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At this moment, the compet.i.tion arena was completely empty. Only the ten Alchemist s were here, and moreover, there was no longer the nervous atmosphere from before, because currently, the Alchemist s were competing not in terms of speed, but in terms of extreme quality.

In order to allow these ten Alchemist s to display their level of power, the compet.i.tion had even activated a sound-isolating array, which could isolate the noise outside and allow the Alchemist to have a quiet environment.

Right now, they were only a step away from becoming first place. In order to refine the highest quality pellets, they had to use their strongest power to refine pills, and every Alchemist had a serious expression on their face, not relaxing in the slightest.

Other than Chen Xiang, the other nine had all been Dan Immortal s, and some of them were extremely famous. When Chen Xiang saw that all of the Dan Immortal had given their all, he immediately felt a lot of pressure.

He would not allow such a thing to happen, so he chose to use his most powerful pill refining abilities.

"That's the only way." Chen Xiang frowned, the flames spewed out from the center of his palm suddenly flickered with a burst of strong light, after which it erupted with multicolored light, shining in all directions.

Seeing this scene, everyone was silent for a moment before they suddenly cried out in alarm.

"Isn't that the legendary seven-colored heavenly fire?"

"It is said that there are only a few people in the nine heavens who can use the seven-colored heavenly fire. I did not expect that I would actually see it with my own eyes in this compet.i.tion. It is really amazing."

"Isn't the Long family's Dan Immortal able to release the sacred fire? He might already be using it right now, and it's even stronger than the seven-colored heavenly fire."

"That's not necessarily true. The Sacred Flame is too powerful, and it doesn't mean that it can be used. Releasing it wouldn't be of much use if you can't control it well. But now, this person can control the Rainbow Heaven Flames so well, so much better than releasing the Sacred Flame."

Everyone had heard about the 'Rainbow Sky Flame'. However, they were able to witness it with their own eyes. They felt that their trip this time around had not been in vain.

Chen Xiang had released the Rainbow Heaven Flame, but the other nine Dan Immortal s all felt a great amount of pressure, because being able to control this flame to refine pills was extremely helpful in raising the quality of the pills.

Legend has it that Long Peirong could use the Sacred Flame, but the compet.i.tion had lasted for a long time and the other Dan Immortal s had yet to sense the Holy Fire Aura Long Peirong released from her furnace.

Although the Rainbow Heaven Flame was strong, and was very useful in refining pills, it was currently crazily burning the Innate Qi in Chen Xiang's body. Chen Xiang had already calculated this beforehand, so even if he used the Rainbow Heaven Flame, the powerful Nine Heavenly Pellets in his body would be more than enough to use up the vast Innate Qi s.

"very high Elder, if Granny Long uses the sacred fire, can she refine a pill that can release the sacred light?" Long Huishan was also surprised to see Chen Xiang able to use the Rainbow Sky Fire. She did not expect to actually grow so fast without seeing Chen Xiang for a period of time.

Yan Zilan asked curiously, "Is Granny Long's Sacred Flame really as those people say, unusable?"

Then, he looked at the ball of flames in Chen Xiang's palm that was shooting out multicolored light, and said: "Letting out the sacred flame itself already requires the consumption of a large amount of Innate Qi. Last time I taught her how to use it, she had only released a hair's size, and the Innate Qi on her entire body was completely used up."

"How strong was she back then?" Long Huishan asked.

"Late stage Immortal Monarch, although she is now an Immortal King, the sacred fire won't take long. Whether she can use a little of the sacred fire to refine pills will depend on herself, if possible, this will undoubtedly be a huge breakthrough." The very high Elder sighed.

Yan Zilan was now even more respectful to the very high Elder. To be able to teach others how to use the Sacred Flame, his cultivation must not be simple, perhaps he had already surpa.s.sed the Immortal King.

When Chen Xiang refined the Hunyuan fruit with the Seven-coloured Heaven Flame, he had even injected a special kind of energy from the Rainbow Heaven Flame into the medicinal powder. The powder was a divine energy that had been baked by the Seven-colored Heaven Flame, mixed with the medicinal herbs, causing the quality to be even higher.

After four hours, Chen Xiang very slowly and earnestly refined the Hunyuan fruit, and at this moment, he had a ball of mist in his palm that was radiating light all around.

He carefully placed the refined Hunyuan fruit into the Seven Star Explosion Furnace, then took out the Hunyuan tree root and continued to use the Rainbow Heaven Flame to refine it, and he also poured a small amount of the Rainbow Heaven Flame into the furnace to refine it.

Just as Chen Xiang had just started to refine the Hunyuan tree root with the Rainbow Heaven Flame, he suddenly sensed a burst of strong fire aura floating towards him.

Chen Xiang was not the only one who sensed it, everyone in the arena could feel that. He Peiqing anxiously took a few steps back, because the feeling of danger from the flame was simply too great.

"Is this the sacred fire?" Chen Xiang frowned, beads of perspiration actually appearing on his forehead. The other Dan Immortal s were also moved, because that berserk flame was inside Long Peirong's pill furnace, it seemed as if it could erupt at any time.

"It is precisely the sacred fire. It is indeed terrifying." Su Meiyao said.

"The flame Little Scoundrel released last time … which means that the flames inside his Innate Qi can be consumed in one breath. Long Xueyi asked.

"I don't know yet, but it seems that it is much more terrifying than the Sacred Flame. I wonder what kind of flame it is?" Su Meiyao said: "The Junior Master who taught me alchemy in the past, was also able to use the Sacred Flame. He was different from the flames that Little Scoundrel used, so the one he used wasn't the Sacred Flame."

Once Long Peirong used the Sacred Flame, his face immediately became serious, and the Sacred Flame did not last for long, but in the eyes of many, it was extremely powerful, and could be used for a short period of time, which would be of great help in refining pills.

Of course, Chen Xiang's Rainbow Heaven Flame was even better, but it was just that it was not easy for him to cultivate it. As for how to cultivate and master these powerful Heaven Flames, he had never found a way to do it, and it was said that the majority of it was due to his fortuitous encounters, while the Sacred Flame was a method of cultivation, but it was not something that anyone could use, because the consumption of Innate Qi was too terrifying, even an Immortal King would not be able to withstand the consumption.

If it was in the past, a cauldron like this would only last six hours at most, but now, after six hours, no one had opened the pill furnace. It was obvious that it was of high quality, and every Alchemist would slow down their pace and diligently refine it.

Chen Xiang had already refined the Hunyuan tree root and placed it into the pill furnace.

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