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Chen Xiang brought Little Ling out of this pill shop and onto the streets. When he came out, he discovered that there were a few Alchemist s with similar servants by their side, but most of them were young and delicate.

Xiao Ling, why are all the servants beside the other Alchemist men, while you are female? There aren't many cute and beautiful girls like you, right? Chen Xiang was walking on the road, with Xiao Ling following closely behind him.

Little Ling said in a low voice, "Master Yan, in fact..." The other Alchemist s do not want me, they think me to be a little girl and can't help them much, but they need a very capable a.s.sistant when they are refining pills, that way they can refine the pills quickly and save a lot of trouble. "

"Just call me big brother." Chen Xiang laughed: "Those Alchemist s are too useless, they also need other people's help in pill refining."

Xiao Ling was a little surprised and said, "For the past two years, Manager Ma had pushed me onto a dozen or so Alchemist s, but those Alchemist s had immediately let me go. It's useless to say me out."

"Ignore them. They are useless. To think that they would want the help of someone else for their pill forging. It is just a small matter." Chen Xiang was extremely disdainful. In his opinion, for such a good girl to be looked down upon, those people must be blind.

"Big Brother Yan, where are you going? Don't you want to concoct pills?" Little Ling asked.

In her eyes, many Alchemist s were very busy, they would need to spend at least half of the day concocting pills. This was because she had heard from the young servants that they were very tired after all the hard work they did with the Alchemist s.

"What's the hurry? We'll talk about it at the end of the month." When Chen Xiang came out, Manager Ma had given him fifty thousand Spiritual crystal.

"Xiao Ling, where are the Alchemist s located? In the central region, it would be best if we could see some high level Alchemist sparring."

This was the Myriad Dan Immortal Country. Although Chen Xiang could see quite a few Alchemist s on the road, most of them were not that good. He wanted to see those with better standards.

"Myriad Dan Building, I will bring you there right away. Inside, there are many Dan King that compete in pill refining all day, it's very lively. Manager Ma once brought me there." Little Ling smiled sweetly.

Chen Xiang followed Xiao Ling to the Myriad Dan Building. This Myriad Dan Building only had five floors, but every floor was as big as a plaza.

Upon entering, he saw that there were many people in the s.p.a.cious hall. The medicinal fragrance was also very rich and had all kinds of medicinal fragrance.

"So many people, what are they doing?" Chen Xiang saw that there were a lot of people gathered around.

"They are all watching others refine pills. There are many famous Alchemist s here, and they will often be refining pills in public for others to see." Xiao Ling replied, "This is the first floor, which is of the lowest grade, the highest being the fourth, and the fifth floor is the territory of the Dan King. Furthermore, ordinary people cannot go there."

Chen Xiang could smell the scent of the medicine, and knew what kind of pills the majority of the people here were.

"What's that?" Chen Xiang saw a counter. There was an old man there, people would go over from time to time.

"Some people who have their own ingredients and need the Alchemist to refine them would come here to look for famous Alchemist s. Many of them are of decent standard, but they lack practice or are all Alchemist s who want to show off their skills in refining pills."

"Is anyone allowed to go and get it?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"No, only the famous Alchemist can receive it, and only after refining it will you get paid." Little Ling shook her head.

Chen Xiang and Xiao Ling arrived at the third floor in one breath. There were quite a few people here who were concocting high quality pills of the Ground level.

Coming here, Xiao Ling seemed to have seen someone she recognized, and quickly hid behind Chen Xiang, afraid that he would be recognized.

"Isn't she the little girl from the sixth shop? She actually has an owner." A young man dressed in red walked over and looked at Little Ling evilly.

The young man also had a follower behind him, one of them was a middle-aged man with strong cultivation, Late period of human immortal, and the other two were young servants.

Chen Xiang pulled Xiao Ling towards a Alchemist who was refining pills. There were fewer people watching, and there was no need to squeeze in.

"Oh? This little girl's master is not bad, huh? She can actually be so calm." The red-clothed youth teased and actually followed him.

"Big Brother Yan, that's why he was so jealous of me the other time. He's one of the first prince's sons, a grandson of the king, and his name is He Hong. You should hurry back to the shop." Xiao Ling told Chen Xiang through sound transmission.

"No, just ignore him." What bullsh * t w.a.n.g Sun, Chen Xiang was not afraid, the son of Dragon Emperor was still eaten by him, he was afraid of this guy.

Chen Xiang came to the side of the stall that was refining pills, and many people surrounded and watched quietly.

Xiao Ling said in a low voice: "This is Elder Uncle Li, he has great achievements in refining high grade Ground level pills. When we competed to refine high grade Ground level pills, he took first place before."

Once the He Hong came, the others all made way for him. This was a w.a.n.g Sun, who always wore red clothes, and was a regular customer of the Myriad Dan Building, he always made the Alchemist in his shop come here and gamble with others. He always made them lose miserably, so many of them always hid far away when they saw that they had lost.

The He Hong had come, but Chen Xiang did not even move his head a bit. He did not even look at him, but only held onto Xiao Ling's hand, and watched the Elder Uncle Li concoct pills.

"Why is it that there are so few people who are looking at Elder Uncle Li refining pills? There should be a lot of them, right?" Chen Xiang asked. The other Alchemist s were all surrounded, but this Elder Uncle Li who had such powerful pill refining skills was not surrounded by many.

Elder Uncle Li had a head full of white hair, his beard and eyebrows were completely white, but his face did not have any wrinkles, and he did not look very old.

"Because he sometimes doesn't concoct pills, but sleeps. His pill furnace is very strange and doesn't emit any heat. That's why it's hard to see what happens when he concocts pills. Maybe he's sleeping right now." The He Hong was also by the side, giving her a lot of pressure. She was worried that she would cause trouble for Chen Xiang.

The Elder Uncle Li had his eyes closed as he sat on the ground with his legs crossed, breathing slowly. He really did look like he was sleeping, and if he was observing from the sidelines for a day or two and discovered that he was sleeping instead of concocting pills, it would definitely be very deceptive.

"Little girl, this is your new master. Since old man Ma has arranged a personal maid for him, it seems that his pill refining level is not bad, right? This is a Alchemist who just joined the sixth shop, I really want to see how he is." The He Hong's words attracted a few people.

The sixth shop was the one that Chen Xiang had just joined. Because it was owned by the Sixth Prince and had no name, it was named after him.

Many people here knew that for the Alchemist in the number 6 shop, having a servant meant that they were valued highly. To be able to bring great benefits to the number 6 shop, it was a very good Alchemist.

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