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Many people had wanted to beat up the He Hong for a long time, but this He Hong was the son of the first prince, so even if they scolded him in front of him, there would be serious consequences if they did it. Now, however, there was actually someone who was not afraid of death and directly punched him in the nose, causing him to bleed profusely.

"Kill him, dismember his body into ten thousand pieces." The He Hong covered its nose and screamed.

Chen Xiang's attacks were very sudden, and no one would have thought that someone would dare attack someone in the Myriad Dan Building, and that the person being attacked was even w.a.n.g Sun, which was equivalent to opposing the entire royal family. The normally domineering He Hong s were even more unexpected, so his subordinates were unable to react for a moment.

Chen Xiang only threw a punch and he ran down the stairs like lightning. He quickly walked out of the Myriad Dan Building and blended into the crowd to change his appearance.

Everyone was secretly happy that they were suddenly given the He Hong. Although it did not cause any serious injuries to the He Hong, it definitely hurt a lot just now, and the most important thing was that their face had been severely damaged.

"Leaving after a single punch, you sure are damaging yourself." Long Xueyi laughed.

"One punch is enough, this guy is just arrogant. He can give him some memory, but the father and son duo on the other hand, are all hypocrites. Truly, a vile person is much better than a hypocrite." Chen Xiang said.

After the He Hong was beaten up, a few rankers of the fourth and fifth floor came over. Some of them attacked at the Myriad Dan Building, but it infuriated the higher-ups of the Myriad Dan Building, so they immediately sent people to look for him.

Chen Xiang was far away from the Myriad Dan Building, and would walk past the majestic huge door of the palace from time to time. He needed to pay attention to the movements in the palace at all times, and if there was a fight inside, he would immediately sneak in.

A few days had pa.s.sed, but there were still no movements from inside the palace. It was clear that the conflict between the two parties was not intense enough, and was probably just speaking out of words, and Myriad Dan Immortal Country did not announce Old w.a.n.g's abdication.

"An Emperor Dragon walked out of the palace, and he even followed that He Feng." Long Xueyi said.

When Chen Xiang got close to the entrance of the palace, Long Xueyi sensed the Qi, and immediately told Chen Xiang.

However, Chen Xiang did not see He Feng or Dragon.

"In the direction of the sixth shop, I reckon that they have come out to play. There are a total of two Emperor Dragons, and their strengths are around the Immortal Monarch." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang immediately walked towards the direction of the sixth shop. The shops around the sixth shop were all under the jurisdiction of the Sixth Prince. If the Sixth Prince were to ascend to the position, he would hand it over to He Feng.

When they were nearing the sixth shop, Chen Xiang saw a hunchbacked old man. He had a messy beard on his face and his hair was very neatly combed.

"Little Naughty Dragon, I feel that this old man is my master, what do you think?" Chen Xiang did not sense any aura from the old man's body.

"He should be that crazy old man. When I went to check his strength, it was the same." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang came over and patted on his shoulder. The old man immediately turned his head and inspected Chen Xiang's strength, but was unable to find anything, he immediately knew that the young man in front of him was his disciple who had disguised himself.

Huang Jintian's eyes carried a smile as he sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Little brat, you're quite amazing, to be able to recognize me."

"I recognize you even after turning into ashes. Master, weren't you in the palace? How did you get out? It took me so much effort to get in." For Huang Jintian to be able to appear on the street and even approach the sixth shop, it was obvious that he had come for those dragons.

"I found a way to enter and exit freely. Now that there are two small dragons out, I followed them out. You will soon be able to taste the dragon meat." Huang Jintian laughed.

Chen Xiang had originally planned to use some sort of poison to kill those two Emperor Dragons, but that would be a given. The difficulty would be a little high, but it would be different now.

"This crazy old man's grilled meat is pretty good. I wonder how he will cook the dragon meat. I really want to eat it." Long Xueyi said while drooling.

"Do you need help?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No need. Wait for me at the twenty thousand pill palaces. Something big might happen tonight, we'll contact each other by secret signal." Huang Jintian said.

"I want to stay as well." Chen Xiang said anxiously, if tonight was the battle for the throne, if he was not here, he would not have gotten lucky.

"Idiot, of course I know you are here to make a fortune. I have calculated using the Heaven extended method, the old king would abdicate tonight, and then some things would happen, the location would be around the twentieth palace. After I finish off these two small dragons, I will go and reunite with you, and pick up the loot.

Huang Jintian had the ability to foresee the future, so of course Chen Xiang believed him. After bidding farewell to Huang Jintian, he entered the Transmission array and was teleported to Immortal Palace No. 20 in Myriad Dan Immortal Country.

These 20 immortal palaces were very big; however, they weren't as prosperous as the main palace. Moreover, there weren't many people here, and there were very few places with houses. They were very suitable for great battles.

Chen Xiang wandered around for four hours before he found out that there was only one area with a single person in it, and that it was far from the center.

"An immortal palace is as big as a continent. So this immortal palace should have a lot of empty s.p.a.ce. Could it be that this immortal palace is used for fighting?"

Chen Xiang's heart was filled with suspicion. He was staying at a hotel near the Transmission array.

He laid on his bed and patiently waited. However, at this time, he sensed an energy fluctuation coming from the Transmission array, it was a very strong aura fluctuation. This meant that someone was currently teleporting over from a very far place and it was definitely not the Myriad Dan Immortal Country's numerous immortal palaces.

"Who's coming?" Chen Xiang used the Heaven Tour and allowed his divine soul to fly above the Transmission array. The only person who was teleporting over was only a woman, and she was also wearing a mask and a bamboo hat. Although she was wearing a loose black robe that covered her body, Chen Xiang could tell from her footsteps that she was definitely a woman.

He was not interested in the beginning, but some people made him very mysterious. This was normal, but just as he was about to put away the Heaven Tour, he discovered that the woman had left behind some signals. When she pa.s.sed by a wall, she gently touched it with her hand, leaving behind a very, very shallow mark.

"This signal, is …" Chen Xiang immediately jumped up from the bed. He did not think that he knew this woman, nor did he think that he would come to this place where a great battle was going to take place.

"It's Sister Ziqian, what is she doing here?" Chen Xiang quickly left the hotel.

"She is currently wanted, and she is related. Many people are looking for her, and she also left a secret signal in a place like this. Could it be that she is looking for you?" Bai Youyou was also very confused.

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