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Chen Xiang was lying on his bed, when he suddenly heard loud yelling. He opened his eyes and looked out the window, it was already late at night, but it was so lively outside, he immediately guessed that the battle was over, and there was already a conclusion.

Sure enough, shouts came from outside. It was all from the direction of the sixth shop, and Chen Xiang knew that the Sixth Prince had obtained victory right away.

"If the Sixth Prince is pretty powerful, he could successfully ascend the throne against six others. The princes who lost can no longer stay in the main palace, they can only stay in some of the nearby immortal palaces." Su Meiyao said.

"Even if he won, he still stirred up a lot of hatred, at least the Golden Roc King of Imperial Avian Race would hate him." chuckled, he had not touched the Small gold eagle's corpse yet, so now was not the right time, and this place was not suitable either.

"Actually, you're also a big winner." Su Meiyao laughed.

Chen Xiang swindled the Sixth Prince's Tianshan holy fruit away and obtained He Feng's Immortal Sword. He killed a Small gold eagle and indeed, his harvest was plentiful.

Right now, he really wanted to leave this main palace, but the matter of the Tianshan holy fruit being swindled away had caused this place to be sealed.

"There should be a lot of people leaving the Main Palace right now. For example, those big powers that have come to partic.i.p.ate in the battle. If the blockade is too long, then the sixth prince will just become the new king, which will arouse many people's disgust." Su Meiyao said.

After Chen Xiang obtained the Tianshan holy fruit and a Small gold eagle, he wanted to quickly find a safe place to look around. Only by leaving this Ten Thousand Pills Palace would it be safe.

In a magnificent palace, many immortal king level experts were gathered here. Even though they had obtained the final victory, they were not very happy because they had suffered heavy losses.

w.a.n.g Qiongjin's face turned ugly, she could be said to have taken back her life, but she was unable to use all of her strength in this short period of time, it was already not bad that she could still walk.

The faces of the Imperial Dragon Clan's Dragon Kings were heavy. Out of the few little Emperor Dragon that they had brought with them, a few had died, and two of them were unknown.

The Sixth Prince's brows were knitted tightly as he listened to the reports from the two Immortal Kings protecting the medicinal garden in the valley. Everyone was also carefully listening to the two Immortal Kings' narration of the Tianshan holy fruit being swindled away.

He Feng's expression was the ugliest, because that person was pretending to be him. Not only did that person swindle the Tianshan holy fruit away, he even swindled some Heaven level Pills from the sixth shop.

"Who exactly is this person? What we can be sure of is that this person is the one who used the Magical corruption gas, ambushed Feng'er, and used poison to attack Hall Master w.a.n.g." An old man said.

"This guy isn't very strong, he might just have just entered the Immortal Monarch, but he has countless of tricks up his sleeve, and is also very cunning." He Feng said angrily: "We must find this guy."

The Imperial Dragon Clan Dragon Kings gave a similar look. One of the middle-aged men said, "I think this guy might not be human … It was a dragon, a white dragon that had not appeared in our Imperial Dragon Clan for many years. At that time, we could sense a very weak white dragon aura. "

"Furthermore, what he is using is not the appearance changing technique, but the sacred art, the transformation technique from our Imperial Dragon Clan. This kind of high level cultivation technique is not something that just anyone can learn. For example, we cannot master it."

The experts here more or less knew about the affairs of the Imperial Dragon Clan.

"It is said that the White Dragon is extinct in your Imperial Dragon Clan, and only existed in the Primal Era. That means this White Dragon should be considered to be from your Imperial Dragon Clan. " An Immortal King of Fire Divine Palace said.

Back then, the White Dragon Clan was expelled by the Imperial Dragon Clan. The White Dragon Clan was not willing to accept this and went back to Imperial Dragon Clan to fight. A huge battle broke out, at that time, all the old dragons in the Imperial Dragon Clan were dispatched, and all the White Dragons were annihilated. When the Dragon King said this, everyone understood that if Bai Long was still alive, then he would definitely be filled with hatred and would be opposing the Imperial Dragon Clan.

w.a.n.g Qiongjin said in a cold voice, "But the fellow who attacked me, he grasped an extremely strong power to suppress devils as well as the power of devils. Of course there are Dragon Power s as well, so how can you explain this?"

The Dragon King sighed, "That's even more certain, that's the White Dragon. What's amazing about the White Dragon is that they can cultivate many types of powers without conflict. The White Dragon is like a huge piece of white paper that can be painted with all kinds of colors …"

The Sixth Prince realized that although this unknown enemy was weak, it was very difficult to deal with. "If that's the case, I'm afraid there's no need to seal off the entire immortal palace, we simply can't find him."

"The White Dragon possesses a lot of memories and inheritances, and one of the Ancestral Dragons has a White Dragon, but it's actually quite strong. Because the White Dragon can control a lot of different types of powers, the White Dragon possesses a lot of different kinds of techniques and methods, not to mention capturing it, it would be hard to find it even if you wanted to." The Dragon King said.

At this moment, the faces of these royals were grave. Everyone could guess that they were worried that the white dragon would grow, and then seek revenge.

Long Xueyi was indeed very powerful, growing up very quickly. She had mastered many abilities, and her origins were also very mysterious. At this moment, she was humming a song, fantasizing about eating bird meat …

"The blockade has been lifted." At daybreak, Chen Xiang heard someone shouting outside the window.

"Hurry up and go eat the bird meat. I can't wait any longer and will come back after eating. The new king's position will definitely be very lively." The corpse of the Small gold eagle was frozen inside the ring, but she did not move, because she did not know how to bake. Even if she wanted to, it would not be as delicious as Chen Xiang's bake, she was worried that it would be wasted.

Chen Xiang also wanted to quickly try it, so he immediately left the hotel and walked towards the Transmission array. On the way, he heard many people talking about things that he was more concerned about, such as how people used Magical corruption gas s during the great battle, causing w.a.n.g Qiongjin to be half-dead. However, no one knew who used Magical corruption gas s.

Devil-suppressing Divine Palace paid more attention to this matter. He immediately posted their bounty with a high bounty related clues.

At this time, Chen Xiang had become a young man with a common face. Pa.s.sing by the Myriad Dan Building, he unintentionally raised his head to look at the third floor, and thought about the mysterious Elder Uncle Li. What made him surprised was, he saw the Elder Uncle Li standing next to a window on the third floor.

Elder Uncle Li had a smile on his face, as if he was looking at him.

"This old guy is very secretive. It seems like he saw through my transformation technique and even discovered me." Chen Xiang felt a burst of fear, then anxiously walked toward the Transmission array.

"He doesn't seem to have any ill intentions. Let's have a private chat and see what his background is." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang stood in front of the Transmission array and asked Long Xueyi where they should go.

"Let's go to the Flying Snow Palace. It's quieter there, and it's snowing all year round, so it's very suitable for eating barbecue." Su Meiyao chuckled, "When the time comes, we can find a safe ice valley and eat together with you."

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