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Shao profoundyun opened her eyes and rolled her eyes at him. She could be considered a rather famous Dan Immortal now, and one that was very strong as well. It would be difficult for her to accept Chen Xiang as her senior.

However, Chen Xiang's current score was definitely higher than hers by a lot, and it was in both matches as well. Especially in this match, where she was in a very favorable situation, and yet, she was still being suppressed ruthlessly by Chen Xiang. She was embarra.s.sed to call Chen Xiang Junior Brother now, so being left behind by a Junior Brother, she could not accept it either.

Shao profoundyun did not think anymore. She knew that as long as she could maintain her current state, it would be enough for her to perform steadily, and even if she could not get first, she would at least get a good rank. After all, she was considered very young in this group of Dan Immortal.

That is to say, Chen Xiang will be able to completely refine them in three more times. According to his current speed and the time he has to process the medicinal ingredients, it should only be enough for six hours.

Right now, Chen Xiang was no longer partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion, but was frantically refining pills, because the pills would all belong to him. Myriad Dan Immortal Country originally wanted to take out the medicinal ingredients that had been stored inside for many years, and had a large group of Alchemist help him refine them.

Looking at how anxious Chen Xiang was right now, as if he was going to refine all of the Ground level Pills Myriad Dan Immortal Country provided. With such a large number of pills, if he sold them all, it would be like selling a large batch of Spiritual crystal, which Myriad Dan Immortal Country was giving to Chen Xiang as a gift.

After six hours, Chen Xiang very punctually refined all of the remaining Five Elements Profound Dan medicine. He had a total of 18,000 points, which was more than the number of Dan Immortal who were ahead of the first round. The Dan Immortal s behind did not have any hope of beating him, as long as he could enter the top ten, it would be considered good.

Sure enough, Chen Xiang started to have plans to take the Relive Dan s as he received five hundred sets of Relive Dan's medicinal ingredients.

"The quality of this Relive Dan's medicine is so high, there's no need to go through so much effort to deal with it." Chen Xiang was secretly happy. There were still five hours of compet.i.tion left, and he wanted to strive to refine more Relive Dan. Of course, he wasn't using them, but selling them.

As for the other Dan Immortal who were refining the high grade Heaven level pills, their maximum points would probably only be 12,000, unable to surpa.s.s Chen Xiang. Right now, they could already confirm that Chen Xiang was the champion of the compet.i.tion, and he was still as vigorous as a dragon and as ferocious as a tiger, able to continue refining pills.

"If you can refine four pellets in a single furnace, then He Feng and He Peiqing both know that you producing four pellets in the Myriad Dan Building would cause quite a sensation. If they were to see you refining four pellets in a single furnace, they might even claim that you are the Great Master Yan." Su Meiyao said.

No need to be afraid. After I obtain the divine cauldron, my master will immediately take me away. I believe in the strength of this crazy old man. Chen Xiang had also thought about this before. If he had suppressed it a little, with three pills in each batch, it would probably not arouse any suspicion from He Peiqing.

He Peiqing had lost his Tianshan holy fruit, so they would pay attention to this matter.

"They don't have any evidence to prove it's me, so don't worry." Chen Xiang said.

After organizing the Relive Dan's ingredients, Chen Xiang started to refine the pills. Fifty Magic method furnace, each with ten portions, just like before.

"Father, if he can get four pills in a pot, does that mean he's Master Yan?" He Feng asked softly. He hated Master Yan a lot, because he was the one who brought Master Yan out back then.

"No, because Master Yan's refining technique is different from his, and we don't have any evidence to prove that he is Master Yan, but we will definitely keep an eye on him." He Peiqing kept looking at Chen Xiang.

If this person was truly Master Yan, then it would also mean that he was Chen Xiang. If what w.a.n.g Qiongjin said was true, then all of the major events that happened in the Myriad Dan Immortal Country were all done by Chen Xiang alone, as well as the matter regarding the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace's Holy Spirit Rabbit.

Chen Xiang was already very familiar with Relive Dan. Although this was the first time he used this method to refine a pill, he didn't feel any pressure. It was just like when he was refining a Five Elements Profound Dan.

It only took him about an hour to reach the Core Formation stage. At this moment, everyone was staring at the ball of mist with their eyes wide open.

Chen Xiang then separated the large lump of mist inside the Magic method furnace into forty parts. Seeing this scene, the entire audience exclaimed.

This meant that Chen Xiang's portion of medicinal ingredients could produce four Relive Dan, and not long ago, Master Yan who appeared in Myriad Dan Building could do the same. It was just that the people partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion were currently refining five hundred pills in one go.

Relive Dan were easier to sell, especially of high quality. Now that Chen Xiang had used this kind of savage refining technique to refine them, it meant that the crashing Spiritual crystal would enter his Storage magic treasure s.

"Father... It must be him, Master Yan must be him. " He Feng clenched his fists and said: "Who knows, maybe the entire matter of the Tianshan holy fruit is related to him. Arrest him and ask him about it."

The person who cheated the Tianshan holy fruit back then had your immortal sword in his hand, and knew about the poison in the Black blood magic sunflower. It might even be the Devil Scorpion Princess, so why don't you listen to that crazy old woman w.a.n.g Qiongjin's nonsense. He Peiqing reprimanded her with a sound transmission.

"But …"

"Do you think that this guy won't have a powerful guy protecting him by refining five hundred sets of medicinal herbs in one go? Maybe he's on the scene. If we act rashly right now and the scene is in chaos, then we will lose face." He Peiqing said.

He Feng no longer spoke, but he believed that this person was Master Yan, which meant he was Chen Xiang.

"Junior Martial Uncle is so lucky. If there's a chance, you have to trick him properly." Hua Xiangyue scoffed.

"With his speed, both Relive Dan and Five Elements Profound Dan will receive a large number. I wonder how he will be able to get rid of us then." Liu Zongyu said: "I wonder if we can sell him to our Human King Immortal Country?"

"Please don't, Junior Martial Uncle is very evil. In the past, Eldest Senior Martial Brother was heavily deceived by him. Now, Eldest Martial Brother doesn't even dare to do business with Junior Martial Uncle anymore." Hua Xiangyue anxiously said.

"Dong Chen also told me about this." w.a.n.g Weiquan smiled slightly: "This Junior Brother of mine really doesn't recognize any kin at all in this matter."

"If it's Xianxian, even sending him off is possible." Hua Xiangyue laughed, "You guys are regretting that you didn't bring Xianxian here now, right?"

Hua Xiangyue still wanted to say that, in fact, Liu Meng'er could do it too, but she did not dare. She wanted to let Liu Zongyu and Song Ying know that her own daughter, Master and disciple were captured by Chen Xiang, and the consequences would be dire.

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