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That is to say, when everyone is refining pills, you all can choose to refine your own best pills, and everyone should have the herbs, if not, you can also buy them from us, and in the end, you all have to judge by the quality of the pill, and everyone has tried that immortal equipment, so no matter what pill you choose, everyone should be able to see the results of the test.

"As long as you refine the pellets that you are most adept at, and raise the quality to the peak, you would be considered an extraordinary Alchemist." He Peiqing said.

Chen Xiang secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He never thought that the final round would be so fair.

"We have the immortal equipment used for that test too, I didn't think that Myriad Dan Immortal Country would be able to get it out, there shouldn't be a problem, this is considered fair, looks like Myriad Dan Immortal Country would use this method in the end, I believe they are confident in their two Alchemist s." Liu Zongyu said, then looked at Liu Meng'er and asked, "Meng'er, how powerful is that Chen Xiang in terms of the quality of pill refining?"

He was once able to refine Peak quality s in the Sacred Dan Realm, and even two of them. Right now, he must have made a huge breakthrough in the area of alchemy, but he shouldn't be able to refine them all at that time, but if he wants to win, he should be very confident in winning. Liu Meng'er said.

w.a.n.g Weiquan laughed: "Seems like Yun'er had an exchange with junior brother, and will let the two of them have a go at this. Honestly speaking, I really don't know who should win."

on the other hand, had decided to refine a Hunyuan Dan, and he still had a portion of Hunyuan Dan's medicinal ingredients on hand.

The best quality pills Chen Xiang had refined was not the Peak quality, but pills that had produced Holy Light.

Chen Xiang was very confident in himself, but the others did not see him in that way, especially He Peiqing. He had racked his brains to come up with such a rule, because if he did, he would be able to increase the distance between Chen Xiang and the other Dan Immortal.

In common sense, the pills refined by the Dan Immortal were much better than those refined by the other Dan King s. Especially when the Dan Immortal was extremely serious about refining pills, it was easiest to refine Peak quality without chasing after speed or quant.i.ty of pills.

He Peiqing stayed in the Myriad Dan Immortal Country for a very long time. He had never seen a Dan King or Pill Sect that could refine a Peak quality, and most of them could only do so by using the Dan Immortal s themselves.

Of course, this rule also favored the two mysterious Dan Immortal s that he had sent over. Because those two Dan Immortal s were extremely skilled in refining Peak quality, they also had a fighting chance, and two of them at that.

Using twelve hours to focus on one furnace of pills, he would definitely not be lacking anything. Previously, everyone had seen how terrifying Chen Xiang was when he was refining pills, but they were more inclined to the way Chen Xiang did it, because he was fast, he produced a lot of pills and the quality was high.

"The match begins."

The gong vibrated, and Alchemist took out the herbs. Right now, they were not in a hurry, because there was no need to rush it anymore. This way, they could truly display their abilities very well.

Chen Xiang took out the Hunyuan Dan's medicinal ingredients. Seeing the Hunyuan fruit and the Hunyuan tree root in his hands, everyone was a little surprised, because everyone originally thought that he did not know how to refine the Heaven level Pellet.

However, in the previous match, he did not refine it, but thinking about it, he could understand, because he could win even if he refined a Ground level Pill, so of course he would refine a Ground level Pill, and also get a large amount of Ground level Pellets.

Chen Xiang took out the Seven Star Treasure Furnace. Currently, every Alchemist was carefully organizing the medicinal ingredients, and a few elders who were in charge of supervising the compet.i.tion walked down to check every Alchemist's pill furnace, in order to prevent anyone from hiding things inside in advance to cheat.

And according to the legends, the pill furnace Chen Xiang used was similar to the Yanlong furnace s refined by Yan Long Zi, it was a Holy level dragon artifact, and was many times more precious than the top-grade immortal equipment, but now, he still did not take it out at this crucial point, making people wonder if he was Chen Xiang.

