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Duan Chong had long since pa.s.sed the Soaring Stage, so it was very difficult for him to think of Heaven Realm, but now that he was here, he did not change his appearance, it was just that he looked a little down.

Deep into the night, Duan Chong was holding onto a big stack of maps. At this time, a few youths came over and took out Spiritual crystal s to buy the map in his hands.

After selling it, Duan Chong immediately returned to his room, but quickly crawled out from the other window, shuttled through the alleyway of the dilapidated house, and came to another house.

This was all seen clearly by the divine soul that Chen Xiang was floating in the air above him. After seeing Duan Chong's actions, he was even more certain that this person was Duan Chong, but why was he here?

Chen Xiang hid his presence, and quietly arrived at the door of the room Duan Chong was in, and lightly knocked: "Elder Duan, quick, it's me."

Duan Chong, who was still inside, was suddenly shocked, but after thinking about it for a moment, he quickly understood that it was normal for Chen Xiang to discover him.

After Duan Chong opened the door, he dragged Chen Xiang inside.

"That map was indeed released by you." Duan Chong laughed: "It's just that you missed a river, I'll help you make it up."

"Old Duan, why are you here? Aren't you in Di Tian?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Leader, in the current Di Tian, our Dragon Subduing School is very strong and stable. I felt that it was too boring over there, and then I came up. I spent a lot of effort to open up a path up there, and I almost died." Duan Chong said with fear still lingering in his heart.

"When did you come?"

"Two years ago, I didn't expect that you would be so popular in Heaven Realm." Duan Chong laughed.

Duan Chong was a Immortal Monarch, and he had a strong concealment ability, so he would secretly spread out his map, making it difficult for others to find him.

"I've looked for a lot of ancient books, but none of them can pinpoint the location of this Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm. However, I'm sure that the Imperial Dragon Clan knows about it, as well as some of the other Tong Tian Aristocratic Family s and Saint realm cultivators. I wonder what kind of thoughts they have when they see these maps." Duan Chong laughed: "Brat, you have so many clever ideas, if it's not like that, I'm afraid that the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm will be taken over by those people."

"It's good now, once the map spreads out, there will definitely be people who can see that kind of terrain. Not long later, everyone will know where the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm is."

Previously, the few big powers represented by the Imperial Dragon Clan had bought all the relevant leads, but now that they had the clues, it was only a public event. Chen Xiang had indeed ruined their plans, no wonder Duan Chong hid away so desperately.

Chen Xiang now also helped to imprint those maps. He asked: "Elder Duan, the clans that followed Ten Heavens Supreme Lord all those years ago held a certain position in the Heaven Realm. Some of them could even be compared with those top powers.

Our Duan Clan is different from the other clans, we will be sealed by a mysterious power from time to time, and until now, we still have a few seedlings that are considered not bad, and the foundation of our clan in the Heaven Realm has already been destroyed. However, legend has it that our ancestors had a grave in the Heaven Realm, and my purpose in coming to the Heaven Realm is to find it and dig it out. Duan Chong said.

Duan Chong went all out to come to the Heaven Realm just to dig their ancestor's grave, and from the looks of it, it seemed like they had agreed to do it.

"Duan Sanchang that brat still doesn't have the ability to dig that tomb right now, so I will train him properly. I don't have enough power by myself, I will go to Human King Immortal Country later on."

Duan Sanchang was also in the Human King Immortal Country. When that little robber's tomb came to the Heaven Realm, it would definitely continue to manage its business. Many of the tombs in the Heaven Realm were filled with hidden treasures.

In just a month, these maps had appeared in many of the Immortal Country's immortal palaces, and they were even confirmed as the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm because there was once an old Beast King who had come out to prove it.

With this, Duan Chong and Chen Xiang would be able to separate. He also had some important things to do, and he believed that Chen Xiang would definitely be able to return safely from Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm.

There were more and more clues, especially in the Ten Thousand Beast Palace, there were a few old Beast Kings hidden there. Some of them grew up at the edge of Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm, but they did not know that it was actually the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm.

One of the old beast king said that he would not return there, he said that it was not the sacred place everyone thought it was, that it was h.e.l.l, he came out from there after a thousand years of hard work, that the so called Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm was very dangerous, even though he had the power of a beast king, he did not want to go back.

There were two other Beast Kings who had similar claims, but many people and beasts did not believe them. They thought that these old Beast Kings were afraid that someone would take over the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm, which was why they said it was so scary.

What made Chen Xiang anxious was that even now, he still did not know where that place was. Those old beast kings said that they did not want to send too many living creatures to their deaths, so they kept their mouths shut.

This was something that the old Beast King of the Ten Thousand Beast Immortal Palace was unwilling to say. However, the old Beast King of the War Beast Immortal Palace, who was gathered by another immortal beast and had strong enmity towards humans, spoke out.

"Night Devil h.e.l.l, this place seems to be very scary." When Chen Xiang heard the latest news, many people were terrified of the Night Devil h.e.l.l.

"Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm is actually Night Devil h.e.l.l." Su Meiyao said in shock, his voice carried a trace of fear.

"Is this place very scary?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"I have only heard that the Devil-killing Summit is inside, but it is not the center of the Night Devil h.e.l.l. It can only be considered to be a side mountain, and no one can go to the center of it." Su Meiyao said.

"Back then, our master wanted to go to the Devil-killing Summit alone, but in the end, he heavily injured himself and came back. Without anyone to guide him, it would be difficult to get close to him." Back then, they were also part of the strong. Their masters were even more powerful, but they suffered losses in that place.

No wonder many people can't see what place it is. It turns out that there are very few people who can get close to that place. It's usually covered in fog, and flying over from high up in the sky is very dangerous as well. If that's the case, then it's no wonder those old beast kings who ran over here don't want to go back. Su Meiyao took in a breath of cold air. Just thinking about it, she felt terrified, because he had once seen her master covered in wounds and wounds and had returned home.

"No wonder they were able to become a beast king when they ran out, and couldn't come out even if they lacked the ability. According to the legends, it was indeed like h.e.l.l inside, especially at night, they would hear terrifying roars, and the most powerful thing in the legends is the Night Devil at night." Bai Youyou said.

These were all legends, because it was very difficult to come out alive after entering.

"I have a safe route, so I might be able to avoid some danger." Chen Xiang said, because he heard the tone of Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou and knew that they did not want him to go.

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