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There were many people pointing fingers at them and talking about things that would affect their mood, but Chen Xiang remained unmoved. He had already entered a very stable state, and before long, he would be able to refine all of the main ingredients.

"That fellow called Elder Uncle Li is quite powerful. He can actually sense the changes in your furnace. However, he shouldn't be able to tell what exactly happened." Su Meiyao did not expect Chen Xiang to actually use the G.o.d purification at the beginning, she now knew that the G.o.d purification could also be used this way. Although it would consume a bit more energy, it was still possible to use it to refine Relive Dan.

Chen Xiang opened his eyes and looked at Master Zhong. He was very surprised, because the Master Zhong was extremely fast, and according to his estimation, maybe Master Zhong could even refine two Relive Dan.

While concocting the pills, he was still observing his opponent, causing many people to be unable to understand what Chen Xiang was doing, and to not be alarmed at all.

"This old man is very powerful. I never thought that the entire refining level of the Heaven Realm has improved by so much over the years." Bai Youyou said.

Maybe because of the increasing number of herbs, in the past, it would take Alchemist who knows how many years to refine a batch of higher levelled pills, but now it's different. Just by using an array formation, one can quickly grow a large number of pills that have a lot of uses, like the Relive Dan, which requires even more to refine. Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang closed his eyes, took in a small breath, and said to himself: "I'm going to start condensing the cores."

In that moment, a huge change occurred in Chen Xiang's pill furnace, because he had refined all the main ingredients at the same time, causing the pressure in the pill furnace to decrease by a lot, and the fire intensity to decrease quickly.

Chen Xiang moved all the part.i.tioned areas within the pill furnace away, allowing all the Medicine aura s and medicinal powder to fuse together and release his divine power. It created an extremely strong pressure and made everything inside into a ball.

"How many pills can it be? Can it be four?" Su Meiyao asked.

The limit for Chen Xiang to refine Relive Dan s was three pellets, but four would be extremely difficult, because there were only those that had the spirit energy needed to refine all of the herbs. If she divided the ingredients into four parts, it would cause the Medicine aura and the medicinal powder to be insufficient, making it unable to condense the Relive Dan into a pellet. Su Meiyao was clear about this fact, but she knew that Chen Xiang would always be able to create miracles.

"Sure." Chen Xiang agreed, and then he split the ball of air into four parts.

"If I use the Foreseeing Alchemy, during the process of refinement, I will slowly consume a portion of the Medicine aura, and if I use the G.o.d purification, I will cleanly and cleanly refine the medicinal ingredients. The Medicine aura and medicinal powders will not leak out, so condensing four pellets is not a problem." Chen Xiang said confidently.

The change in Chen Xiang's pill furnace could be felt by everyone. The berserk fire Qi that suddenly disappeared, became very stable, but it was too stable, this was not a pill condensation, because when pill condensation took place, the pill furnace was the most unstable, it would produce a weak tremble.

When Elder Uncle Li felt that Chen Xiang's furnace had suddenly split into four parts, he opened his eyes wide, but quickly returned to his original state, but his heart was still in turmoil.

Just then, Master Zhong's pill furnace started shaking. Using such a low quality furnace to refine pills, it was normal for something like this to happen in Dan King.

No one was surprised by Master Zhong's pill refining speed. Right now, Master Zhong was already preparing for the pill refining process, and it wouldn't be long before he would produce one.

As for Chen Xiang, he had only entered into a stable state. Everyone believed that he had only just begun stabilizing the situation inside the pill furnace.

Xiao Ling watched from the side, she had a certain understanding of pill refining too, she bit her lower lip, worried that Chen Xiang would lose the Fire Soul, it was a very precious thing, she did not want Chen Xiang to lose the precious Fire Soul because of her.

Just as everyone was focusing their attention on Master Zhong, unexpectedly, Chen Xiang suddenly opened his eyes, sighed, and said: "I'm done."

The always calm Master Zhong was originally secretly happy in his heart and even mocked Chen Xiang a little. But when he heard Chen Xiang's words, he immediately opened his eyes and looked at Chen Xiang.

Under the astonished gazes of the crowd, Chen Xiang stood up, stretched his body and said: "In the end, I still need to request for a more authoritative person to confirm the matter. I don't want others to think that I am cheating."

"Elder Uncle Li, what are you waiting for? Go up and take a look." A person asked, many people could not believe that Chen Xiang had succeeded, the speed was too fast, and too sudden, even Master Zhong would need some time to condense a pill.

The He Hong stopped talking and clenched its teeth as it watched.

He Tang said: "Elder Uncle Li, I'll be troubling you."

Elder Uncle Li took a deep breath, looked at Chen Xiang and said, "I never thought that refining pills is not just a method."

When everyone saw Elder Uncle Li say this, they knew that Chen Xiang was definitely not an ordinary fellow. He did not use any normal refining method when he was refining the pill, but other than that, was there any other method? Everyone was shocked, and if what Elder Uncle Li said was true, then Chen Xiang's refining method was different from theirs.

Elder Uncle Li opened the lid of the pill furnace and a faint mist of light emitted from inside. The mist surged out and a medicinal fragrance wafted in the air.

"Hai." Chen Xiang sighed softly.

Elder Uncle Li took out four Relive Dan s from the furnace and said, "Why are you sighing? Are you not satisfied with this result?"

Looking at the four Relive Dan in Elder Uncle Li's hands, everyone was shocked. They stared at the Relive Dan in Elder Uncle Li's hands in disbelief.

Impossible, this was what everyone immediately thought of, because looking at the Relive Dan's medicinal ingredients, the limit was still three pills. Furthermore, that was something that could only be refined by the very powerful and powerful Alchemist, while this simple and honest middle-aged man in front of them had four pills, which had already exceeded that limit, a limit that was absolutely impossible to break through.

"I've lost." After the silence lasted for a while, Master Zhong sighed. His pill furnace also shook a little. Obviously, he had given up on concocting pills and had no intention of continuing.

"millions of Spiritual crystal, take it." If he lost, then He Tang would throw a Storage bag to Chen Xiang, and leave with the He Hong with a face filled with unwillingness and doubt.

"Impossible, he cheated. The maximum number of pills the Relive Dan's main ingredient can produce is three. This is something the Dan Immortal told me a long time ago. It's impossible for him to produce such a pill." The He Hong shouted, he was not willing to admit defeat.

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