Now, Chen Xiang did not need to hide it anymore, it was just that everyone did not understand how the water jar furnace could help Chen Xiang with his Foreseeing Alchemy.

Of course, it would be better to use Yanlong furnace, but no one could be sure if that was the Yanlong furnace before, so he did not plan to take it out. There were too many people who knew what was happening, and once he took it out, they would definitely recognize him. Chen Xiang observed for a while and discovered that the other Dan Immortal s had all chosen to refine high grade Heaven level pills. Previously, when they went to gather the ingredients, they still had a lot left, so they did not lack high grade Heaven level ingredients, but to refine immortal pills, twenty-four hours was simply not enough.

Moreover, it was not something that could be casually bought. In order to purchase a Superior Grade Heaven level Pill, one had to first pay a fee of Spiritual crystal at some large pill stores and then wait for the notification. Sometimes, it would take up to a year or so to arrive.

Furthermore, most powers would not sell high grade Heaven level pills. This was because it was very useful to Worldly Immortals and they had the most number of Worldly Immortals in each power.

"Do you want to use that method?" Su Meiyao asked.

The method she was talking about was letting the herbs be refined by hand, which would allow him to better control the quality of the ingredients. If he were to use the G.o.d purification in the pill furnace, the results wouldn't be that good, after all, he was pursuing the highest quality.

"This is the only way. For the sake of the divine cauldron." Chen Xiang said.

Only w.a.n.g Qiongjin had seen everyone here, so once Chen Xiang used it, he would be able to immediately confirm Chen Xiang's ident.i.ty. Initially, this was how Chen Xiang defeated her, but at that time, Chen Xiang had turned into an old man, pretending to be a mysterious elder of the Dragon Subduing School.

Chen Xiang opened the lid of the pill furnace and threw all the supplementary ingredients in. Surprisingly, no main ingredient was put in, which made people feel weird, because most of the situations were done at the same time.

One of the Hunyuan Dan's main ingredients, Hunyuan fruit, was currently on top of Chen Xiang's palm. He slightly frowned, looked at the Hunyuan fruit in his palm, and a ball of multicolored flames suddenly rose out of nowhere, covering the entire palm of his hand, burning the Hunyuan fruit.

"What is he doing?" Long Huishan said in shock.

"He's refining Hunyuan fruit, his pill refining method was originally the same as before, but before, it was done in the pill furnace, and now, he directly uses the medicinal ingredients on his own body, allowing him to better control the quality of the medicinal ingredients refined." The very high Elder immediately saw through it. If Chen Xiang was here, he would definitely be surprised, because he could roughly guess the principles behind the G.o.d purification.

"It's actually him." w.a.n.g Qiongjin's expression changed greatly, and then he told her about when she went to Dragon Subduing City to compete in pill refining.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I didn't think that he would run out of that Divine Seal Array a long time ago and play the part of an elder to fiercely defeat me. I didn't think that he would be the one to defeat me." w.a.n.g Qiongjin's face was filled with anger.

"This little b * stard is definitely going to win. The pills he concocts will definitely have a light to them, and their quality has already exceeded the limit." w.a.n.g Qiongjin's words caused all the other big shots of Fire Divine Palace in the VIP box to be shocked. They were all strong pract.i.tioners who controlled strong flames, so they knew about the pill refining process and the pill light.

Chen Xiang was not someone who could give out elixirs with a single furnace of Hunyuan Dan. After that one time, he had also refined many pots of Hunyuan Dan, but none of them could give out elixirs.

"It seems like the pill's appearance was coincidental. If you don't have a breakthrough now, I'm afraid you won't be able to obtain the pill's glow and might not get first place. I believe you already have a plan." Seeing that Chen Xiang was so confident, she must be confident in refining a Hunyuan Dan that could emit the light of the pills.

Chen Xiang did not reply. Instead, he carefully looked at the Hunyuan fruit on his palm that was being incinerated by the multicolored heavenly fire. After a while, he said.

"Mm, don't disappoint me." Su Meiyao chuckled, "And your You Ye Sis."

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