youyou said: "Based on the voices, the group of Night Devil here is commanded by a Night Devil King. Night Devil King is intelligent, and not one bit inferior to humans."

Hearing Bai Youyou's warning, Chen Xiang immediately became vigilant, he did not want to be injured the moment he stepped into Night Devil h.e.l.l.

The leaders of the big powers seemed to have sensed the danger at hand, but they did not need to worry too much about themselves, they were all very strong, as long as it was not Night Devil King who attacked them in a group, they would not feel pressured, and they would just use the energy released from their bodies to form a protective shield, and the Night Devil would not dare to approach them.

Chen Xiang's G.o.d Power could be released to a circ.u.mference of a hundred meters. He was already on guard in the sky, because those Night Devil were all launched a sneak attack from the air.

There are a lot of them. Although they are all Little Night Devil s, but with so many of them, even an Immortal King would not be able to hold them off. Long Xueyi exclaimed.

"How many?" Chen Xiang swallowed his saliva, and then took a deep breath.

"At least two hundred thousand."

Hearing this number, Chen Xiang trembled a little. It was also at this time that the ground shook slightly.

"It's all over the sky and on the ground." Long Xueyi said.

"There's a Night Devil underground."

Chen Xiang shouted, and then jumped up quickly. At the same time, he released the profoundwu cover hood, using the powerful Water Attribute Innate Qi to protect himself, so that the Night Devil in the air wouldn't be able to touch his body.

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