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When He Feng received the notice, he immediately rushed over, and upon knowing that Chen Xiang was about to go out, he wanted to reject at first, but when he heard that Chen Xiang wanted to see the person from Devil-killing Summit, he did not dare stop him. There was a high possibility that someone from Devil-killing Summit was looking for him, as they wanted to bring him back to Devil-killing Summit.

Over the years, many experts had claimed that they were Devil-killing Summit, but most of them had never gone there, and only received guidance from the experts that came from the Devil-killing Summit. If they could return to the Devil-killing Summit, then their achievements would be even greater in the future.

However, it was true that there were a lot of enemies in the Devil-killing Summit, because many people who called themselves Devil-killing Summit would often cause trouble everywhere, provoking some strong warriors or powerful forces. Over time, many great powers would target the Devil-killing Summit, and no matter who it was, as long as they were people from the Devil-killing Summit, they were enemies of the big powers.

"I will not return to the Devil-killing Summit for the time being. My followers will stay here." Chen Xiang said, this was what Huang Jintian had taught him.

Just like last time, He Feng brought Chen Xiang out of the palace using a carriage. Although it was just He Feng, he was very strong, with enough strength to protect Chen Xiang, as long as it wasn't the Immortal King.

He Feng was still young, and was already at the late stage of Immortal Monarch. He might very well become an Immortal King soon, the royal families in Myriad Dan Immortal Country were indeed very strong.

As he sat on the carriage, Chen Xiang closed his eyes and pretended to rest. He was in the middle of thinking about how to get rid of He Feng.

"The person who came to find me sent me a message. He said that there are special reasons why I am not allowed to enter the immortal palace. He told me to meet him outside. Young master, you only need to wait for me at the shop." Chen Xiang said.

If not for Huang Jintian remaining in the palace, this He Feng would have thought that Chen Xiang wanted to shake him off. Now, he nodded very straightforwardly as he knew that the follower beside Chen Xiang was very powerful.

Arriving at the entrance of the shop, Chen Xiang anxiously rushed over to the Transmission array, and teleported to the exit of the immortal palace. After leaving the immortal palace, he entered the vast forest, concealing his whereabouts.

Initially, there were people following him, but as soon as he exited the immortal palace, he was quickly left behind.

After the people following Chen Xiang were thrown off, they immediately sent a message to He Feng. When He Feng realized that something was wrong, he immediately returned to the palace.

Huang Jintian calculated the time, and when it was about time, he immediately hid himself. He had lived for who knows how many years, although he was sometimes crazy, no one could do anything to him while he was playing dirty.

To suddenly disappear from the palace by yourself was a very scary thing to do. If one were to hide in there recklessly, the consequences would be unimaginable, not to mention that that person was from Devil-killing Summit.

Tengu had already made his move, what was terrifying was that he did not know where the two had gone. Only now did he remember that the Ling maidservant that had always been by Chen Xiang's side had already disappeared, and they could not find any trace of Little Ling.

This immediately made the Sixth Prince and the others think that this was a premeditated plan, otherwise it would not have been so rigorous.

"This Sixth Prince is really amazing. His men are everywhere, and they're all looking for me."

Chen Xiang hid outside for a few days, turned into a young man, and entered the main palace once again. Upon entering, he saw many people on the road who were not weak disguised themselves as regular people.

"That's why that crazy old master told you to leave earlier. If he stays in the palace now, it should be even more dangerous. I wonder if he can handle it." Long Xueyi said.

"I'm not worried about him. He probably won't stop until he kills one or two dragons." If Chen Xiang had not helped her, she would not have been able to escape the Sixth Prince's pursuit so easily. However, Huang Jintian had done it on his own.

Chen Xiang then came to the central area, looked at the high walls of the palace and said: "I'm here to make a fortune, how can I leave just like that."

He had indeed made a hundred billion Spiritual crystal, but that was still too little for him.

"What are your plans now?" Long Xueyi asked because he saw that Chen Xiang had come to the Myriad Dan Building again.

"I've been looking down on that He Hong. Come here and beat him up." Chen Xiang walked into the Myriad Dan Building and entered the third floor.

Although he lost last time, the He Hong still roamed around here looking for some soft persimmon to pinch.

The Elder Uncle Li was also here, and he looked like he was sleeping. When Chen Xiang arrived at the third floor, he saw that Elder Uncle Li's eyelids had twitched, and he was shocked in his heart. He suspected that the Elder Uncle Li already knew about his arrival.

The mysterious Elder Uncle Li was not an ordinary person, Chen Xiang was secretly on guard, as soon as the Elder Uncle Li pierced through him, he would immediately leave, and right now, 60,000 words worth of people were looking for him, even here, there were people sent by the Sixth Prince.

The Sixth Prince had obtained a genius Alchemist, but this genius Alchemist had been eliminated, causing the Sixth Prince to be mocked by the other princes. The Sixth Prince could now confirm that Master Yan was not with the other princes, but he had a goal to infiltrate the palace.

The He Hong brought a few people and strolled around. Chen Xiang walked over and asked Long Xueyi at the same time: "Does this kid have a Immortal Monarch by his side?"

"Nope." Long Xueyi said.

When Chen Xiang walked over, the He Hong was already staring at an old man. He saw that the old man had just finished refining a batch of pills, and walked over with a sinister smile, "Old Ox, your pill refining skills have improved a lot. Are you interested in competing with my first store's Alchemist?"

When the old man heard the He Hong's voice, his thin body slightly trembled, and he said: "There's no need to compete, I definitely can't compare to the Alchemist in your first shop. I just mastered refining high grade Ground level pills not long ago."

"Oh, you dare to reject me? Don't you want to stay here any longer?" The He Hong sneered: "You should be clear about the consequences if you reject me. If you lose, you wouldn't suffer any loss, right?"

"But I don't want to compete right now." The old bull really did not want to compete. Although losing to the He Hong was nothing, he would sneer at him from time to time, which would affect things a lot. This was not just a simple sparring in pill refining techniques, the He Hong had specially tricked him.

Chen Xiang walked over and shouted, "How about I compete with you?"

The He Hong immediately looked at Chen Xiang, and just as he turned around, Chen Xiang flashed and appeared in front of him, following that, Chen Xiang's fist fiercely smashed into his nose.

"It's more interesting that I will compete with you in fists. It's boring to concoct pills all day long." Chen Xiang's fist had already destroyed the He Hong's nose, and right now, the entire face of the He Hong was covered in blood.

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