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In the compet.i.tion grounds, when Long Huishan and the very high Elder just arrived, they saw Chen Xiang taking out his Holy Dragon Sword and thrusting towards the Dragon Emperor, after that, he used his fastest speed to attack the two Immortal Kings, and then he was pulled into the ground and disappeared.

The protective divine light emitted by the Chaos Fire Token had disappeared. Dragon Emperor, who could move, let out an angry roar.

"Chen Xiang... He was the one who killed the crown prince, and the Holy Dragon Sword is in his hands. " Dragon Emperor bellowed, his entire body was trembling as his killing intent surged.

The entire audience was silent, because there was a b.l.o.o.d.y hole on Dragon Emperor's body and one of his arms had already been chopped off, leaving behind bursts of golden dragon blood.

On the other side, two Immortal Kings fell to the ground. Their stomachs were split open and their heads fell to the side. These were the more powerful Immortal Kings among the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, but they were actually killed just now.

As for the Holy Dragon Dan Immortal, he sat paralyzed on the ground. A large amount of blood was left on his abdomen, and his dragon pearl had already been taken away.

The Dragon Emperor was truly worthy of being called the Dragon Emperor. He knew who killed his son and was even tricked ruthlessly, but he was unexpectedly calm.

"There were other people who attacked just now. One of them cut off my arm, and the other took away Long Lin's dragon pearl." The Dragon Emperor looked at the dead Fire Divine Palace and the Immortal King of Devil-suppressing Divine Palace coldly. "That kid even used an incredible hammer to shatter their heavenly pellets through their bodies."

When the people of Fire Divine Palace and Devil-suppressing Divine Palace heard this, they became exceptionally furious. They never thought that Chen Xiang would be so crazy.

When Prince Imperial Dragon was killed, it caused a huge commotion in the Ninth Heaven, and the person who actually killed Prince Imperial Dragon was actually Chen Xiang.

"Hammer... Is it a black hammer? " This was the hall master who sealed Chen Xiang all those years ago.

"That's right, such a powerful hammer." Dragon Emperor said. His calmness at this moment made people shudder.

"Ice Emperor was killed by a person holding a black hammer." The old man clenched his fists: "Chen Xiang did it."

He also knew that Ice Emperor was in a half-dead state, but even if he was unable to kill Ice Emperor at all for the past ten days, he had instead been killed by Chen Xiang.

Long Huishan heard their conversation from afar and secretly cursed Chen Xiang in his heart. To actually do such a big thing again, there was no longer a need for her to help him.

"Rong'er, come here." The very high Elder shouted.

Long Peirong was also frightened quite badly just now, so she anxiously went over to very high Elder's side.

Dragon Emperor glanced at the Long Family's very high Elder and furrowed his brows. Then, he brought the Imperial Dragon Clan's people and disappeared from the arena.

Chen Xiang ascended to Heaven Realm, this was the first time he revealed his ident.i.ty, and at the same time, he did something extremely high-profile.

"This little junior brother really doesn't care about his life, but he escaped." w.a.n.g Weiquan heaved a sigh of relief.

"My uncle master is such a person, whoever wants to make a move against him will have a bad ending. The Fire Divine Palace and the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace both lost an Immortal King, and the Imperial Dragon Clan's Holy Dragon Dan Immortal was also destroyed." Hua Xiangyue said.

"I never thought that the Prince Imperial Dragon was actually killed by him. When I was at the Sacred Dan Realm, I thought that it was the Super Yuan Sect Leader, but this brat is really good at scheming, actually making the Super Yuan Sect Leader suffer, and the Dragon Emperor hasn't discovered this yet." Liu Meng'er said.

"Let's hurry back to Human King Immortal Country, Dragon Emperor is surprisingly calm, this is not a good thing." Wu Canghong said.

Long Huishan also immediately returned to the Supreme Ocean Palace, cursing loudly all along the way, "This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually really killed the Prince Imperial Dragon and even left a Holy Dragon Sword in his hands. No wonder he left his Ice dragon sword s with me."

"In that case, the Super Yuan Sect Leader died unjustly, and was killed by him." Yan Zilan chuckled.

"There were three people who acted just now, and one of them should be his master Huang Jintian. He was using the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu and he also has a very powerful weapon that can cut off Dragon Emperor's arm." The very high Elder had a stern expression.

"There's one more, why can't we see him? I thought it was Chen Xiang who did it." Long Peirong asked.

"The other one isn't a person, but a dragon. From the Qi, it should be a white dragon, and Chen Xiang has a white dragon by his side, everything makes sense. The white dragon has obtained a lot of inherited memories, and there are even ancient records, so Chen Xiang probably got help from that white dragon."

"White Dragon." Long Huishan was startled. "Then doesn't that mean that this white dragon bears a deep grudge against the sea of blood? No wonder he helped Chen Xiang to make a move against Imperial Dragon Clan."

The very high Elder nodded his head and said, "All of the Dragon Emperor s know immediately, that this is not only a personal grudge that involves him, but the life and death of the entire Imperial Dragon Clan. The legendary White Dragon of vengeance has already appeared, and the prophecy said that the Imperial Dragon Clan would be destroyed, and this was all caused by the White Dragon."

"That's why the Imperial Dragon Clan killed the White Dragon back then. I didn't expect the White Dragon to still be alive, and not just that, but it was a very powerful White Dragon as well."

"Hui Shan, let's not get involved in this matter anymore. Chen Xiang is very powerful, there's no need for you to worry at all. If he can even kill Ice Swallow City, the hidden power he has is not something that you or I can imagine." The very high Elder said to Long Huishan seriously.

"I know." Long Huishan sighed softly.

What happened today was like a flood that spread through the nine heavens...

Chen Xiang looked at Huang Jintian and said: "Master, I never thought that you would be able to cut off Dragon Emperor's hand. You really hide your strength well."

If Long Xueyi had not told him this, he would not have known that Huang Jintian would actually take this opportunity to slice Dragon Emperor's dragon claw away.

"Hmph. If you didn't have some ability, how would you be the master of a brat like you? With the things you stirred up, if it was anyone else, they would have already been worried to death." Huang Jintian laughed. He was very happy to be able to obtain a Dragon Emperor's arm.

"But... If it wasn't for me using the Chaos Fire Token, you wouldn't have had the chance to cut off Dragon Emperor's arm, so you scored a bit for me. " Chen Xiang said.

"You won't be able to run without me." Huang Jintian said: "So we are even, I won't even give you a single hair, if you want to do it yourself."

"It's a pity that the Bird Emperor of the Imperial Avian Race is not around. Otherwise, I would have been able to get his wings too."

Seeing Chen Xiang's look of contempt, Huang Jintian said: "What other powerful things are on your body, and what is that hammer, and where is that dragon?"

Chen Xiang took out the hammer and said: "This is the Hammer of G.o.d, it's the same as the divine furnace. That's why I don't hesitate to obtain the divine cauldron."

Huang Jintian received it and realized that the divine hammer was heavy. "Good stuff, as expected of a divine hammer, I never thought that you would be able to kill off the ice floor. Ice Emperor's body, that's a good thing, although it can't be eaten."

"There's nothing left. That corpse was completely melted. I used a lot of Magical corruption gas s." Chen Xiang also felt that it was a pity.

"You prodigal brat." Huang Jintian felt that it was extremely unfortunate. After returning the G.o.dly Hammer to Chen Xiang, he did not pursue the matter of Long Xueyi further.

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