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Chen Xiang did not immediately start concocting pills, but closed his eyes instead. He did not know what he was doing, even in this kind of situation, he was actually so relaxed, as though he was not partic.i.p.ating in a compet.i.tion.

"Whether or not he is Chen Xiang, it all depends on his performance now, only Chen Xiang can use that mysterious pill refining technique, and now he can only rely on that unimaginable pill refining technique to win this compet.i.tion." Yan Zilan looked at Chen Xiang with rapt attention, and his voice carried a trace of excitement.

Li Tianjun, Du Hai, Long Peirong, and Shao profoundyun had all been paying attention to Chen Xiang's location. Li Tianjun knew that it was indeed Chen Xiang, while the other three couldn't be sure, but if it was Chen Xiang, they couldn't let their guard down.

"What is he doing? Why is the immortal qi suddenly stronger?" He Feng asked in shock.

This Myriad Dan Immortal Palace had a formation that could absorb immortal qi, but it was not activated yet, but a large amount of immortal qi was flowing in, causing many people to be surprised, because the immortal qi was surrounding Chen Xiang.

Huang Jintian knew that Chen Xiang was serious, and immediately went on guard. He was worried that if Chen Xiang revealed his ident.i.ty later, someone would attack him.

Chen Xiang opened his eyes, two golden rays of light shooting out, after that, many medicinal ingredients floated up, as though they had a spirit of their own, they combined together.

"A very powerful divine power." Wu Canghong said emotionally. He was a spirit cultivator, but the G.o.d Power Chen Xiang released shocked him.

"This divine power …" Is it from the Imperial Dragon Clan? " Long Huishan opened her eyes wide, she was just cultivating her mind, and that was just the beginning.

"He doesn't belong to the Imperial Dragon Clan, he cultivated it himself." The very high Elder was also surprised.

Chen Xiang used a large amount of divine power to control the medicinal herbs to float in the air, and then make them into parts. This required a lot of energy, so he could only absorb a large amount of immortal energy into his body to prevent himself from exhausting too much energy.

The people of Imperial Dragon Clan were the most shocked, because there was actually a human that could cultivate G.o.d Power to such a level, which made them secretly alert.

The five hundred sets of medicinal ingredients were floating in a neat row, forming a circle around Chen Xiang. Now Chen Xiang did not even need to use that Seven Stars Treasure Furnace.

"Dawan refining method."

Chen Xiang shouted in his heart as the divine power within the Divine Sense Sea suddenly surged out, transforming into a hundred Magic method furnace.

If he wanted to quickly refine the Ground level's medicinal ingredients, he could only use the Dawan refining method from inside.

Chen Xiang's arms trembled, and multicolored light gushed out of his body. It was a large quant.i.ty of Five elements heavenly fire, but under his control, they entered into the Magic method furnace very accurately.

The herbs inside the hundred Magic method furnace were like a pile of firewood. When Chen Xiang released the Five elements heavenly fire above, it instantly ignited into a raging fire.

"It really is him. Only my Junior Martial Uncle knew how to use this technique. However, before, there weren't that many." Hua Xiangyue said excitedly.

The others were already dumbstruck. This time, Chen Xiang used the Dawan refining method differently, because he used the G.o.d purification now. But in his eyes, it was more or less the same.

The Magic method furnace was transparent, so people could not see it, so the herbs were like being refined out of thin air. They did not use a pill furnace, but could still be used to concoct pills, and even had to concoct five hundred sets of ingredients at once. Although it was just a Ground level Pill, at the moment, the hundred b.a.l.l.s of herbs that were burning with the Five elements heavenly fire emitted all kinds of colors, causing everyone to be dumbstruck.

The entire compet.i.tion had just been enveloped by those multicolored lights, and when the medicinal ingredients came into contact with the flames, the multicolored light within was as if it was released by the sun itself. Different medicinal ingredients released different multicolored lights, and normally, they were all covered by the beautiful light of the pill furnace.

The Dan Immortal s present were all shocked. They had been refining pills for many years, but this was the first time they had seen such a method of refining pills. In the past, they did not even think that Chen Xiang would not chase after them.

"It's so beautiful. No wonder he was so confident before." w.a.n.g Weiquan was startled for a moment, and said while exclaiming.

"I never thought that refining pills could be done in such a way. Now, it seems that he has a chance of entering the top ten. The rules that originally were very disadvantageous to him are now useless." Liu Zongyu's face was also filled with surprise.

"No wonder that little girl Xianxian is so confident in Chen Xiang. Furthermore, she said that if Chen Xiang were to partic.i.p.ate in this kind of compet.i.tion, even if he doesn't win, he would be able to use his most powerful refining skills to shock the entire audience." Song Ying was moved.

Long Huishan laughed loudly, because she had already confirmed that this was Chen Xiang.

"I wonder if Granny Long would be angry if she lost to this kid." Long Huishan laughed.

"G.o.d Power, I never thought that he would be able to use G.o.d Power so well, these medicinal ingredients were not melted out of thin air, outside of these medicinal ingredients, there is an invisible pill furnace, this pill furnace is formed from G.o.d Power, moreover it is very stable, and won't let the Medicine aura and medicinal powder inside leak out." The very high Elder was very excited, his face flushed red: "Moreover, this is the divine power that you release yourself, the flames can also easily get in, and everything inside can easily be controlled by you."

"I really don't know how he came up with this idea. How come I never thought of refining pills like this before? If that's the case, then I don't need pill furnaces to concoct low level pills. If I control them well, then he could concoct so many in one go and so many in such a short period of time."

Chen Xiang had used this method in the Sacred Dan Realm before, when he was still in Di Tian's time, so some people from the Heaven Realm had long heard of it. At this moment, a few large powers had already begun doubting his ident.i.ty.

The people in the audience area had also started to spread the news, even those who did not know about Chen Xiang before, had now understood, if this person was really Chen Xiang, then a dispute would definitely arise.

Just by looking at the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, it could incite a lot of big powers to fight a big battle. Divine Saber Immortal Palace, Imperial Dragon Clan and Devil-suppressing Divine Palace all wanted this blade very much.

Chen Xiang still had the Holy Devil-suppressing seal on him, and that was also something that belonged to the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. As for the powerful demons, they were most afraid that these things would fall into the hands of the immortals, so they would definitely fight for them, otherwise, it would bring about heavy losses to the demons.

Other than that, Chen Xiang also had the Heaven Earth Killing Method on him, as well as Chaos Fire Token …

"This brat is truly fat to the point of overflowing with oil. Even I want to s.n.a.t.c.h him away." Huang Jintian snickered in his heart.

The reason why Chen Xiang was taking such a huge risk now, was also because he wanted to obtain that divine cauldron. After careful consideration, he felt that the divine cauldron was worth the risk.

If Chen Xiang could enter the top ten, these medicinal ingredients would be equivalent to giving them to Chen Xiang for free. That would originally be theirs, especially when they saw Chen Xiang turn these pieces of trash into a large number of high quality medicinal pills. They couldn't help but wish that their own Myriad Dan Immortal Country would have such a genius Alchemist.

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