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Long Xueyi immediately responded: "With me here, you can boldly go and torment yourself. Let them see your strength, and let this group of b.u.mpkins, who have never seen the world, broaden their horizons."

Towards Chen Xiang, Long Xueyi was full of confidence, and at the same time, she was also prepared to take action to protect Chen Xiang. Although Chen Xiang had yet to admit her ident.i.ty, most of the powerhouses had already confirmed that he was Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was not confident that he could surpa.s.s Long Peirong in terms of quality, so he found a method from the Heavenly Alchemy that could help him improve the quality of the pills.

He did not know what it was called, but it was one of the Heavenly Alchemy and could be considered a small technique, so it did not have a name like the Dawan refining method.

"Let's call it elemental increasing technique." Chen Xiang gave this method a name, because it could improve quality. Although he was not sure if it would succeed, he still planned to give it a try.

Although there were still four hours until the end of the compet.i.tion, everyone was waiting impatiently, because at the moment, only Chen Xiang was not done refining, and everyone was looking forward to it.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang's pill furnace trembled, upon seeing this, everyone became happy, they thought that it was a sign of condensing a pill, but after a slight tremble, it became motionless.

However, all of the immortal qi in the entire arena was slowly surging towards Chen Xiang's pill furnace and formed a spiral around it.

The dense immortal qi was emitting a faint white glow, and from afar, it looked extremely beautiful. Everyone did not know what was going on, but they knew that this was Chen Xiang's unique pill refining technique, and previously, Chen Xiang had already displayed a unique technique to refine a few hundred sets of medicinal ingredients at the same time. Now that something strange had occurred, everyone was not surprised, they were curious as to why he was doing this.

"very high Elder, what is he doing?" Long Huishan asked, although the Long family she was in charge of was a great pill refining power in the Sacred Dan Realm, she did not know how to refine pills.

"Seems like he's absorbing immortal energy into the pill furnace, so he wants to use immortal energy to improve the quality of the pill, but that won't work. Over the past ten million years, many Alchemist have tried, I have tried many times, but I was unable to use this method to improve the quality of the pill." That very high Elder was also very suspicious, but he knew that Chen Xiang was different from the other Alchemist, so he didn't try to blame it on Chen Xiang for his own failure.

Chen Xiang was indeed absorbing a large amount of immortal energy into the pill furnace, but he was not injecting the pills into it to raise the quality of the pill, rather, he was using the [Yuan Ascension Technique], to a.s.similate the immortal energy into the pills, becoming a type of strange energy that could perfectly fuse with the pill, as long as it was fused into the pill, it could improve the quality of the pill.

However, it was extremely difficult because there were very few people who could a.s.similate the large amount of immortal qi that had been absorbed. Furthermore, Chen Xiang had to release a large amount of Innate Qi and divine power to guide and refine the immortal qi.

If one were to absorb immortal qi like a house, after transforming it into Medicine aura and medicinal powder, they would only be as big as grains of sand, so they would need to absorb a lot of immortal qi.

He had used up a large amount of G.o.d Power and Innate Qi, and had even absorbed a large amount of Immortal Qi, all to change a tiny bit of the energy that could improve the quality of the medicinal pellets. Based on Chen Xiang's current strength, he would need to exhaust a whole nine levels of power in his body in order to succeed.

Other than Chen Xiang, no one knew what he was doing right now. It was just that he was using a mysterious technique of Alchemy.

Long Peirong had originally thought that she could take first place, but seeing how serious Chen Xiang was, she felt apprehensive. She rarely competed in pill refining, and even if they competed, she still won.

Moreover, this was the first time she was competing in pill refining compet.i.tions in such a large scale. If she were to lose, it would definitely be a blow to her.

Right now, the only person who was worried was probably Long Peirong alone, because the other eight Alchemist s had already confirmed that they were not destined to be number one. At this moment, they were patiently waiting here, just for the final result.

She naturally hoped that Chen Xiang would win since Shao profoundyun was his junior sister and his sister, but she also felt that Long Peirong was very strong.

Previously, when Long Peirong had entered the arena, there were many Alchemist s who were filled with reverence for her, and from then on, it could be seen.

Two hours pa.s.sed and Chen Xiang was still like that. The pill furnace was surrounded by dense immortal qi.

After another half an hour, the people in the compet.i.tion grounds suddenly felt that Chen Xiang's pill furnace had stopped absorbing the immortal qi, and the Innate Qi in his body was also extremely scarce, showing how much energy he had expended.

Everyone just noticed the change in Chen Xiang's pill furnace, and Chen Xiang immediately opened his eyes, but he did not open the pill furnace, he had not finished refining the pill, and was also very tired. He refined the pills from the other Hunyuan Dan, and gradually recovered his energy.

"I'm done." Chen Xiang said, and everyone immediately became alert, staring at his pill furnace.

"Even if he is able to refine Peak quality, at most he would be only at 97. Even if he is at 98, he would still be on the same level as me. I still have a chance at victory." Long Peirong thought.

When Chen Xiang opened his eyes, the confident look in his eyes made everyone feel like he had already won.

He slowly extended his hand towards the lid of the pill furnace, but he was unable to open it. It was obvious that the lid had been sucked in by a force.

Chen Xiang increased his strength and finally lifted the lid a little, revealing a small crack. It was also at this time that a multicolored light suddenly shot out from the inside of the lid, like the one released by the Seven Colored Sky Flames. However, it was much stronger than the Seven Colored Sky Flames, because the light rays had a strong penetrating power that shot far away.

Seeing these clouds of light, everyone was at a loss for words, especially the Dan Immortal, because they knew that this was a genuine pill light.

Chen Xiang forcefully opened the lid, following that, rainbow colored light shot out from the pill furnace like a gushing spring, instantly rushing to the top of the Immortal palace. The burst of rainbow coloured light did not dissipate, the seven colored light pillar was dazzled by the colorful light mist, releasing a dense pill fragrance, penetrating into people's hearts, causing them to be extremely spirited.

The most shocking thing was still the four shining Hunyuan Dan pills in Chen Xiang's hands. Under these circ.u.mstances, he actually dared to pursue the quant.i.ty of the pellets, unlike the other Alchemist who, in order to pursue quality, had only refined one pellet.

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