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The Holy Dragon Dan Immortal was speechless. He had thought that the person in front of him would be extremely afraid of him, because the Dragon Emperor was also here. Furthermore, he was a Holy Dragon himself, but who would have thought that he would actually contradict him like this?

Chen Xiang sat down and closed his eyes to continue his rest. The Divine Dragon Dan Immortal was furious and anxious, he really wanted to kill Chen Xiang with a single palm strike. He endured the pain in his heart as he turned around to return to his seat.

Chen Xiang wouldn't admit his ident.i.ty now, because the finals were about to start. He would be able to obtain that divine cauldron very soon, and if he admitted it now, then something would happen that would make him unable to partic.i.p.ate.

"This guy must be joking." Long Xueyi said with a laugh, "He thought that everyone would be extremely afraid of their Imperial Dragon Clan, and that you would answer whenever he casually asked."

"He should be very inexperienced. Because of his own [Holy Dragon], he is very arrogant, and I think it would be the same even if he was in the Imperial Dragon Clan." Chen Xiang said.

"This guy definitely thinks that he is too high up in the world, so he won't go into the mortal world to train. His background and the environment he grew up in is what he is destined to be, unless he comes to some realization later on." Long Xueyi understood these Emperor Dragons very well.

Right now, it was resting time. Originally, they had thought that there would be a show to watch, but who knew that the Divine Dragon Dan Immortal would actually submit.

Most of the people present were sure that the Pill Refining Madman was Chen Xiang, because there were some astonishing deeds regarding Chen Xiang's pill refining that had been pa.s.sed over from Di Tian previously, even some of the Alchemist s knew about it.

At the same time, they also wanted to see what kind of existence this Leader, who had founded the Dragon Subduing School with the slaughter of the dragons as the purpose of the sect, was. At the same time, they also wanted to see the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword that was renowned throughout the nine heavens.

"Junior brother, don't be afraid, your eldest senior brother and I will protect you. Furthermore, the king of Human King Immortal Country is here as well, and Meng Er's parents are also here. Our strength is not bad, so we will definitely not let anything happen to you." Shao profoundyun felt the atmosphere become a little tense, because the people around him were all discussing how the great powers would deal with Chen Xiang.

"Thank you, Junior Sister. However, I don't need you to focus on me for the time being. I have long prepared for this." Chen Xiang replied.

"Hmph. Can't you just call me senior sister?" Shao profoundyun scoffed.

"Hehe, can you not call me senior brother? We are all alchemists, and I should be qualified to be your senior." Chen Xiang laughed.

Shao profoundyun no longer bothered about this matter with Chen Xiang, or else she really would have submitted and lost later. She didn't want to be this brat's junior sister.

"Is Master here too? Why haven't I seen him?" Shao profoundyun asked.

"He's here. Like me, master is a troublesome person, so he doesn't want to disturb the quiet life of the two of you." Chen Xiang said.

"We're not afraid of being disturbed at all. With him around, I'm relieved." Shao profoundyun sighed softly.

Just now, Shao profoundyun was having a hard time refining pills, so she only chatted with Chen Xiang for a bit before resting.

Chen Xiang recovered very quickly, with the help of the Yin and yang G.o.d blood in his body, he was able to absorb the Immortal Qi at an astonishing rate. Adding on the medicinal pills he had consumed, he would quickly recover to his peak condition.

After about two hours, Long Huishan's voice suddenly appeared in his mind.

"Chen Xiang, is that you? I'm your big sister Long." Long Huishan asked.

Chen Xiang pondered for a moment, then replied to the divine sense in her mind: "Big sister Long, long time no see, how have you been."

Long Huishan was only able to send a sound transmission to Chen Xiang through a large formation with the help of the very high Elder.

"Brat, you didn't even come to the Heaven Realm to look for me. Do you think I'm not powerful enough to deal with a G.o.d of pests like you?" Long Huishan's tone before was still very gentle, but now it had become extremely berserk.

"That's not it... "I just want to try it by myself. It's good for me, so I thank elder sister for her concern. Oh right, how is Little Ling doing at your place?" Chen Xiang asked.

