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He already had the Sacred animal fruit and next, he would need to refine a Sacred animal Dan for Long Xueyi. Previously, Chen Xiang would have one, but if it failed, he wouldn't be able to refine even a single one, and even if it succeeded, with Long Xueyi's appet.i.te, it would be hard to satisfy her.

If Chen Xiang wanted to survive in the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm, not only did he have to increase his own strength, he also had to make Long Xueyi stronger.

When Ji Meixian came out of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, he found that the nearest immortal palace also needed to run continuously for ten days and ten nights, so it could be considered to be relatively safe.

She looked at the towering green mountains all around her, took in a deep breath of fresh air, and stayed inside the ring for a long time. She would miss the outside world very much, and now, she could understand Su Meiyao's and Bai Youyou's helplessness.

"You have a very strong spiritual sense, and that's your talent. Do as I say, and it won't be long before you get rid of the Heavenly Dog." Long Xueyi said. Ji Meixian was Chen Xiang's female slave, so she taught many techniques of the Imperial Dragon Clan inside the ring.

"I know. You don't have to worry too much about me. My divine protective clothes are very powerful, so even if I meet a strong person like the Dragon Emperor, I won't die." Ji Meixian said.

Chen Xiang and Ji Meixian had decided to keep it a secret record so that they could contact each other in the future.

"Take care." Chen Xiang stroked the messy hair on Ji Meixian's forehead and said with a smile.

"You have to take care of yourself as well. You are even more dangerous than me." Ji Meixian smiled at him.

Ji Meixian's body floated into the air and flew away from the mountain. However, Chen Xiang found a relatively quiet mountain corner, and started to carve a cave there.

Within the five Beast statue inside Chen Xiang's dantian, each of them originally had nine Heaven Pellets. But after going through the nine Nirvana Tribulations, they all combined into one pellet.

The Heavenly Core in his Dantian was no longer circular, but was the same as the Beast Elder, with a faint outline. He felt that if he continued to cultivate, he would be able to take on the exact same shape as the five Beast statue, and might even slowly grow bigger.

Of course, he had to refine Sacred animal Dan s first and fill Long Xueyi's stomach. Although he had eaten royal bird meat before, but that was only to try it, and not to let Long Xueyi become stronger.

Indeed, it had been a long time since Long Xueyi had a good meal, if not she would not yell all day.

The Sacred animal fruit was a type of fruit that could continuously evolve itself, and the highest would become the Holy level. That was why it was called the Sacred animal fruit, but it would take a long time, even if Chen Xiang used the creation divine liquid to accelerate its growth, it would probably take a lot of time.

As for the Sacred animal fruit that Long Huishan gave Chen Xiang, they were all low grade Heaven level s, which was a lot lower than his current strength, but if he gave it to him in large quant.i.ties, it would still have a good effect.

The difficulty of refining Sacred animal Dan was not high, it was much easier than Origin Restoring Pellets. There was only one type of main ingredient, which was why Long Peirong chose to refine this pellet, and at the same time, refine Peak quality.

Right now, Chen Xiang still did not plan to refine the Peak quality, he needed too much time and effort. If one day, he did not need to spend all his energy and effort, he could casually refine a Peak quality pill with his own will.

Chen Xiang only failed once and successfully refined a Sacred animal Dan. With three pills in each furnace, the quality was all top-notch.

The moment he saw Chen Xiang opening the pill furnace, Long Xueyi immediately ran out from the ring.

The Sacred animal Dan was bigger, like a lychee. Long Xueyi put one in his mouth, but did not immediately bite off it, causing her fragrant cheeks to bulge, making her look very cute.

"Quickly eat it and see what its effects are." Chen Xiang pinched the other cheek of her.

"It's very sweet. I want to take a sip." Long Xueyi said with puffed up half his face, while holding onto the other two pills, as if he was afraid that they would be s.n.a.t.c.hed away.

Chen Xiang shook his head and smiled. He rubbed her face for a bit, then continued to refine Sacred animal Dan s, he wanted to refine all of the pills that Long Huishan had given him into pills. Right now, Long Xueyi was eating Sacred animal Dan s like candy.

Using creation divine liquid s to replicate low grade Heaven level required a lot of effort, if he needed to copy a lot of them, Chen Xiang would have to go into closed door cultivation for a long time. If it was just Sacred animal fruit s, it would not be as fast as Long Xueyi's speed of eating.

Previously, he needed a few days to refine the Sacred animal Dan, but after successfully refining a batch, his speed would slowly increase.

Chen Xiang was concocting pills in the cave, while Long Xueyi was sitting at the side watching. He was still holding the Sacred animal Dan in his mouth, playing with it with his tongue like it was candy, as if he was eating it happily.

This was the first time Chen Xiang saw it look like he was eating a pill, but he also saw the Sacred animal Dan slowly shrinking in size in her mouth.

"Finally gone." Long Xueyi sucked her tongue and licked her lips, as if she was a child eating candy for the first time. Then, she put another Sacred animal Dan into her mouth.

Chen Xiang calculated the time, she had just eaten a Sacred animal Dan, using two hours of time. This was a good thing, if she ate like how she ate before, she could eat several vats in one hour.

Now, Chen Xiang knew that beautiful dragon pets were not easy to raise.

Long Xueyi knew that there were not many people who could afford to keep her, which was why she insisted on keeping her promise with Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang spent ten days worth of time and finally refined all of those Sacred animal fruit into Sacred animal Dan s, while she ate very slowly, so she could only eat one pellet per day. She did not know how she ate it, and she could only hold it in her mouth for a good half a day.

Chen Xiang took out the Small gold eagle's Aurous Core and the Dragon Pearl of the Holy Dragon Dan Immortal and the Little Emperor Dragon that Huang Jintian had killed.

"These are all great supplements, but you can't just take on too much at once, take it step by step." Long Xueyi said.

If he wanted to obtain a large amount of energy, Chen Xiang could only rely on these things now, and the cultivation technique he cultivated could completely refine all of these energy into his own.

Chen Xiang had already stayed in the cave for five years. If he was in Di Tian, five years would be considered very long for him, but in Heaven Realm, it was nothing. Furthermore, many of the things that happened in the tournament five years ago, no one had forgotten now, and his Bounty Orders were all over the place.

Chen Xiang had absorbed the Golden Roc Golden Pellet and the two Dragon Pearls to raise his strength, giving him quite the harvest in the past five years. He had already stepped into the intermediate stage of the Worldly Immortal Stage, and the five Sky Pellets among the five Beast statue in his body gradually had a beast like outline.

The five Beast statue in his dantian were just an illusion. He felt that the five Heaven Pills in the future would look exactly like the illusion, and that would be his true peak.

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