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Chen Xiang held the four pellets, and under everyone's astonished gaze, he walked to the side of the test disc. He casually took one pellet from his palm and placed it into the center of the indent on the test disc.

At this time, the most touching moment had come. The Dan Immortal s all surrounded over and stared at the pointer.

Even though Long Peirong had lived for many years, she had never been as nervous as she was now. She was worried that she would lose.

The finger array fiercely rotated. Everyone's eyes were fixated on the area between 95 and 100. Who would have thought that the needle would stop at 3 points after turning 100?

Everyone was startled when they saw this scene. Then, they took a deep breath and looked at the needle in disbelief.

The quality had actually exceeded one hundred, and reached one hundred and three. It was much higher than Long Peirong's eighty-eight, and it had already far surpa.s.sed Long Peirong's.

Just as everyone was staring at him in a daze, Chen Xiang picked up the pellet, changed the pellet again and rotated the finger array. Once, he turned the array around and also stopped at the third pellet.

Chen Xiang looked at He Peiqing and laughed: "Now, you should be able to confirm the outcome of this compet.i.tion, right?"

He Peiqing slowly took a deep breath, and pa.s.sed the small cauldron to Chen Xiang with great dissatisfaction.

"You're first." Even if He Peiqing was a thousand times unwilling, he still wouldn't dare to act shamelessly in front of so many people.

Chen Xiang took the divine furnace and immediately placed it inside his Youyao ring. At the same time, a few of the big shots in the VIP boxes had already started to get excited.

"The match is over." He Peiqing also felt a little nervous, because there would definitely be a lot of people stopping Chen Xiang in a bit.

Chen Xiang took the divine furnace and walked towards the exit.



The one who yelled "stop" was the Dan Immortal Holy Dragon, while the other one was He Feng. They all knew that the person in front of them was Chen Xiang.

The Saint Dragon Dan Immortal looked at He Feng and thought nothing of it. In a flash, he arrived in front of Chen Xiang and asked coldly: "You are Chen Xiang, you have my Imperial Dragon Clan's Supreme Divine Saber on you, quickly hand it over to me. Otherwise, you won't be able to walk out of here today."

Chen Xiang had long since gotten used to this kind of thing.

"I don't understand what you're saying."

Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, a strong burst of pressure suddenly surged over, followed by a burst of extremely terrifying dragon Qi gushing into the compet.i.tion grounds. A dozen people suddenly appeared beside the Holy Dragon Dan Immortal, among them was a mighty middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man was Dragon Emperor.

"Hand over the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and we will not pursue the past matters." Dragon Emperor said indifferently. A pair of eyes filled with ruthlessness stared at Chen Xiang, causing Chen Xiang to feel immense pressure.

"What right do you have to say that the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword is your Imperial Dragon Clan's?" Chen Xiang asked: "Bring out the evidence. Green dragon demon-slain broadsword were crafted by Divine Craftsmen. In the legends, they never mentioned anything about Imperial Dragon Clan."

When Chen Xiang said this, he was undoubtedly admitting his ident.i.ty. As matters stood, he had nothing to hide, he had long made his preparations.

"This Imperial Dragon Clan is really going too far." w.a.n.g Weiquan bellowed, he was about to head towards the compet.i.tion grounds, but Shao profoundyun suddenly walked in.

"Don't worry, everyone. Master is here. With him here, I'll be fine." Chen Xiang said. Chen Xiang had told her this before.

Facing the Dragon Emperor, even the Human King Immortal Country felt a lot of pressure.

"very high Elder, do it, this Imperial Dragon Clan is too arrogant." Long Huishan stood up, his face was filled with anger.

At this time, the people of Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and Fire Divine Palace entered the compet.i.tion grounds.

"Chen Xiang, you have the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, quickly hand it over. It isn't yours."

"Chen Xiang, we have to settle the debts we owed Di Tian."

The people of Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and Fire Divine Palace took the chance to find an excuse to clash with Chen Xiang, as they had to get something from Chen Xiang's body no matter what.

The people in front of him were all experts, powers that were on the level of Immortal Kings, and the Dragon Emperor was even stronger than the Immortal Kings, so Chen Xiang's current strength was not even worth mentioning in front of this group of people.

Seeing that there was someone who also wanted a share of the loot, Dragon Emperor snorted: "If you don't hand over the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, you will die."

The Dragon Emperor was the strongest, and the strongest people from the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace were not present yet. Of course, they did not dare to fight against the Dragon Emperor, or else their powers would not be enough to contend against him.

"Brat, don't you have a Chaos Fire Token with you? Use that thing and I'll go take you away." Huang Jintian said to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang still had four Chaos Fire Token that he had yet to fuse with. When he was fusing with the Chaos Fire Token, he would release a protective divine light, and those who were hit by the light wouldn't be able to move.

Chen Xiang stood there waiting for Huang Jintian's instructions. Previously, he had already wanted to use the Chaos Fire Token, but he was worried that it would be of no use to the Dragon Emperor.

"If the Chaos Fire Token is useful, you can take out the Holy Dragon Sword and stab it into the Dragon Emperor. At that time, the Dragon Emperor will definitely not defend against the Holy Dragon Sword." Long Xueyi said: "And when the time comes, I will go and kill that Holy Dragon Dan Immortal. Today, I must let them know, that even Dragon Emperor would suffer a loss in front of the Dragon Subduing School."

When Chen Xiang heard it, he was secretly excited in his heart. A order badge suddenly appeared in his hand, and many people were staring at Chen Xiang, so when a order badge suddenly appeared in his hand, they immediately noticed it.

Just as everyone was guessing what he was going to do, they suddenly saw a pool of blood flowing out of Chen Xiang's palm.

It was the Chaos Fire Token.

"Quick, dodge." Just as Dragon Emperor wanted to leave, the light emitted by the Chaos Fire Token had already shone onto his body, causing the people around him to be illuminated by the Chaos Fire Token.

The people surrounding Chen Xiang were all enveloped by the silvery white glow emitted by the Chaos Fire Token, they were all frozen by the magical and powerful energy inside, unable to move.

"Attack, quick!" Long Xueyi shouted, and left Chen Xiang's body.

Chen Xiang immediately took out the Holy Dragon Sword, and according to Long Xueyi's instructions, he would use the strongest The power of the holy dragon and stab towards Dragon Emperor's dragon pearl. Although he had stabbed in, he was still repelled by a very powerful force, and even if the Dragon Emperor was immobile, it would be hard for him to kill it.

"Just one sword strike is enough to stab him. You won't be able to kill him, go kill the other Immortal Kings."

Chen Xiang immediately switched to the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and locked onto Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and the two strongest Immortal Kings. In that instant, he looked down at the heads of the two Immortal Kings and smashed their Sky Pills with the Hammer of G.o.d.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to take action against other people, Huang Jintian shouted: "Enough, do you not want to live anymore?"

Chen Xiang only felt someone grabbing onto his calf and his vision went black. When he could see clearly, he had already appeared in the middle of a huge lake.

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