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There was still a more important matter that Chen Xiang came to find Long Huishan for, and Long Huishan could guess it as well.

"I got a lot of pills in the compet.i.tion, so I don't need any of them." Chen Xiang laughed and said: "I want to let go of your hand. I don't need any Spiritual crystal, I just want a few of them.

"I knew that you wouldn't be able to sell that batch of Ground level Pills. How about this, I'll give you ten million Spiritual crystal and give you a few more. I don't have much Sacred animal fruit for now, but a batch of them will ripen after a while." Long Huishan said.

Although there were a lot of pills that Chen Xiang refined during the compet.i.tion, they were all high-grade Ground level pills, and each pill was only worth two hundred Spiritual crystal. Even though he managed to refine more than thirty thousand pills, he only had around sixty to seventy million, so the price that Long Huishan offered was considered very high.

"Isn't that too much?" Chen Xiang said in embarra.s.sment.

"There's no need for you to be so polite. The pills you concoct are of the highest quality, and my Long family will not lose out if we sell them. I heard that you're a black-hearted fellow, so you should beat me up right now." Long Huishan laughed.

"I don't dare." Chen Xiang blushed. If he was selling someone else, he would definitely beat them up. However, Long Huishan had a good relationship with him, and he would have to trouble her to take care of Leng Youlan and Shen Lingling.

Chen Xiang gave the pills to Long Huishan, and upon seeing them, Long Huishan could not help but exclaim: "Little fellow, you actually managed to refine so many of them in just two to three days. If you come next time, I'll have to prepare some more medicinal ingredients for you to refine.

"Definitely not. Who told you to be my sister?" Chen Xiang grinned.

"Good brother." Long Huishan smiled daintily, then kissed Chen Xiang's cheek: "I'll go get you the Sacred animal fruit, wait for me here."

When Long Huishan left, he touched the cheek that had been kissed by her and chuckled, "It's better to kiss on the mouth …"

"You should have let her bring a few Sacred animal Dan over. I've grown up, but I've never eaten a few Sacred animal Dan before." Long Xueyi shouted anxiously.

"What's the rush? Give me some time, I'll let you eat until you puke." said. Now that he knew that Long Xueyi was not weak, he would definitely help Long Xueyi increase his strength in the future.

Not long after Long Huishan left, an old lady slowly walked in. She was precisely the Long Peirong who always lagged behind Chen Xiang during compet.i.tions.

In these three matches, Chen Xiang had always been in first place, while Long Peirong had always been in second place. It would be fine if there was a slight gap between their results, but who knew that Chen Xiang would always leave her behind, which made it difficult for her to compare second and first.

Long Peirong originally came to look for Long Huishan, but the moment she entered, she saw a young man who was young and handsome. Of course she knew who this strange man was, because Chen Xiang's bounty portraits were all over the streets, it would be weird if she did not know.

Chen Xiang was precisely this kind of young brat that defeated her. Whenever Long Huishan thought of this, he always felt that his age was no different from a dog's.

When Chen Xiang saw Long Peirong, he immediately stood up and said respectfully: "Kid Chen Xiang greets senior."

Long Peirong knew that Chen Xiang was Long Huishan's foster brother. Although she had lost to Chen Xiang three times, Chen Xiang's respectful bow to her made her secretly praise him in her heart. However, she was still a little unhappy in her heart.

Long Peirong walked into the hall and sighed: "This is my old body, you've won three times in a row and you're always ahead of me by a lot. Don't be polite with me, as your teacher, I should pay respects to you."

Chen Xiang only smiled, and then, he sat down together with Long Peirong.

The bounty for Chen Xiang was flying everywhere as groups of people searched for him, wanting to get that precious bounty. However, Chen Xiang was sitting there leisurely, drinking his tea.

The age difference between Chen Xiang and Long Peirong was huge, but they were both Alchemist s, so when it came to refining pills, they were chatting excitedly. Chen Xiang had a unique and innovative perspective on pill refining, after hearing about it, Long Peirong felt that she had benefited greatly, but she had the rich experience of refining a high level pellet, which was something that even Su Meiyao did not have.

Long Huishan took more than two hours to return, but seeing that Chen Xiang and Long pei were chatting so much, she was very happy.

"You're not in a hurry. Why don't you stay here for a few more days and treat this place as your own home?" Long Huishan threw a Storage bag to Chen Xiang.

"No, I'm worried that the Dragon Emperor will suddenly find us here. It's not good for you." Chen Xiang said.

"What are you afraid of? He's here, we can just beat him up and run. Although we only have dragon blood, we are not afraid of the Imperial Dragon Clan." Long Huishan said. Her father was a very mysterious Ranker.

Chen Xiang also guessed that the Long family was hiding a strong power, that day he was surrounded by many strong warriors, and that Long Huishan and an old man dared to come, in full fury, it looked like they wanted to fight, but then Huang Jintian brought him running away quickly, so the conflict did not happen.

If Chen Xiang wanted to leave, no one could stay. Long Huishan was a little angry and scolded a bit, before letting him leave.

Relying on the super powers of Imperial Dragon Clan, Fire Divine Palace and Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, they would definitely be able to investigate the relationship between him and the Long family. And right now, Long Huishan also had a batch of high grade Ground level pills that he had refined, before long, it would be discovered by Chen Xiang's enemies, which was why he chose to leave. This would allow the Long family to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Chen Xiang teleported away through the Transmission array in the Immortal Palace, leaving behind a far away place from the Heaven Realm's Immortal Palace. The Immortal Qi in this place was not rich, there were not many beasts, and there were very few strange flowers and herbs.

"Twenty Sacred animal fruit, she's so generous." Chen Xiang originally thought that it would only be around ten or so, and that one would sell for two million Spiritual crystal, so these twenty would be equivalent to forty million Spiritual crystal.

"What a good big sister. I also want her to be my big sister." Long Xueyi said while holding back his saliva. This little gluttonous dragon had milk, and Chen Xiang despised her actions right now.

Inside the Storage bag, there was also a jade tablet, on it were some special techniques engraved with 10 million Spiritual crystal, as long as they went to the Spiritual crystal Immortal Palace, they could use this jade tablet to exchange, this kind of jade tablet was very hard to copy, moreover if discovered, they would end up using the same Super Old poison.

This forty fifty million Spiritual crystal was simply nothing to Long Huishan. She was a Female Dragon King of the Long family, and after the Sacred Dan Realm had been merged with them, she had allowed the Long family to develop and become even more powerful.

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