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Chen Xiang was not refining a cauldron of medicinal ingredients, but rather, arranging all of the medicinal ingredients in an instant, thus the others refined another furnace.

Finally, the crowd had waited for him to finish arranging the ingredients. They planned to watch him refine the pills from the start to the end. They wanted to see if they could figure out anything or if he was cheating.

However, Chen Xiang actually carried a huge pile of medicinal ingredients and poured them all into the water jar furnace, causing everyone to be dumbstruck. The taboo in refining pills was being greedy, this kind of method was something that every Alchemist would think of, many Alchemist had tried, but they found it difficult to succeed.

"This guy is really reckless. If he fails to gather too many medicinal ingredients, then he can't go back to claim them. At that time, he can only withdraw from the compet.i.tion."

"If he was as steady as before and fought step by step, he might be able to get a good ranking. But if he failed, then it would be nine sets of herbs."

Everyone whispered and discussed, while Chen Xiang's strong flames ignited the black water jar furnace red, and at the same time, a burst of dense star power permeated through him.

"Rumor has it that this pill furnace is called the Seven Star Treasure Furnace. There is a Seven Star Sky Fire Formation inside that can absorb the star power that exists everywhere to strengthen the flame, but it is useless to use intense flames to refine herbs. On the contrary, it could easily explode."

"He doesn't seem to be using the Foreseeing Alchemy. The fire energy of the Foreseeing Alchemy shouldn't be so fierce."

"Could it be that he has another method to refine a high grade Ground level pill? What method is this?"

Chen Xiang's pill furnace had already turned red, and everyone could see that the flames inside were extremely terrifying. Using such a method to refine pills was not feasible in the eyes of many.

She was now absolutely certain that the person was Chen Xiang. However, she did not say it out loud, because she had a strong intuition.

Liu Meng'er watched unblinkingly, she was worried that Chen Xiang's red-hot pill furnace would suddenly explode.

"I never thought that this pill furnace would be so powerful. The flame inside should be from a Five elements heavenly fire." Song Ying praised, "As expected of something from the Devil-killing Summit, it is indeed extraordinary."

"Ying`er, there's not only Five elements heavenly fire s inside, there are even more powerful flames. However, this person has swapped out the two types of flames. If one does not pay careful attention, it would be difficult to discover that there's actually someone who can control two types of flames." Liu Zongyu exclaimed.

If the Divine Saber Immortal Palace did not prove that they sold the pill furnace, it would be hard for me to believe that this person did not belong to the Devil-killing Summit. Wu Canghong said.

"It's not just that. He should have just bought the pill furnace not too long ago, but he can control it so quickly. It seems like he must be someone who frequently controls high-grade magical equipment."

Liu Zongyu now stared fixedly at Chen Xiang. In everyone's eyes, Chen Xiang was just sitting there with his eyes closed, his hands pressed to the fire outlet and releasing flames.

The many famous Dan Immortal on the stage all felt a sense of pressure. If they were led by an unknown person, their hearts would definitely not feel good.

"There are many strong flames in the Dan Immortal here, but the grade of the medicinal herbs refined is very low for them. They can't use the flames as they please; their hearts will definitely be filled with anxiety." Su Meiyao laughed tenderly: "This might be another advantage of being a G.o.d purification. It can allow the Alchemist to release flames to concoct pills to his heart's content.

Chen Xiang agreed with Su Meiyao's words very much. He felt very satisfied already, but he was also continuously increasing the intensity of the flames, allowing the Seven Star Sky Fire Formation inside to absorb the surrounding star power as much as it wanted, and also increasing the intensity of his furnace.

"Burn to your heart's content." Chen Xiang screamed in his heart, and used his divine power to crazily attack the spirit of the spirit medicine, quickly turning a large amount of the spirit medicine into powder and Medicine aura.

Throwing a large amount of ingredients into the furnace, then condensing the pills in one go and finishing the process in one furnace. Chen Xiang had already succeeded many times, he would have to use the Heavenly Alchemy and his strong G.o.d power to do it here.

In order to obtain the cauldron, Chen Xiang had already given his all and used all his strength. This was only the first round, and the following matches might not be beneficial for a low levelled Alchemist like him.

The other Dan Immortal s stopped paying attention to Chen Xiang and focused on concocting pills. If they were surpa.s.sed by this unknown junior, they would lose a lot of face.

Li Tianjun had already predicted that Chen Xiang would shine here, but he didn't think that it would be any stronger than what he had imagined. Although he had the upper hand against Bi Xia Dan Immortal, only by obtaining first place could he prove that he had defeated Bi Xia Dan Immortal, so he was under a lot of pressure right now.

Many Dan Immortal s were secretly hoping that the next rules would favour the Dan Immortal, because they could see that Chen Xiang's cultivation was not high, and was only at the Immortal Realm. He could not possibly be able to refine immortal pills, and he gave off the feeling that he was very young.

Chen Xiang's crimson Seven Stars Explosion Furnace suddenly dimmed and started to shake slightly. One look at it and one could tell that it was about to condense a pill.

Previously, many people thought that he would fail, but they did not expect him to last so long and even reach the Core Formation stage. Everyone was very curious about what was going on inside the pill furnace to actually be able to enter the Core Formation stage.

Chen Xiang's G.o.d Power was as vast as the ocean as it poured into the Seven Stars' Exposure. It turned into many sharp blades, evenly dividing the large lump of air into fifty-four spheres, then compressing them together again and quickly compressing them into a pill.

Nine sets of medicinal ingredients and fifty-four pellets was equivalent to six pellets per pellet. Chen Xiang was very confident in this kind of control.

When Chen Xiang lifted the lid of the Seven Stars Treasure Furnace, a dense amount of densely packed pills floated up, shining with a translucent light. The rich medicinal fragrance spread out like a gust of wind, that kind of extremely high quality pill made many Dan Immortal secretly sigh in admiration.

"Fifty-four pills, not too many. One serving for six." The Long family's very high Elder took a deep breath.

As for the fastest Dan Immortal, he had only refined eight of them, while Chen Xiang had already completed ten. In total, he had refined sixty Five Elements Profound Dan, and his speed was the fastest.

Everyone could only describe this kind of person as a monster. This sort of genius was not only shocking, but also terrifying. This was because the pill furnace he used didn't have time to speed up the array, meaning that he still had great potential.

Chen Xiang flew onto the stage with the box of Five Elements Profound Dan and let the elders inspect it. At the same time, he also received ten portions of Five Elements Profound Dan.

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