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When Huang Jintian cut off Dragon Emperor's arm, he did not give Chen Xiang even a little bit of it because Chen Xiang had also obtained a dragon pearl.

"What plans do you have for the future? Do you have a way to get rich?" Huang Jintian asked with a smile.

Even if there was, Chen Xiang probably wouldn't tell this stingy master now.

"No, my next plan is to train hard for a while and wait for the sound of the wind to pa.s.s." Chen Xiang said, this was indeed his next plan, it was only the first half of the plan.

Now that you are safe, we will split up here, but you still have to be careful, although you have the ability, those Imperial Dragon Clan are not weak, in the future when you meet them, you should avoid them as much as possible. Huang Jintian said.

"Got it."

"Then I'll be going. Take care." After Huang Jintian finished speaking, he immediately disappeared, probably using the Earth Escape Technique to leave this place.

After Huang Jintian left, Chen Xiang continued to stay in the mountain forest. This place was no longer the Myriad Dan Immortal Country's immortal palace, and it was also very far away from the Myriad Dan Immortal Country.

With Long Xueyi's help, he was able to hide his powers well. Previously, he had managed to hide it from many powerful experts, but later on his pill refining skills were exposed.

"No lid, too bad."

Chen Xiang was holding onto the Divine Cauldron, so he didn't need to drip any blood to immediately use it, but he wasn't able to unleash the entire power of the Divine Cauldron in that moment, because he needed to refine it. He needed to infuse his own G.o.d Power and Innate Qi and connect the Divine Cauldron to the user in order to be able to freely control it.

"Looks like you have to make a trip to the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang still did not want to go, because he was very weak. Not long ago, he was surrounded by so many experts and he felt a sense of powerlessness, if not for the Chaos Fire Token, he would not have been able to escape so easily.

It was possible that the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm was hiding the Beast Slain Method, so the map that the Dan Emperor left behind also pointed at that location.

The Divine Stainless Cauldron in Chen Xiang's hands was created by a Divine Craftsman, but Dan Emperor took a very long time to forge it, so that was why the picture that Dan Emperor left behind was written on it.

"I can't go now. That place is too dangerous." Chen Xiang said helplessly. After coming to the Heaven Realm, he had experienced how terrifying the experts were there, so he no longer underestimated the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm, because that place was where the White Tiger Dragon was born. It was the cradle of the most powerful Holy Beast of the Primordial Era.

It was extremely difficult to find Chen Xiang here. If it was anyone else, it might have been easier because they could use the sky dogs or some other tracking treasures, but these things were now completely useless to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang, who was hiding deep in the mountains, was currently very safe. In this kind of deep mountain, there weren't many beast type medicinal herbs, and normally no one would come in with nothing to do, so he was very relieved to stay here.

"Is he going to refine a Sacred animal Dan?" Long Xueyi asked excitedly, "If you want to refine it, I will give you the Holy Dragon Dan Immortal's Dragon Pearl that I obtained. When you refine the Holy Dragon Pill, you will need to extract some Holy Dragon Essence from the dragon pearl to refine it, so the effects should be much better.

"We'll talk after I refine the Origin Restoring Pills. Once I learn how to refine the Origin Restoring Pills, I'll think of a way to sell the large batch of Ground level Pills in my hands, trade for a few more Spiritual crystal, and then buy the Sacred animal Dan's medicinal ingredients. If I use the creation divine liquid to duplicate them, that'll be too much of a waste of time." Chen Xiang said.

In the Heaven Realm, the ingredients for low grade Heaven level s were not so scarce. Only with Spiritual crystal, he could buy them, so he felt that if he were to use the creation divine liquid on those high grade pills, it would have a higher value.

"Then hurry up, I haven't even eaten Sacred animal Dan, the old granny from the Long family refined a high grade Heaven level Sacred animal Dan, I feel that if you want to sell those Ground level Pills, the best would be to find your elder sister Long." Long Xueyi was still concerned about the Sacred animal Dan that Long Peirong had refined with the quality of 97.

Chen Xiang had indeed promised Long Huishan that after the compet.i.tion ends, he would make a trip to the Long family.

In the previous round, Chen Xiang gained a lot of experience, he believed that when he refined the Origin Returning Pill, he would definitely succeed.

Previously, when he was refining the Origin Returning Pill, he had already failed a few times and never succeeded.

He didn't have much medicinal materials for the Restoration Pills either. If he didn't succeed, he would have to go out and buy them.

Previously, he failed because he was unable to successfully refine the Baiyuan fruit. The Baiyuan fruit was the only main ingredient of the Origin Returning Pill, which was why it was so difficult to deal with it.

Chen Xiang placed the Baiyuan fruit on his palm, then activated the Innate Qi, releasing the Rainbow Heaven Flame. After going through the furnace of the Peak quality, his control over the Rainbow Heaven Flame increased by a lot. Although the consumption of the Rainbow Heaven Flame was large, it could still be used to refine pills to increase his success rate.

The Baiyuan fruit was quickly incinerated into a blood-red color by the multi-colored heavenly fire. It was previously white, but now it had turned red and evil, and it also emitted a red glow that slowly flickered, making it look like a slowly beating heart.

At this time, the Baiyuan fruit was very stable, unlike before, it could always explode easily.

Long Xueyi secretly prayed for Chen Xiang to succeed inside the ring, so that she would be able to eat the Sacred animal Dan soon.

"Done." Chen Xiang revealed a slight smile and let out a light breath. Even though the Baiyuan fruit in his hand was burnt red, it suddenly turned into a cl.u.s.ter of snow-white light when it disintegrated.

He hastily put the ball of light into the Seven Star Treasure Furnace, and those supplementary herbs had already been refined long ago. As long as he started fusing them, he would be able to enter the Core Formation stage.

The process of condensing the pellet was very smooth, although there were only three, the number of pills produced was enough to make many Dan Immortal feel ashamed, because the Origin Restoring Pellet was a high level healing pellet, and the main ingredients had only one Baiyuan fruit. The more powerful Dan Immortal could only refine two pellets, and most Alchemist could only refine one pellet.

But Chen Xiang, who managed to refine three pills for the first time, could only do so because of the G.o.d purification and his solid foundation.

"Hurry up and refine the Sacred animal Dan. I really want to eat it, especially with the royal bird meat. I'm sure it will be fun." Long Xueyi said pitifully.

"I suddenly don't want to practice it anymore. I want to take a break." Chen Xiang laughed.

"You … "I hate you …" Long Xueyi said angrily when he heard Chen Xiang.

"I will go to the Long family. I will go there and ask Sister Long for it. It will be much faster than my current refining process." Chen Xiang added.

"Yeah." Long Xueyi immediately said happily, "Then why aren't you doing it?"

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