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Chen Xiang subconsciously grabbed at the soft object as he shouted coldly. His body released a burst of cold energy, causing him to be shocked to the point of immediately releasing his divine power to sense the Qi inside her heart. He quickly sensed that it was indeed special, but he was able to easily suck it out.

"It's done." Chen Xiang completed it very quickly. If it wasn't for the urgent situation he was in, he would have dragged it out for a while. Although it was through his clothes, his hands still felt good.

"Hmph." Bai Ziqian felt Chen Xiang's fingers wiggle slightly, and immediately moved his hand away. Then, he grabbed his wrist and shuttled back and forth in the forest.

"I shook him off." Long Xueyi said: "However, that Qi is indeed strange, even from a distance, you would still be sensed by it. If I did not help you hide, I'm afraid that you would have become the target in the future."

Chen Xiang tried to force it out on the way, but it was difficult, so he was not worried.

"Haha …" They split up and looked for it. " Long Xueyi laughed, she had been using the Heaven Tour to observe the Immortal Kings.

Chen Xiang said to Bai Ziqian in a low voice, "Sister Ziqian, they have split up to look for us. Do you think we should kill one or two of them together to make them feel bad?"

Bai Ziqian stopped in her tracks. She had also sensed that no one was chasing after her, and the aura that had been gathered together had split into five.

Even if he did not use poison, in a one on one fight, Bai Ziqian could defeat an Immortal King from the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace.

"Alright." Bai Ziqian pondered for a moment, then pulled Chen Xiang and ran in one direction. She seemed to be able to sense where the Immortal Kings were.

Big Sister's strength is much stronger than the Immortal Kings of Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, but Devil-suppressing Divine Palace has their own demon Qi Methods, so Big Sister should be more pressured by them, you should be clear about this, wait for a moment and watch out for the opportunity to take action, secretly aiding her. Bai Ziqian said.

Chen Xiang chuckled: "Of course, although this kind of thing is disgraceful, I am still more willing to do it."

Chen Xiang was the best at releasing hidden arrows, and he would frequently fire them, so he rarely missed out on any of them.

However, Bai Ziqian did not plan to have Chen Xiang help. Chen Xiang had just ascended, and facing Immortal King level experts, he basically did not have any power to resist. Even if there was some strange poison, it would not be of much use.

"You wait for me here, I'll go chase after that guy myself. This should be the more powerful Immortal King amongst them." Bai Ziqian threw Chen Xiang under a big tree. This huge tree was extremely big, and required dozens of people to hug it.

Regardless of whether Chen Xiang agreed or not, after Bai Ziqian stuffed Chen Xiang into a tree hole, he chased after a Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's Immortal King at lightning speed.

Chen Xiang had promised to help Bai Ziqian before, as he turned into a bird and flew quickly in the forest. However, his speed was not as fast as Bai Ziqian's, unless he used the spatial laws to travel through s.p.a.ce.

"Witch, you are courting death." A loud roar came from the sky, shaking the forest and causing the leaves to dance in the air.

"You provoked me first." A blue light flashed in front of Bai Ziqian, not knowing what she had done, the trees within a few hundred meters of her suddenly turned into powder, and were blown away by the strong wind.

The Immortal King in the air released a few rays of golden light that carried the power of suppressing devils, and struck Bai Ziqian like lightning. However, the blue light that flickered on Bai Ziqian's body had a bizarre power, as it bounced off, causing the powerful suppressive devils to spread out in all directions, like countless of golden needles flying out in all directions, causing the trees that were hit to instantly turn into ashes.

"The battle between immortal kings is indeed fierce. I almost got into trouble." Chen Xiang was crawling on the ground now, but he had turned into a tiny bug.

"You deserve to die if you use the Super Old poison, everyone has the responsibility to chase and kill you." The Immortal King of Devil-suppressing Divine Palace drank.

"Hmph, then why did that fellow who died in my hands get me to hand over a poison? He should have killed me immediately. If the Super Old poison was in front of you guys, I'm afraid you guys would probably s.n.a.t.c.h it away like a group of hungry mad dogs." Bai Ziqian ridiculed.

"Nonsense, don't slander us." The Immortal King bellowed and swooped down like a golden meteor, striking straight at Bai Ziqian.

"A very decent guy." Bai Ziqian bellowed, her body flickered with blue light as her jade fists suddenly turned purple and black.

"Are you going to use the Magical corruption gas?" Chen Xiang said in shock. He never thought that Bai Ziqian would actually be able to refine Magical corruption gas into his body. He was very curious how he did it.

The Devil-suppressing holy power on both of his hands were extremely powerful, and when it shone on Bai Ziqian's body, it made her feel an incomparable amount of pain. However, when the Demon Immortal Suppressing King saw the change in Bai Ziqian's expression, his heart was also shocked, but he was not afraid.

"Witch, accept your fate." The Demon Subduing Immortal King laughed sinisterly, his fists suddenly glowing with a golden light, an even more powerful demonic suppressing force.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The ground was shaken by the strong force of the explosion, causing large cracks to appear. Strong wind swept up the broken rocks on the ground, causing large areas of land to be engulfed in black dust.

In the midst of this wave of energy, Chen Xiang carefully traveled through s.p.a.ce to approach them.

"Haha …" Your Magical corruption gas is useless to me, but you have even hurt yourself. Witch, I will capture you alive, and then we will convene a Devil Slaughter Conference. " The Demon Suppressing Immortal King laughed.

The corner of Bai Ziqian's mouth had purple blood flowing out of it, his face was pale, his blue eyes had also dimmed by a lot, and his fists were covered with purplish black blood.

Even a Demon King as strong as Bai Ziqian was unable to defeat them.

"There are already Immortal Kings from other Devil-suppressing Divine Palace coming. Hurry." Long Xueyi urged.

Chen Xiang clenched his teeth, he immediately teleported back and forth between Great Duan Kong and the Demon Immortal King.

"Who …"

The Demon Suppressing Immortal King roared, the sound was extremely furious, because half of the green blade suddenly appeared from his stomach, causing him to be extremely shocked, because there were many Magical corruption gas hovering around the blade.

Chen Xiang used most of his strength to pull out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. Fortunately, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was very sharp and had a strong defense, so it was able to pierce through the Demon Lord's Immortal Robe and break his defense.

"Green dragon demon-slain broadsword." He already knew who this person was, other than Chen Xiang, who else had Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s? However, he did not expect that Chen Xiang actually had such a large number of Magical corruption gas s, and when he stabbed him a moment ago, he had injected a lot of them.

Devil-suppressing Divine Palace had wanted to capture Chen Xiang for a long time, because he could obtain the two treasures, Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and Holy Devil-suppressing seal.

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