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Following w.a.n.g Qiongjin's shout, everyone stopped. The words "Super Old poison" held a lot of power, and the despair that w.a.n.g Qiongjin's voice contained just now also made people's hair stand on end. The Immortal King present more or less knew that this old woman was hard to deal with, and for her to do this, it was only Super Old poison.

Previously, Bai Ziqian was listed on the bounty because of the use of the Super Old poison. When the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace came here to kill her, she had already lost to one of the Demon Suppressing Immortal Kings, so these people knew, that now that w.a.n.g Qiongjin had been tricked, everyone immediately suspected that the Devil Scorpion Princess was here causing trouble.

More than thirty Immortal Kings were standing far away from w.a.n.g Qiongjin. w.a.n.g Qiongjin's face was currently purple and black as she laid weakly on the ground. She was only able to use the energy in her body to barely defend herself from the poison.

"It really is a Super Old poison, and it's even a rather strong one. There are quite a few of them by her side." The First Prince's face was solemn, he took out a jade box, took out a handful of crystal powder and sprinkled it towards w.a.n.g Qiongjin.

When the powder floated past, it immediately became purple black and light pink. Looking at the light pink powder, the First Prince's body trembled: "There's actually a Drunk G.o.d magical poison s …. These are two strange poisons, did Devil Scorpion Princess get another one? "

"It's not that s.l.u.t. The one that attacked me wasn't strong, but he used a very powerful Demon Weapon and even knew how to suppress the demon's power. After breaking through my defense, he released poison gas to ambush me." w.a.n.g Qiongjin said fiercely.

The Golden Roc King coldly snorted and said, "Are you still fighting? My son has already died here. Today, we must get to a conclusion." His eyes blazed as he looked at Imperial Dragon Clan and the group of people.

"Hmph, a few dragons from our Imperial Dragon Clan also died. Your Imperial Feather Race won't be able to get away with it today." An old man from the Imperial Dragon Clan said angrily.

The Sixth Prince's expression turned cold as he took out a pill and threw it towards w.a.n.g Qiongjin: "Eat it, and you can temporarily suppress the poison. Today, we will definitely get a result of this and I also want to uncover the person who is causing trouble here."

Someone was causing trouble here, and it was a guy with a lot of tricks despite not being very strong.

"Father, you are right. Someone ambushed me earlier, using a Black blood magic sunflower and even stealing my celestial sword." He Feng said angrily.

Everyone was familiar with the Black blood magic sunflower, because the incident of the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace's Jade Rabbit being robbed had caused the appearance of the Black blood magic sunflower.

"This person is definitely an expert poison user. My strength should be below the Immortal Monarch's, but I was able to release a sneak attack and sneak attack." He Feng said again, and then looked around at his surroundings.

One of the Immortal Kings also said: "I found a lot of dead bodies, but none of the Heavenly Pills, Storage magic treasure, or weapons could be seen. One time, I saw a figure very quickly pa.s.s by the two corpses and skillfully s.n.a.t.c.h all these things."

"When this person ambushed us, he killed two birds with one stone."

From the distant Chen Xiang, after hearing all this from him, he immediately guessed that it was Huang Jintian who did it, and he did not have that kind of ability.

Huang Jintian, who was hiding nearby, scolded in his heart: "This little brat Chen Xiang, actually used Super Old poison s, and two of them. This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, even if you have this kind of good stuff, you still won't give it to me."

Chen Xiang left the 20th palace and returned to the main palace.

"It's still quiet here …" Right, they will probably fight for a while more. If I take this opportunity and enter the main palace to loot, it might go smoothly. "

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up, a few powerful princes would be bringing a large group of experts to fight in the 20 Immortal Palaces, the defense here would definitely be much weaker.

"Let's go to the sixth shop first." Chen Xiang made up his mind that he would definitely go to the palace to take a look.

Arriving at the sixth store, Long Xueyi immediately investigated the hidden rankers. He discovered that there were only two Immortal Monarch s inside, but there were more than ten in the past.

Chen Xiang came to a place with no one around, changed into the appearance of He Feng, and then entered the sixth shop. When he entered, he was still holding He Feng's Immortal Sword, so when Manager Ma saw it, he did not doubt it at all.

"Eldest Young Master, weren't you over there? Why are you back?" When Manager Ma saw that this "He Feng" had a head full of messy hair, he knew that it must have been a huge battle.

"Quick, bring all the high level pellets here. There's an urgent need to heal the wounds and restore the Innate Qi." Chen Xiang said, his transformation technique was extremely mystical, being able to change into an Qi that was similar to He Feng's, his voice was also the same.

Seeing how anxious Chen Xiang's voice was, Manager Ma immediately ordered people to gather the High Rank Pellets from the underground Alchemy Palace.

"Now that I only have these, I don't know if it's enough." Manager Ma gave Chen Xiang a bottle of Hunyuan Dan with more than 500 pills inside, as well as a bottle of Restoration Pills for healing purposes with more than 300 pills.

"Enough." Chen Xiang knew that he shouldn't be too greedy, otherwise he would be seen through. "Just you wait, I'll be the first prince soon."

After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he left quickly. Manager Ma let out a sigh of relief.

"This Immortal Sword is really good stuff. I'll sell it off after a while." chuckled in his heart. He was very satisfied that he managed to deceive so many Heaven level Pills.

Chen Xiang continued to act like this He Feng, and sprinted all the way to the palace entrance.

The palace was located right in the middle of this main palace, surrounded by a very tall giant wall. Usually, it would be extremely difficult to enter, but now that Chen Xiang had entered it with his appearance, it was like he was strolling in the streets.

"Let's go to the place where they grow the herbs." Su Meiyao laughed, "Take everything that you can take."

Chen Xiang was excited and wished that he could run over immediately. However, that would be too suspicious. He only walked around quickly, and the problem right now was that he did not know where the medicine garden was.

"This palace is too big. It wouldn't be easy to loot it." Chen Xiang sighed helplessly, he was going to use the Heaven Tour with Long Xueyi right now to look for the place where the medicinal herbs were grown.

Long Xueyi was more familiar with this place, so she quickly got an idea.

"The last time you were concocting pills in here, you should have been in the Sixth Prince's territory, so you should go in first." Long Xueyi said.

Under Long Xueyi's guidance, Chen Xiang entered the huge villa. The ones in charge of guarding the gates were the two Immortal Monarch s, and they did not suspect him in the slightest. Because Chen Xiang had pretended to be in a hurry to enter and it was currently the middle of a huge battle, this seemed to be natural in the eyes of many.

Of course, it was mainly because Chen Xiang could imitate the Qi unique to He Feng's body, so no one would doubt him.

"This Sixth Prince is amazing. There are even a few immortal kings hidden in there. You should be careful, Keke." Long Xueyi said.

"There are still a few Immortal Kings. It's quite troublesome. I wonder if there are any Immortal Kings at the place where the medicinal herbs are planted." Chen Xiang was worried that he wouldn't be able to hide from the Immortal Kings.

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