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The Long family was in the Pellet Region, which was very far from the Myriad Dan Immortal Country. However, there was the Transmission array that one could go to, as long as Chen Xiang went to one of the immortal palaces, he would be able to easily go to the Pellet Region.

He came to a small immortal palace nearby. Although the immortal palace was very far from the Myriad Dan Immortal Country's immortal palace, it was still managed by the Myriad Dan Immortal Country.

Chen Xiang spent more than 10 days, relying on that guided immortal plate to get here, the moment he entered this immortal palace, he immediately asked for information about him.

It was just as he had guessed, he was offered a bounty, and it was not for Spiritual crystal s, but for Tier 5 immortal pills. This was enough for many Immortal Monarch s and immortal kings to take action, the bounty came from Devil-suppressing Divine Palace s, Fire Divine Palace s, Divine Saber Immortal Palace s, Imperial Dragon Clan s and Myriad Dan Immortal Country s, all of these bounties were extremely bountiful, making one's heart palpitate with excitement.

"How can a Tier 5 immortal pill be so easily obtained? Catching me would be even more difficult than gathering all the ingredients for a Tier 5 immortal pill." Chen Xiang thought to himself as he walked in the direction of the Transmission array.

Just as he saw the plaza where many Transmission array s were arranged, a Transmission array suddenly flashed and a woman appeared. She immediately rushed towards him.

"It's the little maid." Chen Xiang was shocked. The lady with the graceful figure and beautiful white dress was none other than Ji Meixian.

Chen Xiang immediately thought that he could deceive the Dragon Emperor and frame him as the culprit, with Ji Meixian's help. Otherwise, he wouldn't have succeeded.

Now that the truth had been revealed, the Dragon Emperor knew that he was the one who killed the Prince Imperial Dragon, this Ji Meixian would naturally be suspected, and was believed to be related to him.

Sure enough, the Transmission array lit up once again, and a group of people appeared. From far away, Chen Xiang could feel that group of people had the White Sea Innate Qi that gave off a vast sensation.

Hearing the barking, he knew that Ji Meixian was being chased by the Tengu.

Furthermore, she was the niece of the Ruthless Devil Venerable, and had even grown up in the Imperial Feather Race. After entering the Heaven Realm, her strength had increased very quickly, and she had already become a Immortal Monarch.

Even if it was the Immortal Monarch's strength, she was chased until the streets ran. It could be seen that the people chasing her were even stronger.

"little maid, come to my place." Chen Xiang, who was dashing over, sent a sound transmission to him before he quickly turned a corner.

Seeing Chen Xiang here, Ji Meixian's heart was overjoyed. She directly went to Chen Xiang, and when she approached Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang placed her in the dark jade ring.

Chen Xiang then squeezed into the crowd on the side of the street, looking at the people who were rushing over with the dogs.

"little maid, White Sea Imperial Land found you." Chen Xiang asked. He had originally planned to let Ji Meixian lurk inside the White Sea Imperial Land.

"Yes, Dragon Emperor and Immortal Country Bai Hai's relationship is very good. Not long after you ran away on the compet.i.tion grounds, I sensed danger and immediately fled, only to be chased all the way here by three Immortal Kings. Luckily you appeared here, otherwise I would not know when you would have escaped." Ji Meixian was with Bai Youyou inside the ring, and she was panting. She had used up a lot of energy and was very tired.

Su Meiyao gave some pills to her to eat, making her feel much better.

"Where's Yixuan? Has she been discovered?" Chen Xiang asked.

"She originally wanted to leave with me, but I told her to stay in Immortal Country Bai Hai. Maybe it might be useful to us in the future." Ji Meixian said. Chen Xiang was a Leader of the Dragon Subduing School, and there would be a day when he would come into conflict with the Bai Hai Heavenly Kingdom. Zhao Yiprofound was highly regarded inside, so if nothing unexpected happened, he might be able to have a very high position in the future.

"I'm really sorry, I almost caused you harm." said guiltily. At this time, he walked into the Transmission array, handed over a million Spiritual crystal, and teleported to the Saint Pellet Realm.

Ji Meixian was Chen Xiang's female slave. Although there were many conflicts between them before, after she became Chen Xiang's female slave, she found out that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were behind his back, and she had a very good impression of Chen Xiang. Moreover, Chen Xiang treated her quite well, and gave her quite a few pills to help her become an immortal even faster.

Of course, what she valued the most was Chen Xiang's potential. She hated the Imperial Feather Race extremely, and now that Chen Xiang already dared to challenge her alone, he would definitely dare to go against her in the future. She wholeheartedly wanted to eliminate him.

"Why are you telling this to me? From the time I told you, I've been preparing to take risks." Ji Meixian said.

"What plans do you have for the future? Why don't you stay here with us?" Su Meiyao said. She also wanted a companion.

"Right now, you are only Immortal Country Bai Hai. Perhaps in the future, even Imperial Dragon Clan will chase after you." Bai Youyou said.

Ji Meixian glanced at Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao, then sighed: "If you two request for me to be here, I naturally would not object."

Although it was safe in here, it was not good for her to grow. She wanted to recover the strength that she had back then.

"Go to the Long family. You should be fine there." and her both had a special relationship with Ji Meixian. Back then, Ji Meixian had always been chasing after and killing them, but for their own good, so that they wouldn't be chased by their enemies. And Ji Meixian was even their master's niece.

"Just stay away from the final range of Tengu." Ji Meixian said. She used to be a lone wolf as well, and now that she was separated from Immortal Country of Bai Hai, she no longer wished to be part of a faction.

Even though Chen Xiang was her master, she knew that Chen Xiang would not restrict her freedom.

"Here is the meat of the Small gold eagle. Do you want to eat it?" Long Xueyi skipped to Ji Meixian's side and said sweetly.

"The son of the Golden Roc King was actually killed by the Leader." Ji Meixian was extremely surprised. During the great battle, the death of one of the Golden Roc King's sons had caused a huge sensation.

"What's wrong with that? Why don't you see who that brat is?" Long Xueyi laughed.

"You are Bai Long, right? No wonder the Imperial Dragon Clan is in a mess right now. " Ji Meixian looked at Long Xueyi with a serious expression. Although Long Xueyi had a sweet appearance and a devilish figure, she gave off an extremely dangerous feeling.

"Of course, when my Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord goes out, he would be scared to death." Long Xueyi laughed, she seemed to have known that this would happen.

Ji Meixian didn't say much about the White Dragon. She knew that the beautiful White Dragon Lady in front of her carried the eternal hatred of the White Dragon Clan, and was very similar to her.

Chen Xiang arrived at the Long family's immortal palace in the Pellet Region. This immortal palace was recently built by the Long family and was incomplete in many places. The walls were very low too, but to be able to construct it in such a short period of time was already quite impressive.

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