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He actually wanted to gamble his life! Everyone thought that Chen Xiang was joking, but it didn't seem like it.

Hearing that he was going to play with his life, the He Hong could not laugh anymore. It only frowned and glared at Chen Xiang, because it really did not dare to play.

"Who do you think you are? What right do you have to risk your life and fight with Seventh Young Master? With your life, are you even worthy? " An old man beside the He Hong said in a hurry.

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "Fine, if you want to compete with me in refining pills, then kill yourself. Your Seventh Young Master should be very happy, because the one dying is not him, it's just a dog slave beside him, it doesn't matter how many he dies."

However, she could tell from Chen Xiang's words and actions that this "Big Brother Yan" in front of her was extraordinary, to actually dare to speak to this He Hong in such a manner.

At this time, the Elder Uncle Li that everyone had forgotten about suddenly spoke up: "I also think gambling with one's life is more fun. If you lose, you wouldn't be afraid of losing, because you don't have your life, you wouldn't be afraid of anything.

The He Hong gritted his teeth, of course he did not dare to casually decide such a thing. Although he had many good Alchemist s with him, if he were to kill one of them, his father the prince would definitely punish him.

"If you don't dare to play, then get out of the way!" Chen Xiang knew that this group of fellows would be like this. They were previously so arrogant, but now that they talked about putting their lives on the line, all of them shrunk.

"This is just an ordinary spar, there's no need for it to be so extreme, right? If you win, you will gain even more benefits. If you win, other people will die, but you won't be able to obtain anything of your own. " The old man beside the He Hong said.

Chen Xiang said: "As long as I am happy, I do not wish to win anything good from you guys."

He actually dared to look down on w.a.n.g Sun! Everyone was secretly looking forward to the day when both sides would come up with something powerful.

"What you're saying is that you want to play big, right? Then we'll have to see what kind of bet you have. Your life isn't worth much in my eyes. Bring out some meaningful items." This was the first time the He Hong had met such a person. He could tell that Chen Xiang was very confident.

"You can help Xiao Ling ransom her body from the sixth shop. You should know how many Spiritual crystal s are needed." Chen Xiang said.

"Ten million Spiritual crystal!" The He Hong secretly took a deep breath. This was indeed too big, even if it was just one million Spiritual crystal, for someone like him, as w.a.n.g Sun, it was still heavy. If it was used to buy something, it would be alright, since the things they bought would work, but if they lost, it was equivalent to throwing them away.

Little Ling bit her lips. Chen Xiang wanting to redeem her body moved her a lot, but she didn't think that Chen Xiang needed to spend so many Spiritual crystal s for her.

"Then you have to have at least ten million Spiritual crystal. Don't leave empty-handed." The He Hong said, but right after he finished speaking, he regretted it, because once Chen Xiang took out ten million Spiritual crystal, if he did not gamble, then others would definitely laugh at him.

Everyone knew that the He Hong had no way to dismount and had kicked the metal board.

"That's enough!" Chen Xiang took out a pearl which contained a small cl.u.s.ter of red flames.

Everyone's heart was thumping hard, because this was a Fire Soul, and although it was the lowest level red Fire Soul, it was still extremely precious. Someone actually used this thing to make a bet, and this made many people want to jump out and compare themselves to Chen Xiang.

"If it's the Red Fire Soul, I'm afraid that even tens of millions of Spiritual crystal would not be able to buy it." Elder Uncle Li was also surprised, someone actually threw out such a thing casually, it was very precious, although there were many people with Fire Soul in Heaven Realm, but very few people took it out to sell, let alone gamble.

Chen Xiang did not lack Fire Soul, as long as the Fire Divine Palace was not destroyed, he would have a lot of opportunities in the future to get even better Fire Soul, and this red Fire Soul was nothing in his eyes.

The He Hong stood there in a daze, unable to speak. He only wanted to leave this Myriad Dan Building right now, because he couldn't afford to play. Ten million Spiritual crystal gave him a lot of pressure.

The He Hong was sweating profusely. Looking at his appearance, many people were gloating secretly in their hearts. The normally overbearing He Hong was now forced to such a state.

"If we bet with him, wouldn't we have millions of Spiritual crystal?" A gentle voice suddenly sounded. The He Hong was relieved and quickly turned to look at a middle-aged man who was slowly walking over.

"Late stage Immortal Monarch!" Long Xueyi said.

The He Hong's face revealed a smile: "Big Brother, why are you here?"

"He is the big brother of the He Hong, the eldest grandson of the Immortal King of Myriad Dan Immortal Country. His name is He Tang and he is very powerful. Xiao Ling transmitted to Chen Xiang.

To be able to take charge of the first shop, ten million Spiritual crystal were indeed nothing. Seeing that He Tang had arrived, a few Alchemist s bowed to him.

Although He Tang looked like a middle-aged man, he looked very lively and lively. He looked very young, and the aura he emitted was very similar to that of He Feng from before.

"I also want to see how powerful the new Alchemist from number 6 shop is, to actually dare to take out the Fire Soul to gamble. This is probably the first time in the Heaven Realm." He Tang smiled.

"I will decide on the rules." Chen Xiang said.

"No problem, please speak." He Tang was very polite.

"To refine a Qi Shen Dan, the winner will be decided in a single pot. The most pills will be produced, and the highest quality will be. The fastest is the winner." Chen Xiang said indifferently. This Qi Shen Dan was a middle grade Ground level pill, and was also one of the fastest pills that he could refine.

"Just a middle Ground level? Can it be higher? " He Tang replied: "It's too easy, there's no meaning."

"Relive Dan s, this kind of pill has the most extensive uses. It will sell the best, which is something that everyone is familiar with. When the time comes, everyone will witness the victory or defeat." Chen Xiang continued: "Actually, my level is only that of a high-grade Ground level Pellet."

In order to be more fair, during the compet.i.tion, he would use some common pill furnaces to buy one Spiritual crystal from the counter. This would test the standards of the Alchemist.

He did not expect that the moment Chen Xiang joined the sixth store, he would come here to have a bet with someone, but when he heard that it was a compet.i.tion to refine a Relive Dan, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief. He had personally seen Chen Xiang's refining level before, and it was very impressive.

"The Relive Dan, right? "This is the medicinal herb!" Manager Ma hastily took out a high-quality medicine and said, "You should have the supplementary medicine. Don't lose. If you win, the Sixth King might summon you."

If he won ten million Spiritual crystal from store number one, it would definitely cause quite a sensation. This was also a contest between store number one and number six.

Since he was not using Chen Xiang's name, Chen Xiang was not afraid of drawing attention to himself now. He felt that it would be better this way, maybe he could get closer to the Imperial Palace. If he could enter, maybe he could better understand the current situation.

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