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Manager Ma really wished for Chen Xiang to win. If that was the case, then it would mean that the sixth shop was stronger than the first shop, which also meant that the sixth shop could attract stronger Alchemist s.

"Master Yan, if you win, then Little Ling will be yours from now on. You don't need to use ten million Spiritual crystal to redeem her, I can make that decision. This will help the sixth shop vent …" Manager Ma told Chen Xiang through sound transmission.

Right now, the battle for the throne was a contest of strength in all aspects, and the pill shop was also more important. A small victory here could let many see the Sixth Prince win by a sliver, and let many know how to stand in a line.

"That's what you said. Alright, I will definitely win."

Chen Xiang was processing the Relive Dan's medicinal ingredients, White jade lotus seed, Returning herb … He was extremely familiar with these herbs and could make them very good with his eyes closed.

The Alchemist that He Hong He Tang had sent out came from the fourth, fourth, and fifth floor. Even though he was an old man, Chen Xiang could tell from the whispers of the surrounding people that this old man was a Dan King who could refine Heaven level Pills.

"Grandmaster Zhong is a Dan King, he is ranked amongst the top grade Ground level pills. Who knows how many Relive Dan s he has successfully refined. It's more than enough to defeat him." The He Hong sneered.

The two normal pill furnaces were placed, and everyone began to inspect them. These were the rules for the compet.i.tion within the Myriad Dan Building, and after there were no problems, they returned to Chen Xiang and Master Zhong.

"Little scoundrel, don't look down on Alchemist's Alchemist. This place is a crouching tiger and hidden dragon, my little master had said many times before that there are many powerful Alchemist hidden inside this Myriad Dan Immortal Country. Be careful." Although she knew that Chen Xiang would not be arrogant, she still hoped that Chen Xiang would bring out his strongest power.

"I know." Chen Xiang was very calm at the moment. He would always be like this during compet.i.tions, not affecting his pill refining state because of anything else.

"Are you still planning to use the Foreseeing Alchemy? These old fellows will definitely be more proficient in using the Foreseeing Alchemy than you are, if they can also refine the same number and quality of Relive Dan, and if the time is slightly faster than yours, you will lose. This is Heaven Realm, the other party has such confidence in winning, so they will definitely not send out ordinary Alchemist." Bai Youyou said. Although she did not know how to refine pills, but she did understand a lot of these things.

"I know what to do." Chen Xiang placed the main ingredient and the secondary ingredient into the furnace. On this point, he was slower than the other party, so some people already thought that he would lose.

If it was a Alchemist of the same level, time would be the key to determining the victor.

"He really is powerful." Chen Xiang could feel the rapid and steady change in the other party's pill furnace, and was secretly surprised. This kind of Alchemist was even stronger than what he had encountered in the Sacred Dan Realm.

Some nodded their heads in praise of Master Zhong. The furnace was operating smoothly and quickly. The fact that the main ingredients could be quickly refined showed that the pill condensation process was extremely fast and the quality was also very high.

In comparison, what made people more suspicious was that the fire inside Chen Xiang's pill furnace was chaotic, it was not at the level of a Alchemist that was favored by others, causing them to furrow their brows.

"It's just my mouth. The Fire Soul is ours." The He Hong laughed contemptuously.

If Chen Xiang lost, the sixth shop would lose its face. One must know that there were very few matches between the princes' shops, but if they fought, one would have to have absolute confidence in winning, otherwise, they would be ridiculed for a very long time by the other party.

"What's wrong with this guy? Just a moment ago, I thought he was very powerful, so why is there such a mess inside the pill furnace?"

"That's right, my disciples are all better at controlling them than him. Whether he is crazy or not, with this level, he can take out the Fire Soul and make a bet."

"Is the sixth shop blind? Even a Alchemist like this can have a maid."

He had seen Chen Xiang refine Relive Dan before, but now, Chen Xiang did not have the same level of strength as before. This made him feel that Chen Xiang was not performing well, probably because of the pressure of winning or losing.

Just as everyone was discussing amongst themselves, Elder Uncle Li, who was left out by someone else, actually kept his pill furnace and squeezed into the crowd to watch.

It was said that many shops had offered generous conditions to recruit him, but he did not go. Furthermore, in some of the compet.i.tions, he would often obtain a high ranking, and could be said to be one of the more authoritative figures in the Myriad Dan Building.

"Elder Uncle Li, what do you think?" One of them asked. This Elder Uncle Li was good at concocting pills, but he did not put on any airs.

"You're asking me who will win, right?" The Elder Uncle Li asked.

"Yeah, from your experience, who would win?" the man asked again.

Elder Uncle Li frowned as he looked at Chen Xiang's pill furnace. The change inside was also beyond his expectations. Previously, when Chen Xiang could tell that he had concocted the Heaven Blood Pill and also saw the activity inside his furnace, it meant that his skill was not bad.

Elder Uncle Li did not believe that Chen Xiang could only reach that level. He did not answer that person, and carefully felt the changes in Chen Xiang's pill furnace …

The reason why the furnace was so unstable when Chen Xiang was refining the pills was because he did not use the Foreseeing Alchemy but rather the G.o.d purification.

He had already used his powerful G.o.d Power to divide the medicinal ingredients into several areas, including a region for the supporting medicinal ingredients and a region for the other main medicinal ingredients. After dividing them, he then used the G.o.d purification's method to quickly melt the main medicinal ingredients into medicinal powder and Medicine aura.

In the past, when he was refining the Hunyuan Dan, he did it on top of his palm, which made it easier to control. Now that he was in the pill furnace, it was a little difficult, but this was a Superior Grade Ground level pill, and he was very knowledgeable about the Relive Dan's ingredients.

The G.o.d purification was precisely to use a strong spiritual energy and an extremely strong flame to burn down the stubborn spirit within the medicinal herbs, and to refine it, one would need to use the profound and mysterious incantations contained within the Heavenly Alchemy in order to succeed.

"Weird, weird. This little brother uses a strong flame to burn medicinal ingredients when he's refining pills …" "This is a taboo in refining pills. Under normal circ.u.mstances, it would have exploded a long time ago, but it's very stable." The Elder Uncle Li muttered.

That's right, the hot air that Chen Xiang was giving off, was like this. Normally when he was refining pills, burning a lot of ingredients was taboo.

"Then we have won. The fire was so fierce from the start, the spiritual energy in the herbs will be destroyed." The He Hong was now even more confident. Looking at its excited expression, it was as if it had already obtained the Fire Soul.

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