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"Earth Grade Low Rank Dan gets one point, middle grade gets two points, and high grade gets three points. When everyone comes up to pick the herbs, you should consider carefully, the limit for each herb taken is ten portions, after the refinement is done, you can pick from the new batch. If there are more people, you will have to queue up, so the timing is very crucial." An old man said.

Chen Xiang guessed that there would definitely be a lot of Dan Immortal s who would choose to refine high grade Ground level pills later. He was worried that the medicine would get a strong glow and when that happened, refining middle and low grade pills would not be worth it.

Many people only paid attention to the famous Alchemist s, these were all Dan Immortal s, they organized the ingredients very quickly and their methods were all different, their speeds were unexpectedly all the same, putting the ingredients into the furnace at the same time.

The tens of thousands of Alchemist in the huge compet.i.tion, were lined up in neat rows, but there were different pill furnaces, some of them were even emitting bright red light, there were many pill furnaces that were extremely beautiful, causing people to be unable to catch up.

As long as he finished refining this furnace, it could be considered the true start of the compet.i.tion. This furnace was equivalent to being able to gain as much time as possible by being able to immediately go to the ten elders on the stage to gather the medicinal ingredients. Otherwise, if there were too many people, they would have to queue up and waste a lot of time in the beginning.

The compet.i.tion lasted for one day and one night. Everyone had a very rare amount of time.

A moment pa.s.sed, and a few Dan Immortal s had already opened their eyes, it was clear that they had completed condensing their pellets. These Dan Immortal s included Li Tianjun, Bi Xia Dan Immortal, the mysterious old lady from the Long family, as well as the various famous Dan Immortal s.

The maximum speed at which Nine quenching body Dan can be refined is also that, and these Dan Immortal can all reach this speed, so it was completed at almost the same time.

The faster one was the old lady from the Long family. She had already opened up the pill furnace, but right at this moment, Chen Xiang, who was carrying his water vat pill furnace, flew past a large distance, straight to the old man in front of the stage.

Chen Xiang opened the pill furnace and took out three Nine quenching body Dan s. At this moment, everyone's eyes were on his water jar pill furnace, and when they saw the three batches of Nine quenching body Dan s, they all started to cry out.

"It's actually three Nine quenching body Dan s." Li Tianjun frowned slightly. He knew that this person was Chen Xiang, but he was still a little surprised. It was because those medicinal herbs were all rotten, yet Chen Xiang actually refined three pills at such a fast speed, a little faster than them, the famous Dan Immortal.

Although it was just one point, it meant that Chen Xiang had surpa.s.sed their limit. Many Dan Immortal looked at Chen Xiang seriously, wanting to see what kind of person he was.

"Ten sets of Five Elements Profound Dan." Chen Xiang said, his voice somewhat quick. He was very serious right now, because he really wanted that little cauldron.

Amongst the high grade Ground level's pills, the number of Five Elements Profound Dan that came out was the most. Even though the difficulty of refining it was very high, it was nothing to Chen Xiang, which was why he chose this type of pill.

"Such a clever little fellow. If I had known earlier, I would have brought the pill furnace up as well. I might have been faster than you." The old lady laughed as she stood behind Chen Xiang.

When he went up carrying the furnace, it was also exactly at the time when the pill condensation was completed. There was indeed a bit of time left, and seeing Chen Xiang's actions, many Dan Immortal s also followed suit.

Chen Xiang obtained ten batches of Five Elements Profound Dan s and quickly returned to his own position. The old lady also had three Nine quenching body Dan s, which showed how strong her skills were.

Chen Xiang used the G.o.d purification, adding on to the fact that he himself cultivated the divine way, he could unexpectedly refine a few more pills.

Right after the old lady was Bi Xia Dan Immortal, then Li Tianjun, and then his junior sister Shao profoundyun. They had chosen Five Elements Profound Dan, and there were also Relive Dan s.

In order to prevent Alchemist from choosing only one herb, the palace had to adjust the quality of the herbs. The Relive Dan s, on the other hand, produced many pills, so the quality of the herbs was poor.

Therefore, when some Dan Immortal s obtained the Five Elements Profound Dan's medicinal ingredients, they would immediately switch to Relive Dan s because the medicinal ingredients were not good.

Even Li Tianjun and the Bi Xia Dan Immortal had no choice but to choose a Relive Dan.

"What's this person's name? Go and have a look, he's hiding something." He Peiqing said to the old man beside him.

"His name is Yu Gang. He should be a fake name. I'm afraid it will be difficult to find him." The old man said.

To be able to use a portion of inferior quality medicinal herbs to refine three of them in the shortest amount of time, the level of display would definitely surpa.s.s those of the Dan Immortal s. Thus, Chen Xiang immediately attracted the attention of many big shots.

Chen Xiang knew, if he wanted to take first place, he could not hide his strength. There were too many Dan Immortal here, if he did not bring out his strongest abilities, it would be hard for him to fight them.

I heard that the last time Chen Xiang partic.i.p.ated in the compet.i.tion in Sacred Dan Realm, he also had three pellets in a pot, and one of them was from the Peak quality. "

Long Huishan said. In the VIP box that she was in, there were a few elders. One of them had a head full of white hair, but it shone with a pure white light.

"That's right, I was watching the compet.i.tion from the side. Is the person in front of me Chen Xiang?" Yan Zilan wore a purple dress and sat beside Long Huishan. Her beautiful eyes were like water as she looked at the water jar furnace.

"very high Elder, can you see anything from this person?" Long Huishan looked at the old man whose hair was emitting white light and asked respectfully.

There were no wrinkles on this old man's face. His skin was as white as an infant's and had a rosy complexion. However, he had an extremely aged aura around him. It was as if he had lived for countless years and was exuding an ancient aura.

"He doesn't have a dantian or I can't feel his dantian. The flames are the Five elements heavenly fire and an even more powerful flame that is changing back and forth. The changes inside the pill furnace are very strange, violent and unstable, but they are very regular. He isn't using the Foreseeing Alchemy to refine pills." The old man stroked his long, white brows as a surprised light flashed in his deep eyes.

"Can you feel the Dragon Power on his body? Or maybe it's the Devil-suppressing holy power, Chen Xiang has this aura on his body." Long Huishan asked again.

"No, I can't sense his dantian, so I can't be sure." The very high Elder shook his head: "But this gives me a very scary feeling. Every time his heart beats, I feel like this Heaven Realm will be destroyed."

"This... can you confirm that he is Chen Xiang? " Long Huishan really wanted to see Chen Xiang right now, but there was no way to contact him.

"No." The very high Elder shook his head.

Yan Zilan chuckled: "Hui Shan, wait a little longer, this is just the beginning, I think he will definitely come. He likes to join in the fun, how can he be absent from this kind of thing, it's just that it's not convenient for him to appear, you should understand his current situation."

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