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"Wait a moment, you better find out who's going. You can follow behind those guys." said. Both she and Bai Youyou knew how important the Beast Slain Method was to Chen Xiang, and there was even something inside that the Dan Emperor was hiding. It might even be the lid of the divine cauldron.

Chen Xiang left the Ten Thousand Beast Hall and was teleported to the Demon Suppressing Palace. If he were to head to the Night Devil h.e.l.l, there would definitely be people from there, which was why Chen Xiang came here.

The Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's immortal palace was not the largest, but it was one of the strongest.

The majority of the other immortal palaces surrounded the center, creating a central area that only allowed people with a large number of Spiritual crystal s or powerful people to enter, and the central area of the Demon Imperial Palace was constructed with an incomparably large hall, which was the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace.

Chen Xiang did not know how the temple worked, but it was said that only the people in the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace knew about it, and the people in the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace were extremely secretive and would not reveal the details. It was extremely difficult for normal people to enter the shrine, as even the powerful Immortal Kings would have to summon them beforehand.

However, the outside of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was still very busy. Because the Immortal Qi was dense near the shrine, many tall and grand buildings were built around the shrine. They were all hotels or inns.

Chen Xiang came here to inquire about the movements of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. If the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was planning to go to that Night Devil h.e.l.l, the scale of the trip would definitely not be small.

"Over the years, many experts died inside the Night Devil h.e.l.l. I never thought that it would be the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm, it seems to have changed a lot. It is no longer the cradle of holy beasts, but instead, it has become the cradle of demons." An old man shook his head and sighed.

Chen Xiang was staying at a teahouse. He realised that most of the people inside were here to ask about the movements of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, because if Devil-suppressing Divine Palace came out, they would be more at ease. At that time, they would definitely follow behind.

"Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, Fire Divine Palace, Imperial Dragon Clan, Myriad Dan Immortal Country, the Ten Heavenly s, the Ten Saint s, and the other Immortal palace Immortal Country s of various sizes. If they were to head to Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm together, it would probably be the greatest power in history.

"But right now, I still don't know. If these super powers really move out together, maybe they can scare off the Night Devil inside."

Chen Xiang heard these people conversing. This was one of the ways he gathered information.

"Little Scoundrel, tell us what happened with Devil-killing Summit inside. Remember to exaggerate it a bit." Su Meiyao suddenly said.

Chen Xiang immediately understood what Su Meiyao was thinking, and anxiously moved to the table and said: "You all may not know, but the legendary Devil-killing Summit is inside Night Devil h.e.l.l, and the big powers might be attacking Devil-killing Summit."

"You should have heard of the Devil-killing Summit's matter. All the monsters that came out were people that once challenged many great powers by yourself. For example, the Ruthless Devil Venerable back then was one of them. And that Chen Xiang was also rumored to be from the Devil-killing Summit."

Chen Xiang's words caused the people of the teahouse to perk up their ears. This was the first time they had heard such a thing, although it sounded unreliable, it was very satisfying.

"Ruthless Devil Venerable is an important figure from over a hundred thousand years ago. Even now, his name is still around and he is indeed from the Devil-killing Summit."

"No wonder Chen Xiang is so powerful, so it turns out he's also from the Devil-killing Summit. However, he probably never went to the Devil-killing Summit, and was instead taken in by a disciple of the Devil-killing Summit who was wandering outside."

"Devil-killing Summit must have a lot of powerful mystical techniques and demonic techniques, as well as a lot of profound concocting techniques. Otherwise, how could Chen Xiang be so powerful."

"In that case, those big powers are really going to attack Devil-killing Summit."

"That's for sure! It was said that there were two people who saved Chen Xiang the other day, but only a few people could see the figures of the two, showing just how powerful they were. Furthermore, they had killed two Immortal Kings in that situation, even the arms of the Dragon Emperor had been severed, and the son of the Holy Dragon who knew how to refine pills in the Dragon Emperor was crippled as well."

"Then why did the Myriad Dan Immortal Country attack the Devil-killing Summit as well? Although their relationship with the Imperial Dragon Clan is not bad, attacking the Devil-killing Summit is not beneficial to them. They do not have any enmity with the Devil-killing Summit."

Chen Xiang heard the others talking about this, and interrupted: "You guys might not know, but Myriad Dan Immortal Country has suffered heavy losses, and Myriad Dan Immortal Country's new king, He Peiqing, has a Holy Fruit. It should originally be a compet.i.tion's reward, but it was stolen away by someone, and that person is from Devil-killing Summit."

"That's why they endured the pain of taking out the divine cauldron. Although the divine cauldron has one less lid, its value is far higher than the sacred fruit. The sacred fruit can grow back in the future and the divine cauldron will be gone once it's given away."

"So that's how it is. I wonder where you heard about it. Is it true?" An old man asked.

"Of course it's true. This is all from the Fire Divine Palace." Chen Xiang said.

Chen Xiang did not lie. He knew that, before long, these kinds of rumors would spread.

After Chen Xiang stayed in the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace for a few days, he did not expect that a Immortal Monarch in the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace had once mentioned in public that the Devil-killing Summit was indeed in the Night Devil h.e.l.l.

"The Devil-killing Summit is inside the Night Devil h.e.l.l. Could it be that the people inside the Devil-killing Summit are trying to suppress the incredible monsters inside?" Chen Xiang sat by the window and drank his tea, looking at the incomparably huge Devil-suppressing Divine Palace in the distance.

"I wonder if Human King Immortal Country will go." Chen Xiang was not worried about Liu Meng'er and the others, with their strength, they would not be allowed to go to such a dangerous place.

Now that the situation was so serious, it was impossible for the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and the rest to hide anything anymore. Chen Xiang was sure that there were already many people gathered at the Immortal palace in Night Devil h.e.l.l.

"I wonder if the demons from Yao Tian and Mo Tian will come." Long Xueyi said, "Imperial Avian Race and Imperial Dragon Clan will definitely return. This place is too important to them, it is their root. Furthermore, there have been no Saint Beasts being born for so many years, that's why they want to obtain the power to become Saint Beasts."

"What if they find out?" Chen Xiang thought of the White Tiger's strength. Even the so called Dragon Swallow City was afraid of the White Tiger.

"It's fine. They won't be able to find you anyway, and they won't be able to rule the nine heavens like they did in the past. There will definitely be human immortals who can fight against them and won't let them do anything rash." Long Xueyi said.

Right now, Chen Xiang was waiting here for the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. To deal with the mysterious Night Devil, he had to do this even if the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace didn't want to.

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