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The royal bird of the Imperial Avian Race was not weak. Chen Xiang pondered for a moment, then said: "What kind of strength does it have, I don't need poison to deal with it."

"Fine, we haven't reached the Immortal Monarch yet. As for the Late period of human immortal, you can just take out the Hammer of G.o.d. If no one comes to help, you can just get rid of him." Long Xueyi laughed: "If that doesn't work, I'll help you in the dark again."

After knowing the true strength of Late period of human immortal, Chen Xiang was relieved. He immediately rushed out from a deep ravine and took out his Hammer of G.o.d.

The royal bird immediately noticed him and immediately unleashed a palm towards his direction, releasing a burst of golden feathers. Those feathers were all golden arrows, densely packed like a storm, enveloping Chen Xiang.

"It's a Small gold eagle. It's a big profit." Long Xueyi was extremely excited: "Quickly get rid of him."

Chen Xiang was not afraid of the golden feathered sword released by the Small gold eagle, waving the Hammer of G.o.d to open up a path, when approaching the Small gold eagle, he raised his Divine Hammer, flew through s.p.a.ce, and arrived beside the Small gold eagle, then directly struck down.

Even though this Small gold eagle looked young and immature, it had a lot of battle experience. It turned its hand and released a golden long spear, fiercely thrusting towards Chen Xiang's chest.

The divine hammer had already smashed down, and just as it was about to slam down, Chen Xiang had no choice but to evade the sudden spear attack. Although he had the protection of the profoundwu diamond armour, if he got stabbed, he would definitely be seriously injured.

"Humans are actually not from the Imperial Dragon Clan, they are wasting their strength." Although Chen Xiang's attack just now was considered quite strong, it was nothing in his eyes. In his eyes, only the Imperial Dragon Clan's Emperor Dragon was worthy to be his opponent.

"Imperial Avian Race is too arrogant, I really want to go out and teach him a lesson." Long Xueyi said angrily.

"I want to see if you can survive if you don't waste your strength." Chen Xiang smashed his hammer down once again. After knowing that his opponent had a spear, he would not fight face to face with him.

"You want to hurt me with this hammer?" The Small gold eagle's eyes slanted and waved the golden spear in its hands, sweeping it across. Although there was not a very violent fluctuation of energy, the power contained in the spear was extremely terrifying.

Chen Xiang anxiously changed his direction of attack, striking the spear head, he ruthlessly smashed it, using the strongest Dragon Power, coupled with the power of earthquake.

Bang, the hammer accurately smashed onto the spear head, causing the golden spear to shake violently. The Small gold eagle did not expect the hammer to be so powerful, it made it feel as if he was struck by a gigantic star.

"It hurts." Chen Xiang sneered, then extended his hand and grabbed the sharp spear head, causing the Small gold eagle to be stunned once again. At this time, his hand was indeed in extreme pain, he immediately grabbed the spear with his other hand, intending to pull it out of Chen Xiang's hand.

He did not expect that the tip of his spear would be grabbed in such a way, he fiercely swung his spear, wanting to cut Chen Xiang's palm apart. However, Chen Xiang's palm seemed to be made of divine iron, dragging it backwards while holding onto it tightly, he did not dare to twitch at all.

"Idiot." Chen Xiang looked at the Small gold eagle, and two red rays of light suddenly shot out from his eyes. After the red rays of light shot out, they became tens of large threads of light that penetrated the Small gold eagle's body.

"Heart Piercing Demon Eye." The Small gold eagle was shocked, he never thought that there would be such a powerful demon dweller on this battlefield that knew how to use this lost demonic technique.

The Small gold eagle had already let go of Chen Xiang's hand, because the blood vessels on his arm were pierced through by Chen Xiang's Piercing Heart Demon Eye.

"Don't let him transform." Long Xueyi shouted.

Chen Xiang kept his spear and hammered the Small gold eagle's head, using all of his power from the Three Killing Techniques, Heaven Slaughter Divine Slaughter Unity. With the addition of the Dragon Power and the Divine Hammer's impact power, the hammer strike was extremely terrifying, the sky and earth suddenly changed color, the wind and clouds surged, and the earth trembled violently.

"Go to heaven." Chen Xiang never thought that after he entered the Worldly Immortal Stage, he would be able to use all his strength. The great momentum he had created had already attracted the attention of many Immortal Kings and Immortal Monarch.

The divine hammer landed on the Small gold eagle's head, but it did not hit it so hard that its brains were splattered everywhere. This was because when the divine hammer smashed onto the Small gold eagle, the super pressure that surged out from the divine hammer had already crushed the Small gold eagle's head into powder.

"Quickly put it into the ring, the Small gold eagle after death will become very big, and when the time comes, the Great Golden Roc King will be back. That's a fellow at the Immortal King level." Long Xueyi anxiously shouted.

Chen Xiang threw the headless body into a relatively s.p.a.cious area of the ring, then quickly burrowed into a crevice nearby.

Just as he left, an angry screech sounded out from within the immortal palace, shocking everyone to the point that their hearts trembled. The Golden Roc King was infuriated, some people had already guessed that his son had died.

"Who is it?" The Golden Roc King's angry roars shook the heaven and earth.

"It's you and me." At the place where he was fighting with the Small gold eagle, a group of Immortal King level Rankers suddenly appeared. Among them, there were two Bird Kings from Imperial Feather Race, and the first and second princes were also present.

"It's the Dragon Power, it seems to be the The power of the holy dragon." The first prince said.

"Imperial Dragon Clan, I'll fight it out with you." The Golden Roc King roared angrily and flew towards a place far away where the Dragon Power was thicker.

After getting rid of two Immortal Monarch, he knew that Imperial Avian Race had fallen. He cursed in his heart, "d.a.m.ned brat, to think that he actually got himself a Small gold eagle. I really regret not being with him, he's really struck the jackpot."

Because the Small gold eagle had died, the Golden Roc King was furious. He killed a large group of the Sixth Prince's Immortal Monarch s and killed two Immortal Monarch Emperor Dragons. He was currently fighting a great battle with a few Immortal Kings and a Dragon King.

"It's Fire Divine Palace's turn. If I don't get rid of a few of the Fire Divine Palace's, I won't be happy even if I get rid of the Small gold eagle." Chen Xiang gritted his teeth and said: "Little Naughty Dragon, quickly help me find those fellows from Fire Divine Palace. No matter what methods you use, let them die a few core members."

"That's easy. They all have Fire Soul s and there's a huge difference between their fire auras and those without them. They really can't let the people from Fire Divine Palace off easy." Long Xueyi said.

"If necessary, just use your Magical corruption gas and Drunk G.o.d magical poison. It would be best if you can kill those at the Immortal King level when you use them." Bai Youyou said coldly.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, swallowed a pill, and meditated in the depths of the crevice. He had indeed made a fortune by killing that Small gold eagle, but he felt that it was still not enough.

"I'll help you find those tired Immortal Fire G.o.d King. It's easier to succeed in ambushing those guys." Long Xueyi said.

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