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Time flew by quickly. In comparison to the Alchemist on the compet.i.tion grounds, they felt that they did not have enough time.

Chen Xiang's current rank was obviously the highest, at twenty thousand. Right now, when he refined the Relive Dan, he could get two thousand points in two hours, and the compet.i.tion would end in eight hours.

Long Peirong was still in second place. Just as she had predicted before, she had refined eight pills in one furnace for four hours, which was a total of eight thousand points.

Li Tianjun, Bi Xia Dan Immortal and the Holy Dragon Dan Immortal were fighting with each other, and then with Du Hai, Shao profoundyun and the Dan Immortal s, and then with the Dan Immortal s, and finally, the Dan Immortal s sent by He Peiqing were fighting with each other.

"Those fellows have quite a bit of Relive Dan s' medicinal herbs. I wonder how long they have been storing them for. I never expected them to be so easy on me. I still have eight hours to get five hundred sets in two hours." Chen Xiang was secretly delighted in his heart. Even if he did not obtain the divine cauldron in the end, just the high grade Ground level pills he had refined during the compet.i.tion would allow him to exchange for a large number of Spiritual crystal.

In the end, he had no choice but to use half of the Longevity fruit to exchange for it. He did not want to encounter such a predicament again, and felt that if he met with the medicine that he liked, he would only be satisfied if he threw a large number of Spiritual crystal out to exchange.

In the blink of an eye, the time for the compet.i.tion had arrived, yet Chen Xiang was still steadily displaying his powers, controlling them extremely precisely. In an hour, five hundred sets of medicinal ingredients caused the faces of the elders who were in charge of managing the medicinal ingredients to turn green, especially when they saw Chen Xiang giggling while coming up to receive the medicinal ingredients, they could not help but want to slap him.

Although he was the new king, his heart was bleeding as he saw the large amount of high-grade Ground level s that were being stored in the Myriad Dan Immortal Country being swept away like the wind and clouds.

If it was given to them to refine, they would at most get two Relive Dan pills each. On the other hand, Chen Xiang had four pills, causing the price of the ingredients to double, which was why their hearts would ache.

It was done.

Chen Xiang exhaled, and the two thousand Relive Dan were completed. It was also at this time that He Peiqing ordered someone to ring the gong, and the compet.i.tion ended.

Chen Xiang refined a total of ten thousand Relive Dan s and eighteen thousand Five Elements Profound Dan, making a total of twenty-eight thousand points. He was ranked first and second place was still Long Peirong.

The third place was a bit unexpected. It was neither the Bi Xia Dan Immortal nor Li Tianjun, but the Holy Dragon Dan Immortal. The fourth place was Li Tianjun, the fifth place was, the Sixth Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, the seventh was Du Hai, the eighth was Shao profoundyun, and the ninth and tenth place were the mysterious Dan Immortal that He Peiqing had sent.

According to what they had agreed upon, Chen Xiang being able to obtain the pellet that they refined made many people jealous and envious. This was a huge amount of wealth, some people even felt sorry for He Peiqing, even though he had just become the king of the Immortal Country.

"Alchemist who have not entered the top ten, please leave the stage. Everyone, rest for six hours. Then, we will continue with the finals and cannot leave the stage." He Peiqing was afraid that Chen Xiang would leave after getting a huge sum of money, and was also worried that he would be taken away by someone else after walking out of the compet.i.tion grounds. He naturally suspected that Chen Xiang was related to the Tianshan holy fruit, so he wanted to capture Chen Xiang as well.

Moreover, Chen Xiang was currently in his Myriad Dan Immortal Country. As the king, how could he let others capture him in front of him? The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and cultivation techniques on Chen Xiang's body, of course he would also think of it, it was something that could raise his strength by a large amount.

Chen Xiang sat down on the ground and closed his eyes to rest, just at this time, the Holy Dragon Dan Immortal stood up and walked over to him.

"That guy is approaching in full fury, it seems like he's here to cause trouble." Long Xueyi said, "If it really comes down to it, I'll make my move and join hands with you to kill him. Then, I'll have your master take you away."

If they met Imperial Dragon Clan, Long Xueyi would always want to kill them. He did not understand why there was such hatred between Long Xueyi and the current Imperial Dragon Clan.

"No need, he wouldn't dare to do that." Chen Xiang said.

Seeing the Holy Dragon Dan Immortal walk towards Chen Xiang, everyone's eyes lit up, they knew there was hope.

They were only suspecting that he was Chen Xiang now, but they could not confirm it, and this Holy Dragon Dan Immortal was extremely aggressive, it seemed like he dared to do it because of the Dragon Emperor's support, and He Peiqing and the others did not plan to stop him, but they hoped that this Holy Dragon Dan Immortal would do something, and confirm that he really wanted it to happen.

Chen Xiang sat there without moving, his eyes still closed, as if he had fallen asleep.

"Are you Chen Xiang?" This Holy Dragon Dan Immortal was extremely direct, and immediately asked him the moment he arrived at his side.

Chen Xiang did not answer and pretended not to hear. He felt that there was no need to answer.

"You don't even dare to say who you belong to? What's the point of you living like this?" The Holy Dragon Dan Immortal sneered, his handsome face full of ridicule.

Chen Xiang originally only wanted to face it silently, but the other party had provoked him so fiercely, he could not tolerate it anymore.

Chen Xiang laughed: "In the previous round, I have already defeated you twice. You think that there's no meaning in me living, but you can't even compare to someone like me, who doesn't deserve to be alive. Why don't you hurry up and die?

In any case, Chen Xiang had already gifted him a Holy Dragon for death before. With a certain level of experience, he wasn't afraid of killing this dragon in front of him.

The Holy Dragon Dan Immortal was a bit angry, but he kept his cool and asked, "Are you Chen Xiang or not, you only need to answer whether I am or not."

Chen Xiang stood up, and the smile on his face disappeared, and he said coldly: "Who do you think you are, why must I tell you?"

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, everyone secretly perspired for him, he actually dared to say what this holy dragon was. He had a Dragon Emperor on him, it was possible that he was this holy dragon's father.

However, everyone was even more certain that he was Chen Xiang. This was because only Leader s would not be afraid of dragons, and they would always be at odds with dragons.

Looking at Chen Xiang's expression, he seemed to want to attack even more than the holy dragon.

"You … "Could it be that you don't know …"

Chen Xiang suddenly sneered, and interrupted him: "Oh, I thought you were powerful, but I didn't think you would have to move your backer out, although I am weak, I have never done such a shameful thing."

The Dan Immortal was furious. Walking in the Heaven Realm, using the name of the Imperial Dragon Clan and the father of the Dragon Emperor was indeed harmful, just his reputation alone was enough to scare people to death. But if he were to bring it out now, it would be a sign of weakness.

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