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In the room where the group of Immortal Kings were located, w.a.n.g Qiongjin shouted towards the outside with an ice-cold expression, "The relationship between Chen Xiang and the Demon Empress is very shallow. Black blood magic sunflower appeared previously in the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, and during the great battle of the twenty thousand core palace, the first prince He Feng was also struck by this poison.

"Old witch, I said that you're not young anymore, aren't you shouting so that others will know that you've been murdered by the Super Old poison? Moreover, there is no other reason, you are spraying blood on people, and your Fire Divine Palace must have done a lot of things to forcefully draw Fire Soul, no wonder the Fire Divine Palace accepted you, because the Fire Divine Palace itself is an evil force." The one who spoke was Long Huishan, she was currently a Female Dragon King of the Long family. Having inherited the Ice Dragon's inheritance, her strength was unfathomable and she had enough confidence.

Huang Jintian also shouted at the top of his lungs, "Isn't the Fire Divine Palace the one who sent the Immortal Kings to dominate the Mortal Realm and then be rolled back like homeless dogs? It is said that this was caused by the Leader's all-out counterattack, so it isn't strange for them to be making this up. Before they stole someone else, they always found an honest reason to do so and for all these years, the people who got their Fire Soul did the same thing."

w.a.n.g Qiongjin was completely speechless. They had indeed suffered a huge loss in Di Tian, losing an Immortal King and many good seedlings.

In the eyes of many people in Heaven Realm, Di Tian was just a mortal world. Even the Fire Divine Palace there was not in a good condition, so people always treated him as a joke.

For example, the Great Elder of the Dragon Subduing School was extremely terrifying. In an instant, he was able to kill a Emperor Dragon Guard, and in addition, he had met the Dragon Emperor before. The Dragon Emperor also knew that the mysterious Great Elder was extremely terrifying.

Chen Xiang who was currently using Dawan refining method to refine pills was not affected much by it, because he had already been prepared for a long time, and his only goal now was to enter the top ten places in the compet.i.tion.

"Are you really Chen Xiang? I am Shao profoundyun, the wife of your eldest senior brother w.a.n.g Weiquan, and Huang Jintian is also my master. If you are Chen Xiang, then you are my junior brother." Shao profoundyun whispered to Chen Xiang.

"I knew it long ago. Master told me about it, but I should be your second senior brother. You became a disciple later than me, right, junior sister?" Chen Xiang replied with a smile.

"You … I am older than you, and I have known you for a long time. When your eldest senior brother and I were married, he was in charge, so I am your senior sister. " Shao profoundyun didn't think that her own junior brother would actually see her as his junior sister, which made her a little angry in her heart.

Isn't that just the rule? You became a disciple later than me, so you are my junior sister, and I also won against you in the previous match. I am qualified to be your senior brother. Chen Xiang replied with a grin.

Shao profoundyun never thought that Chen Xiang would still be able to easily tangle with her on this issue, and the big shots from the big powers were all staring at him intently, wishing that they could stab him to death and take away his things.

"No, I can't accept it. You must be my junior brother." Shao profoundyun couldn't refute Chen Xiang, he could only act shamelessly.

"Junior-apprentice Sister, seriously refine the pill, or else you'll be left behind again." Chen Xiang laughed.

She didn't expect this Junior Brother to be so uncooperative, and had already determined that she was her Junior Sister. This made her very unhappy in her heart, and she decided to wait until the end of the compet.i.tion to properly discuss this issue with him.

The glow that was emitted by the hundred Magic method furnace gradually dimmed and shrunk together. Many people had just seen him release extremely violent Five elements heavenly fire to burn those medicinal ingredients, but those medicinal ingredients did not explode, this was very logical.

Fire Divine Palace and Long Huishan did not argue, if not Long Huishan would reveal all of the disgraceful things that happened in Fire Divine Palace, causing his reputation to be even worse.

"It's about to form the core." Hua Xiangyue said: "This guy is my martial uncle. The reason he dared to take such risks must be because of that divine cauldron."

Every single Magic method furnace had the same progress and changes, this synchronization made everyone secretly admire. Now that everyone had witnessed the scene of refining five hundred sets of medicinal ingredients at the same time, and without even using a pill furnace to refine them at that, at first, everyone was shocked, but after that, they carefully looked at the changes in Chen Xiang's pill furnace, as they wanted to learn from it.

Chen Xiang spent approximately two hours to refine the medicinal ingredients. At this time, they congealed into a ball of air, and this ball of air was split into thirty pieces by him.

At the sight of this, everyone knew that he had to produce thirty pills in a single furnace. Each furnace contained five batches of medicinal ingredients, and under these circ.u.mstances, he could maintain his quant.i.ty without reducing. This made everyone feel that he was a real Pill Saint.

Chen Xiang's consumption was also huge, because when he was refining pills, he needed to inject some creation divine liquid s into the flames, and controlling a hundred of them wouldn't be an easy task. Furthermore, he would even need to use the G.o.d purification, which consumed a lot of divine power and Innate Qi.

Chen Xiang used his divine power to compress the b.a.l.l.s of Qi and slowly condensed them into pills. At the moment, when the light was very strong, everyone in the distance could only see a dazzling ball of light, unable to see the details inside.

The person who had suspected him of cheating previously was now completely convinced. This was because Chen Xiang had used the transparent Magic method furnace to let everyone clearly see how he had concocted multiple pills in one go.

But Chen Xiang did not use it. In comparison, everyone felt that the other Dan Immortal present could not compare to Chen Xiang at all, although he could only refine Ground level pills, and that was because he could only make Ground level Pills.

He Peiqing looked at the pills that were gradually condensing and forming, and felt very uncomfortable in his heart, because with Chen Xiang's speed, refining all of his herbs was not a problem. Although it was some abandoned medicinal herbs, but after Chen Xiang turned them into treasures, they would still feel their heartache.

Even though the rules were not's match, Chen Xiang used his superior pill refining skills to tell everyone that the rules were not enough to beat him.

The glaring rays of light from the Magic method furnace disappeared, and thirty high quality Five Elements Profound Dan were quietly floating in every furnace. There were a total of three thousand, and the three thousand points were obtained just like that.

Adding in the time he had taken to process the medicinal ingredients before, Chen Xiang had spent a total of one and a half hours.

Chen Xiang took the large pile of Five Elements Profound Dan and walked forward, then picked up another five hundred sets of medicinal ingredients from the old man who had an unnatural expression.

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