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Chen Xiang thought that it would be easy to find the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm, but who would have thought that even the Fire Divine Palace and Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, these ancient and powerful forces, would have to gather clues here and there.

"They must have some clues about the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm, but it's not complete. However, I believe that it won't be long before they can confirm the location of the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm." Long Xueyi said.

"You don't even know where the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm is?" Chen Xiang asked.

"If I knew, I would have told you a long time ago that there are no related memories in my memories. It seems that even the powerful beasts that came out of there back then would not be able to pa.s.s on this memory, could it be to protect the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm?" Long Xueyi said.

"That is your Sacred Ground. I wonder what happened in that place after the death of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord." Chen Xiang guessed that this matter had a close relationship with the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord.

"There is a Fire Emperor behind the Fire Divine Palace, and this Fire Emperor might only have a little clue as to where the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm is. The current Dragon Emperor and those old dragons should also have some clues, that's why they are working together to explore the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm." Long Xueyi said: "That was all the beasts' sacred grounds back then, and many people today would have thought that there was something extraordinary inside, if not they wouldn't have raised such a large number of powerful Holy Beasts."

Chen Xiang was a little worried: "They probably don't have that map."

Long Xueyi said: "Actually you have the most clues, because you have two maps."

Chen Xiang had two identical maps. One was obtained from the Treasure Chest, and had the Dan Emperor's mark on it. The other was pa.s.sed down from Duan Chong's ancestors, and both were in his hands.

"Although I have the map, I don't know where it is located." Chen Xiang sighed, if he knew, he would have gone to the side instead.

"If that map is the entire picture of the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm, then it would be too small. The Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm should be very big." Su Meiyao said, she and Bai Youyou had repeatedly looked at that map many times.

"It's not small anymore. Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm is very old, so the mountains and rivers inside are very huge. It looks like they're just shrinking now. I think they're at least the size of a Immortal Country. Long Xueyi said.

"But I don't know where the mountains and rivers depicted on the map are. The Heaven Realm is so big, how do you want me to check them?" Chen Xiang felt extremely helpless: "Maybe the place isn't in Heaven Realm at all."

If there really is a treasure hidden within, without a map mark, it would be very difficult for them to find it in such a big place. If you know where the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm is, then you will be able to reach the treasure location the fastest through the safe route on the map. "Su Yun said in a calm tone. Long Xueyi said.

It was not a bad idea. The two maps in his hands were both marked with a safe route, which meant that it would be very safe to travel to those areas. Furthermore, he would be able to clearly mark out the locations of the most dangerous places.

At this time, the Ten Thousand Beast Hall was in an uproar, the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm s were like sacred grounds to the immortal beast, everyone wanted to go there.

Many years ago, it was the world of beasts. The dragon race and the Four Sacred Beasts were all incredibly powerful existences, and the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord that governed the nine heavens were also from the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm.

However, Chen Xiang felt that even if the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm appeared again, the beasts wouldn't be able to return to their powerful positions. This was because the humans had grown even more powerful over the years, and there were many perfect cultivation techniques, alchemy techniques and formations that beasts could not even compare to with using brute force.

Over the years, humans had seen many existences comparable to Saint Beasts. At the very most, it would be a battle between humans and beasts in the future.

Chen Xiang bought some materials here, rented a secret room and forged a basin-sized piece, then carved that map on the metal board. This kind of thing was extremely simple to him, he could carve it lifelike, and it wouldn't take too much time.

The original map was very large, similar to a large round table. However, it was now carved into a face sized piece of metal and shrunk in size.

He took out a stack of paper and used the iron seal to take the ink, then he printed a map on the paper. Although it was very rough, one could still clearly see the mountains and rivers on it.

Chen Xiang busied himself for a whole day, printing several hundred pieces, and then spread them all over the place, saying that this was the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm, regardless of whether he believed it or not.

In just a few days, the mysterious maps that were posted all over the Ten Thousand Beast Palace were more than the pictures that were on the bounty for Chen Xiang.

The matter of finding the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm was spread all over Heaven Realm, and now that the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm's map had appeared, many people did not believe it. However, many people could not tell where the area described on the map was, because the shape and distance of the mountains, as well as the ten or so large rivers that appeared at the same time were things that many people had never seen before.

There were more than ten large rivers and mountains on the map, and there were also many large lakes. Although the map was small, it would be very vast and shocking if one really went there.

Chen Xiang had originally only printed over a thousand of them, but after he sent them out, he changed his appearance. Now that he was hiding in the Ten Thousand Beast Palace, he discovered something strange, there were actually more and more maps that needed to be purchased.

"F * ck, this definitely wasn't made according to my photo. This one should be much clearer." Chen Xiang spent one hundred Spiritual crystal to buy one: "I am the one who made this map famous, but later on, there was someone who borrowed the wind from this guy to earn the Spiritual crystal.

"This person must have a map as well. A river is missing from your imprint, but he is showing up here." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang was not very serious when he carved that seal, and he felt that it was fine to have one less river.

"Maybe they're correcting you." Su Meiyao laughed.

"What if his map is marked with a hidden treasure, and that guy is even stronger than me? At that time, won't I lose out?" Chen Xiang felt that this was not a good thing. He had to find the person who sold the map.

After that, Chen Xiang would stroll around the streets every day, and at the same time, investigate the source of the map. Originally, this map was created by him, he had planned to sell it after he became famous, but who would have known that there would be someone ahead of him.

With Long Xueyi using the Heaven Tour, they split up the divine soul to search for him, and very quickly gained a slim figure. The person selling the map lived in a very run-down area, and the houses there were all very cheap.

"Could this guy be …" Duan Chong. " Just as Chen Xiang arrived, he saw an old man opening the door and walking out.

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