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Long Xueyi had long finished all the Sacred animal Dan s, but she only complained a little. During the past five years, Chen Xiang had occasionally taken the time to get a pot or two for her to eat, so she was levelling up very quickly now.

"I can't keep leveling up. I'll wait for a period of time before I use it again." Bai Youyou warned Chen Xiang.

Using the Dragon Pearl Gold Pellet to cultivate was equivalent to absorbing the energy of others. This would take a period of time to completely refine, and if this continued, it would have some effect on in the future.

"Go confirm the location of the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm first. When you have enough strength in the future, you can go there immediately." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang had already thought of that before, now that he had entered the intermediate stage of the Worldly Immortal Stage, although he could still withstand the pressure from the Immortal Monarch, but if he met with the Late period of human immortal, he could still defeat them.

Right now, he had to go to a place far away from the Myriad Dan Immortal Country. Although he wouldn't be discovered even if he were to head there now, there was no longer any need to go there.

In the Heaven Realm, although there were few immortal palaces with flourishing pills, there were still some that only existed in the Myriad Dan Immortal Country.

"Let's go to a palace where there are a lot of immortal beast in human form. We might be able to find out more about the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm there." Su Meiyao said.

The Heaven Realm was so big, and there were a lot of beasts that had transformed into human form. They were divided into two types of existence, one was to fight against humans, and the other was not to attack one another.

They also learned from humans and built giant immortal palaces to form a large group, which could also protect the weak members of their group.

Although the Ten Thousand Beast Hall was not like those Immortal Country with groups of immortal palaces, the strength of this immortal palace was considered one of the best in the Heaven Realm.

This immortal palace was a little special as there were no Transmission array s inside. In order to enter this immortal palace, one had to first transfer to the nearby Human Immortal Palaces before being able to pa.s.s through.

Chen Xiang immediately came to the bottom of the Ten Thousand Beast Palace's main entrance. He did not go in because at this moment, there was a very large snake slowly wiggling its way into the city.

The Ten Thousand Beast Palace's gate was the biggest gate that Chen Xiang had ever seen, but that giant python took up more than half of the entrance. Chen Xiang estimated that this giant python was around three hundred meters wide, similar to those huge Dragon corpse that he had seen before.

"This guy is sick. It seems like he's going to turn into a flood dragon. He only turned into a flood dragon at such a young age, he might even turn into a dragon directly." Long Xueyi said.

The Ten Thousand Beast Palace was a good place for these huge beasts to live, because if these huge beasts were outside, they would be hunted and killed by human experts, so they decided to enter the Ten Thousand Beast Palace instead of hunting these huge beasts, otherwise, they would be surrounded and attacked by a herd of beasts, and even the human Immortal King would not dare to mess around inside.

The giant python finally entered. It quickly crawled away from a very wide street and soon disappeared.

The streets of the Ten Thousand Beast Immortal Palace were very large, and from time to time, one could see huge beasts. Of course, most of them were in human form.

"It's so hard to find someone to talk to here." As Chen Xiang walked on the street, he couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat as he listened to Long Xueyi pointing out the true forms of those people.

"There are many beast immortals in this immortal palace, as well as many beast kings. Moreover, most of them are very harmonious, so it's not strange that they are quite powerful." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang pa.s.sed by a wall and saw a bounty on the wall. It was placed on him, but not many immortal beast paid attention to it.

Most of the beasts here were beasts, and the pills consumed by humans weren't of much use to them, so their business here was rather poor.

"Don't look down on these fellows who cultivate from the beast race to be honest. They all have some outstanding qualities to be able to survive in such a vile environment, so every single one of the immortal beast here give off a strong feeling. Their intelligence is not low, unless they are the little immortal beast s who have no cruel experiences." Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang could also see it, that's why he felt a wave of oppressive aura when he was walking on the street, and these beasts seemed to be able to discover that he was not their own kind, so they were hostile towards him. As long as he appeared, the surrounding immortal beast s would immediately become vigilant and mobilize all their energy.

This was understandable, because most immortal beast s that could take human form had the experience of being hunted down by human experts and hated humans to their bones, even though humans could enter this immortal palace.

"If only there were Sacred animal Dan, Sacred animal Dan should have a market here, I wonder if these transformed immortal beast are rich." Chen Xiang said.

In the process of their growth, they have killed quite a few human experts and powerful beasts. Furthermore, they had spent their days in the deep mountains and in the deep forests, making a lot of treasures, but they did not know the value of a lot of them. Thus, there is a special place for them to value these treasures. Su Meiyao said.

As long as he could afford to pay a price, he could buy the treasures that the immortal beast had collected for many years. However, he was more concerned about the higher levelled herbs.

Chen Xiang walked aimlessly inside the house, pa.s.sing through many wide streets, when suddenly he saw a huge stone house in front of him with a group of transforming immortal beast s surrounding them, talking about some things.

He quickly walked over and saw that there was a piece of paper pasted on the entrance of the huge stone house. There were some people written on it.

Chen Xiang looked at the piece of paper and read the contents on it in shock. He did not expect the contents on it to have something to do with his purpose for coming here.

"The humans have found some clues about our Beast Clan's Sacred Land. We hope to cooperate with them and search for this ancient Sacred Land that has been lost for many years, initiated by the Fire Divine Palace and the Myriad Dan Immortal Country. If you have any clues, you can provide them and get rich rewards."

This was obviously referring to the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm, Chen Xiang never thought that the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm would be so mysterious, it had actually been in a lost state for many years, and no one noticed it.

"It was initiated by the Imperial Dragon Clan … Perhaps the Imperial Avian Race is also looking for them. In the Heaven Realm, they are the ones with the most clues, the ancestors of these two powerful beasts came from the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm, I wonder what their goal is, could it be that they know that there are good things in the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm? " Long Xueyi said.

The Fire Divine Palace and the Myriad Dan Immortal Country both had a good relationship with the Imperial Dragon Clan, it was normal for Long Xueyi to immediately suspect the Imperial Dragon Clan.

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