"She is your little sister, and also my little sister, so you don't have to worry about her. I gave a dragon pearl to her, and she is currently in a deep slumber while fusing with the dragon pearl. Once she is done fusing with it, her body and other aspects will improve greatly, and the disadvantages of having her strength increased will gradually disappear." Long Huishan said: "What about you, your current situation isn't too good. Do you want me to make a move?"

"No need." Chen Xiang said, but his heart was warm, because many people still cared about him.

"Hmph, you've helped me so much, can't you let me help you? If the compet.i.tion ends, those big powers will definitely surround you. When that time comes, how can you break out? At least our Long family can make a hole for you to escape." Long Huishan said in dissatisfaction, because she really wanted to help Chen Xiang.

"Big Sis, just watch. After the compet.i.tion is over, I'll go look for you after I've dealt with my matters." Even if Huang Jintian was not here, he could still have run away by himself. He did not want the Long Family to face off against so many forces.

The three hours of rest quickly pa.s.sed by. Currently, there were only ten Alchemist on the wide compet.i.tion grounds and they were about to enter the finals.

This was also what Chen Xiang was looking forward to very, very much. At the same time, he was also a bit worried, because the rules for the compet.i.tion wasn't something that was set completely at the start, but rather something that was announced just before every match. This made Chen Xiang extremely dissatisfied.

"Before, everyone's performance was very outstanding. Now that we've reached this step, it's not easy. There's still one more match, and we'll know who's the winner."

"Now we announce the rules of the tournament. Our rules have always been very fair and just, and the same goes for the third match."

"The third round will be different from the previous matches. We will use a method that will determine the victor in this round. This way, everyone can focus even more on concocting a batch of pills and be able to unleash all of their strength."

In terms of numbers, no one could compare to Chen Xiang, so the third round did not depend on numbers to win. It was equivalent to weakening Chen Xiang's advantage.

"In this final round, we will only focus on the quality of the pills. In order for Alchemist to focus on refining pills, we will not compete in speed or quant.i.ty, but in quality."

Hearing this, Chen Xiang laughed coldly in his heart, because these were all his forte. In this way, it was equivalent to weakening his two advantages.

"If we're just looking at the quality, then this isn't easy to judge. Because at our level, the quality of the pills we concoct will be of the highest quality." The Bi Xia Dan Immortal said.

"That's not right, high quality goods also have Peak quality s." Du Hai said.

"However, how should we judge if everyone is refining a high-quality pill together?" What Bi Xia Dan Immortal said was also what everyone wanted to ask.

"Is there a requirement for everyone to concoct a type of pill when concocting pills? If it's a high-grade pill, it would be unfair to the Alchemist who can only concoct low-grade pills. If it's concocted low-grade pills, some Alchemist would not be able to display their abilities." Long Peirong said.

He Peiqing laughed and continued to speak: "Everyone, I've thought of the problem earlier, that the Alchemist would come up with a high quality immortal equipment."

He Peiqing took out a round plate. In the middle of the plate, there was a depression in the ground, and on it He Peiqing placed a low-grade Ground level low-grade, and extremely poor quality, pill. He only saw the pointer on the round plate turn, and then, it stopped at the word "three".

"The quality of this pill is only three." As He Peiqing said that, he took another high grade Heaven level pellet, which was of poor quality, and with the spin of the needle, it stopped at "4".

Following that, He Peiqing even had the Alchemist who was in the finals inspect it carefully to confirm that there were no problems with the immortal equipment.

They tried putting the pills into various ranks, and the quality was similar to what they had expected. The highest quality pills ranged from 50 to 70, and there were a few with extremely high quality pills that could reach up to 80.

That disk's index finger mark was at most one hundred.

"If it exceeds a hundred." Shao profoundyun asked.

"The Peak quality refined by our Myriad Dan Immortal Country's seventh stage Dan Immortal has reached the 97th stage, but there hasn't been over a hundred of it yet. If there are over a hundred, then the array will spin a bit more and our Refiner thinks that a hundred is considered to be the peak." He Peiqing said.

Chen Xiang had Long Xueyi inspect the immortal equipment carefully, but he did not find any signs of connection with other people, so he was not afraid of He Peiqing and the others cheating. Furthermore, they did not dare, because the big powers, Imperial Dragon Clan, Fire Divine Palace and the Long Family were partic.i.p.ating in the Love Compet.i.tion.

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