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"She's not weak. She just became an Immortal with the same strength as you." Long Xueyi said unhappily: "I never thought that they would use such a method to keep the Alchemist, it's too despicable."

Chen Xiang agreed with her: "It's indeed too despicable, but I like it …"

"Hmph, little scoundrel." Su Meiyao and Long Xueyi scoffed at the same time.

"Although I already have two female slaves, they are not real female slaves. This one before me …" "Heh heh." Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly.

At this time, Xiao Ling gave Chen Xiang a beast skin. Chen Xiang opened it and saw many treaties on it.

"Manager Ma asked me to hand this over to you. If you think there's no problem, then sign this contract." Little Ling said.

Chen Xiang looked carefully at the contents of the contract and muttered, "The contract with the Pill Sect requires one to go to the pharmacy to gather medicinal ingredients every month to refine five hundred high grade Ground level pellets. The reward is fifty thousand Spiritual crystal s per month."

"Mm, not bad." Chen Xiang nodded.

"This is the most basic requirement. If Lord Yan can concoct a hundred thousand high grade Ground level pills, you will not be bound by this contract in the future. At that time, you can leave our pill shop anytime." Little Ling said.

Chen Xiang still didn't quite understand, and asked: "Why do I have a servant? Do the other Alchemist s have her?

As for the cost of the medicinal ingredients, one is equivalent to fifty Spiritual crystal. If Lord Yan can refine one or two of the medicinal ingredients, that would be eight hundred Spiritual crystal, and five hundred Spiritual crystal per month, then at the very least, we would be able to earn one hundred fifty thousand Spiritual crystal. The contract says that it's one hundred thousand Spiritual crystal, so you can make a lot of Spiritual crystal for us. "

"The others don't have personal maidservants. Senior Yan was chosen by Manager Ma, so he might want to focus on cultivating you."

Chen Xiang rubbed his chin and asked: "I can only earn thirty or forty million Spiritual crystal for you guys. In your opinion, it shouldn't be much.

Chen Xiang was still considering whether he should sign this contract and refine one hundred thousand pills to get rid of this contract.

"Sign it. From now on, you don't need to refine it yourself. Just hand in 500 pills every month, and it will be no big deal." Su Meiyao said: "Right now, you need this place to understand the situation here, furthermore, this little girl is not bad, when the time comes, we can take her away."

"At that time, if Lord Yan wants to bring me away, he can help me redeem myself." Little Ling stuck out her tongue.

"How much?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Ten million Spiritual crystal." Little Ling laughed and said, "I'm quite expensive, am I not?"

Chen Xiang signed the contract with blood dripping onto the table. He pa.s.sed it to Xiao Ling and said, "We'll talk about it at that time."

This medicine store was extremely large and had a large amount of medicinal ingredients. To him, five hundred pills per month was a small matter. He felt that he could settle this in a few days and save a lot of medicinal ingredients for himself.

"I'll pa.s.s it to Manager Ma. Please wait a moment, I'll be back soon." Little Ling disappeared in the blink of an eye. Her speed was extremely fast.

"Tens of millions of Spiritual crystal can be considered a large number here, and only a few Immortal Kings and can afford that. In the long run, they really think that you can make a huge profit for them." Su Meiyao said.

Of course Chen Xiang knew, but it didn't matter to him now. He just wanted a place to settle down, and then he would wait for the chance to earn some money.

Manager Ma was the old man. When he saw that Chen Xiang had signed the contract, he laughed: "Xiao Ling, he will be your master from now on. Serving him well, his future is limitless."

Little Ling nodded and said, "Little Ling knows."

Chen Xiang laid on the sleeping chair in the courtyard lazily. He did not want to move the slightest bit right now.

Little Ling came back and stood behind him without saying a word.

"Little Ling, this medicine store doesn't seem to have a name, why is it like this?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I heard that it was because I still don't know who the Sixth Prince is planning to give over the pill shop to. The Sixth Prince has seven children, but now the Eldest Young Master is in charge. Little Ling said.

"How long have you been here?" Chen Xiang was very curious. Although Xiao Ling looked like a girl, but she was actually an immortal. However, she was only worth millions of Spiritual crystal.

"It's been sixteen years. I was born here, but my natural talent is good, so I could become an Immortal. However, that's all I can do." Although Xiao Ling always had the sweet smile of a professional on her face, there was a trace of sadness on her face.

Chen Xiang had thought it was weird that such a good seedling would be used as a servant to serve him. There must be something fishy about it.

"He was forced to break through using a secret technique. This kind of thing is very normal. Many big forces train slaves like this. However, these people are all homeless orphans. Being able to do this is a pretty good fate for them." Su Meiyao said.

"Can you show me your body?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Ah, this …" "Sure." Little Ling's face slightly blushed, and then she started to take off her clothes.

Chen Xiang anxiously shouted. "Don't move, we're not looking at this … Looking at the situation in your body, I want to see why you can't improve anymore. "

Now, Chen Xiang finally understood what a real female slave meant.

"Get dressed and stand in front of me." Chen Xiang got up from the couch and placed his palm on Xiao Ling's abdomen. He wanted to see how much damage that technique would cause to her.

After a moment, Chen Xiang frowned: "What's with the Heaven Pellet?"

"Before Little Ling had even cultivated in Nirvana Doom, when I was still in the Extreme realm, I had already been embedded with a Heavenly Pellet. After that, adding on some other secret techniques, I could perfectly fuse with the Heavenly Pellet, learn how to control the powers within it, and then become an Immortal." Little Ling slightly smiled, but her smile was a little forced.

Chen Xiang had already seen the pain she had to endure at that time, even though it could make her very strong.

"If something goes wrong, you'll definitely die." Chen Xiang said with slight anger in his heart.

"Yes, only I can survive in the same group as me." Little Ling slightly lowered her head, the sweet smile on her face had already disappeared. She also had feelings for them. The companions that she grew up with had all died at that time. The fatherless her was the closest companion.

Long Xueyi said: "It's very difficult for her to grow again, the Heaven Pellet was not cultivated by herself, these people really aren't things."

"I don't blame them, because without them, we would have already died." Little Ling said.

"However, it cannot be denied that what they did was inappropriate. They allowed your lives to continue, yet they were tormenting your lives. At that time, if you all had a choice, you all would have chosen that road." Chen Xiang sighed.

"I don't know, but we've all enjoyed life because of this. Life was bestowed by them, so it's only right that they take it back." Xiao Ling did not expect her master to be so conflicted over such a matter, she did not understand.

Chen Xiang sighed helplessly, and said: "Come out for a walk with me, it's the first time coming to this kind of place, you should be familiar with this place."

"Yes." Ling nodded and didn't ask any more heavy questions. She immediately revealed a sweet smile.

Now, Chen Xiang already knew that the Sixth Prince and He Feng were definitely not good people, they just looked good on the surface.

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