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The Heaven Realm was so big, not only Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian had the idea of making a fortune, there were also many other people who were willing to risk their lives to come to the battlefield of the battle for the throne to try their luck.

At this time, the majority of the people partic.i.p.ating in the great battle in the palace were Immortal Monarch and Late period of human immortal, and they were all from famous big powers, so all the equipment that they brought were Divine Equipment, even if they were damaged, they could be sold for a good price. If they were lucky, they would be able to get a piece that was intact, and that would be great.

"Brat, you must be the one who did the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace thing, right?" Huang Jintian was now full of energy, he had already recovered to the peak, and could go to that battlefield to cause trouble at any time.

"You know about the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace as well." Chen Xiang stood up, patted his b.u.t.t and asked in shock.

"Other than you, I can't think of anyone else with this kind of skill, nor can I think of anyone with such a good relationship with women. You must have gotten that Holy Spirit Rabbit for your woman, let me remind you, you definitely can't use it yourself, unless you're tired of being a man." Huang Jintian looked at Chen Xiang with a serious expression.

Chen Xiang chuckled: "Master, you don't have to worry, I will never become your female disciple."

Huang Jintian grinned: "It's not bad having a female disciple, but a brat like you is so happy as a man, even if I beat you to death you wouldn't go and be a woman right?"

"We can set off now, master. When I use some poison or something, there shouldn't be a problem." Chen Xiang said, with his current strength, if he wanted to cause trouble, he could only do so.

"I heard that when you were in the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, you used the Black blood magic sunflower's poison. This poison isn't forbidden, so just use it as you like. Huang Jintian rubbed his hands together as he smiled.

"When the time comes, we'll split up and move out. Don't come together, otherwise, we will attract some experts that will implicate you. However, you need to be careful. If you see the Immortal Empire charging over, quickly run." Huang Jintian warned.

Chen Xiang nodded, then was pulled by Huang Jintian and rushed towards the distant battlefield that was engulfed in violent oppression. At this moment, the place was densely covered in black clouds, lightning flashed, thunder roared, winds rose and clouds surged, roars, explosions rang unceasingly, and the battle situation was extremely intense.

"Let's stop here. See you in the future." Huang Jintian tossed Chen Xiang at the foot of a bare mountain, then flew towards the battlefield not far away.

Chen Xiang looked at the barren hills around him, they were caused by the Qi waves released by the great battle. Originally, there were many big trees here, but they were all destroyed the moment the great war broke out.

"Whether it's the early stage of Immortal Monarch or the Late period of human immortal, everyone stay away from the rest. There are two Late period of human immortal s fighting in front of us." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang immediately rushed over: "In these two big battles, the ones that died the most should be Worldly Immortals. As long as we don't meet the Immortal King, it would be difficult to kill them, unless we meet someone strong with poison …"

Long Xueyi said: "This method of fighting, is also to weaken the opponent's strength, so that they cannot have enough power to control the entire Immortal Country, while the other forces only used a very small amount of power, the main force is still on the side of the Sixth Prince and the other princes."

In front of Chen Xiang, there were two middle aged men who were wielding Immortal swords, and were performing beautiful yet powerful sword techniques to fight fiercely.

"There's no Imperial Avian Race. These should all be Myriad Dan Immortal Country's people." Chen Xiang hid behind a huge boulder and slowly took out his Death-haunting arrow.

"Who cares. Let's get rid of them first. They only have middle-grade immortal swords, so they can sell a few Spiritual crystal." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang used the Death-haunting arrow s to condense a large amount of Innate Qi to shoot one arrow, and then poured the Black blood magic sunflower's poison powder into it, waiting for an opportunity to shoot two birds with one stone.

After waiting for a moment, the two Worldly Immortals finally started to fight back with their swords.

"He's coming." Chen Xiang's heart moved, he released the poison arrow that he had been preparing for a long time. With a "whoosh", a strong Qi arrow that was infused with a large amount of Black blood magic sunflower poison powder shot out like light, and when it reached the middle of the two Worldly Immortals, it suddenly exploded, causing a black poison mist.

"Extremely poisonous, it's a Black blood magic sunflower." One of the Worldly Immortals shouted in shock.

"Good eye."

Chen Xiang suddenly appeared, holding onto the Devil emporer dagger, he stabbed it into the Worldly Immortal Stage cultivator's abdomen, and took out the heavenly core inside, then quickly took out the sword, pa.s.sing through s.p.a.ce, to the back of the other Worldly Immortal, the dagger stabbed in, straight into the Heavenly Pill, after taking the sword, Chen Xiang used one of the immortal swords to kill the two Worldly Immortal Stage experts.

"Hurry up, a Immortal Monarch has noticed us." Long Xueyi shouted. Chen Xiang moved extremely quickly, after absorbing the poison mist, he immediately left the place.

The Immortal Monarch that came over was a handsome middle-aged man. He looked at the traces of a fierce battle and frowned: "Strange, there were two pretty strong Worldly Immortals fighting just now, why did they disappear all of a sudden. From the looks of the death aura, there should be two dead people here.

"It's He Tang, isn't he the eldest son of the first prince?" Chen Xiang was shocked, this He Tang was a very powerful being.

"He Tang, are you running away?" This was He Feng, the eldest son of the Sixth Prince. He had once destroyed a Demon Palace by himself and was very strong.

When He Feng arrived, the Immortal Sword in his hand had already been pierced, the powerful Sword Qi gushed out, immediately ripping the ground apart, setting up two strong gales, blowing in two different directions.

"This fellow is indeed powerful. No wonder he was able to exterminate this Demon Palace." Chen Xiang exclaimed.

He Tang was not someone to be trifled with, with a wave of his hand, a black blade appeared. The blade brimmed with black Qi, it attracted bursts of lightning, and when He Feng's sword pierced over, he used his blade to block it, releasing tens of lightning bolts, and the sound of the explosion made Chen Xiang's Qi and blood boil, causing many of the boulders on the ground to be shaken into powder.

"The Myriad Dan Immortal Country's w.a.n.g Sun is indeed powerful." Chen Xiang sighed in his heart.

"They are all princes now. The future king of Myriad Dan Immortal Country will definitely be strong." Long Xueyi said.

The sound of battle between He Tang and her was extremely intense. In a very short period of time, numerous huge craters had already appeared here, and the deep cracks on the ground caused people's hearts to palpitate.

Chen Xiang had originally planned to stay far away from these two people's battlefield, but when he thought about how hypocritical He Feng was, taking his Relive Dan and doing those wicked things, he immediately got angry. Hiding in a ditch, he took out his Death-haunting arrow and secretly injected it into the Innate Qi.

"A little Seven Colored Sky Fire can break through the defense." Su Meiyao said: "Otherwise, with that little bit of Innate Qi, it wouldn't even be able to shake his Innate Qi's barrier, and the poison mist would be useless."

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