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Many people guessed that the reward would be Holy level herbs, but Chen Xiang did not think so, because He Peiqing's Tianshan holy fruit was tricked away by him, so even if He Peiqing still had the Holy level herbs, he would definitely not be willing to take them out right now. As for the top grade immortal medicines, they were definitely not, because in many people's eyes, they were too cheap.

He Peiqing stood on stage and took out a square black chest. It was the final reward of this compet.i.tion, causing everyone to start discussing and guessing what kind of thing was inside.

The square black box was not big and could be held up with one hand. It could not be a large object, rather it seemed to be filled with medicinal herbs. However, it was usually held in a jade box.

At that moment, only Chen Xiang was shocked by the sight of the box, because there was a very small pattern on top of the box. He had previously obtained a map and there was this pattern on the back of the map, and that pattern represented the Dan Emperor, only the Dan Emperor could draw that pattern.

"The things inside are related to the Dan Emperor." Chen Xiang frowned as he looked at the box in the distance. He wanted to use the Chaos Divine Eye to see through it, but he was blocked by something.

When Chen Xiang looked at the faces of the powerful Dan Immortal s, he unexpectedly realized that they had the same shocked expression as him, as if they knew the origin of the pattern.

"Is it something related to the Dan Emperor?" The old lady had been squinting her eyes the entire time. When the box appeared, she immediately opened her eyes wide, but from her pair of bright eyes, she was not at the end of her life, but was filled with vitality, which did not match with her aged appearance.

"It really is the Heaven Realm. There are a few people who know about the Dan Emperor." Chen Xiang thought.

Hearing Dan Emperor, many people were at a loss, but they knew that he was strong, and only a few Dan Immortal s had faces full of shock, at the same time looking at the box with fiery eyes.

Since it is the reward of the Alchemy Compet.i.tion, it will definitely be related to alchemy. Now, I can tell everyone, there is a cauldron inside the box, this cauldron is very extraordinary, Dan Emperor used to refine pills, this cauldron was once created by a Divine Craftsman, and was used by Divine Craftsmen for a period of time. Speaking till here, the entire compet.i.tion grounds erupted in exclamations, even He Peiqing could not continue.

Some were surprised, but others did not believe it.

"Why don't you keep the things that the blacksmith used?"

"That's right, it had been used by two famous people before. No matter what, it should be a sacred weapon, and this thing is many times more precious than Holy level herbs."

Chen Xiang also expressed his doubts. He had used Divine Craftsmen to create and use it, and even Dan Emperor had used it later on, if it was true, even if he brought it back to give face, the meaning behind it would be worth a lot.

"Everyone, please be quiet." He Peiqing shouted out loud, his voice shaking the ears of everyone present.

There were more than a hundred thousand people on the scene, and the ruckus was extremely annoying. Now that it had suddenly quieted down, it seemed a little strange.

He Peiqing took out that cauldron. It was very small, like an incense burner, a three-legged black cauldron. The cauldron was circular, and was extremely bright.

The little cauldron was spinning in He Peiqing's hand, and everyone could see a very small pattern at the bottom of the cauldron, it was unique to the Dan Emperor, and at the same time, it was a small black hammer sculpture by his side. This black hammer had many very small Spirit grain s on it, if they looked carefully, they would realize that the small hammer was carved from many Spirit grain that had interweaved together.

It was the mark of a Divine Craftsman, and what He Peiqing said was true. These two marks were enough to prove that the little cauldron had once been used by the Dan Emperor and Divine Craftsmen.

Everyone also discovered that there was a problem. The small cauldron did not have a lid.

"After this cauldron has been recognized, we can control its size with our will. Everyone should have discovered that this cauldron has no lid, so its value will be greatly reduced. However, it is still very precious." He Peiqing said with regret: "I made a very big decision before I took it out as a reward."

"Without the cover, it can only be used for viewing …" To forge a lid suitable for this cauldron, it would be extremely difficult. Even if we were able to create one, we cannot display the full power of this cauldron. " A Dan Immortal said, "However, the significance of this cauldron is great. As the final reward for this compet.i.tion, it is still too valuable."

"Actually, not only can this cauldron be used for refining pills, it can also be used for combat. The largest part of this cauldron can become the size of a house, and it's also very heavy, and it's most suitable for defense. At the same time, it can also be used as a Storage magic treasure.

He Peiqing's words caused Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian's eyes to light up, because if there was such a thing, then in the future, they would have to kill dragons and emperor birds.

If you want to recreate the Suzaku Divine Weapon in the future, you can only rely on this cauldron. Although you lack a lid, but don't you have a map that the Dan Emperor left behind? Su Meiyao said.

To Chen Xiang, his divine power was enough to form a lid, so the flaw of having no lid on this cauldron was not a problem.

"It's not easy to get them. Look at the looks in the eyes of those old fellows, as if they want to eat this cauldron alive. I'm under a lot of pressure." Chen Xiang said. He was currently sparring with a large group of Dan Immortal s, after all. If he wanted to get first place, it was truly a mystery.

"Next, everyone, I will give you another hour to adjust your condition. The first round of the compet.i.tion will begin in an hour." After He Peiqing finished speaking, he immediately placed the small cauldron into the box and kept it. He could not bear the gazes of the old Dan Immortal either.

Chen Xiang closed his eyes and concentrated on meditating. He was now very serious, because he really wanted that cauldron.

In a private room, Liu Zongyu saw He Peiqing keep the cauldron and sighed helplessly: "As expected, the divine furnace is in He Clan's hands."

Liu Meng'er's parents were the disciples of the Divine Craftsmen, so they had a certain understanding of the Cauldron.

Song Ying smiled lightly: "Didn't Master already say that you don't need to care about this divine furnace? That is the work of the ancestor, and we need to create our own divine cauldron in the future. That is the thing that we should care about."

"Mother, the Suzaku silk I have right now belongs to Grand Master?" Liu Meng'er asked. Even though she was in charge of the Divine Weapon Sect in the past, she was now an obedient daughter by her parents' side.

"Your senior thought that the Suzaku silk could only protect you at most, but who would have thought that after so long, you actually obtained the approval of the Suzaku silk and could use this divine tool. You must take good care of him in the future." Song Ying kindly caressed Liu Meng'er's hair.

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