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Originally, Chen Xiang did not plan to beat up such a bustling place, but he was lacking Spiritual crystal s right now, and he also wanted to see if he could take out one or two dragons and refine a batch of Dragon Pills to satisfy his craving. Thus, after discussing with Long Xueyi and the others, he decided to join in the fun and see if he could find some good stuff as well.

Chen Xiang, who had the idea of robbing the dead and rich, travelled a long distance inside this gigantic immortal palace, and headed to the center region to see if he could find any benefits. He felt that his time to dab oil on his feet was really great, if he did not go this time, he would definitely let down his ancestors.

"It seems like there isn't any great war. I've come for nothing." Chen Xiang was a little disappointed on the way back because he saw that many people were like how they usually were.

There were many empty areas in the immortal palace that had no people, and were places used for fighting. On the road, Chen Xiang pa.s.sed by many uninhabited forests, but he did not see any huge battles.

"It might not have started yet. This kind of compet.i.tion, will more or less erupt into a huge battle. It's possible that Imperial Dragon Clan and Imperial Feather Race met just now and had a spar in terms of aura." Long Xueyi said.

Outside the main palace, Chen Xiang couldn't even afford to live in a house. But now that he was in the center of the area, he realized that even if he were to sleep on the main street, he might still be driven away.

"This central region of the Myriad Dan Immortal Country is really powerful. I really want to pry a floor tile to sell."

Chen Xiang walked on top of the floor tiles and discovered that the floor tiles were all made from a type of strange stone. There were Spirit grain s on them that could gather immortal qi, causing the immortal qi in the central area to be extremely dense.

Without capable people, it would be difficult to get along here. Just doing anything would require a large amount of Spiritual crystal s.

"Looks like only a poor person like me would have the thought of sleeping on the streets." Chen Xiang looked at the incomparably dazzling pedestrians on the road and sighed in his heart.

"Isn't there only one person sleeping on the ground in front? You can go and accompany him." Long Xueyi laughed.

Chen Xiang looked forward and discovered that there was indeed a slovenly old man lying at the entrance of a medicine store. This old man was holding a bone that was as large as a broom in his hand, and the flesh on it had already been eaten.

This kind of person was incomparably dazzling in this sort of resplendent central region. A few pa.s.sersby slightly creased their brows, but strangely, they weren't chased away.

Chen Xiang walked over, he wanted to see which deity this was, so that he could sleep in this place as though he was sleeping in his own home, there was no trace of politeness in his actions.

He walked over to take a closer look and was stunned for a moment. When he looked again, it was as if he had been struck by lightning.

"This... "Master."

Chen Xiang screamed in his heart, this old man was actually his master, Huang Jintian.

"It's actually this old madman, I actually didn't notice." Long Xueyi was also very surprised.

Huang Jintian realized that a middle aged man was staring at him and immediately raised his head and shouted, "What are you looking at, have you never seen anyone sleeping on the streets before? Do you dare to sleep?

Chen Xiang really wanted to ruthlessly kick his feet, and then use his fastest speed to run away.

"Watch my feet."

Thinking about that, he really did go over and kick Huang Jintian. His kick was very fast, but Huang Jintian also managed to dodge quickly, and was not hit by Chen Xiang's kick.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! A gentleman doesn't even move his mouth, yet you don't even move your hands! You've even moved your feet!" Huang Jintian flew into a rage. After swearing, he found out that Chen Xiang had already disappeared.

Chen Xiang was already sprinting on the street like a running rabbit. He was well aware of this crazy old man's temperament, he would definitely beat him up if he got caught by him.

"You won't be able to escape."

Huang Jintian still hadn't realised that this was Chen Xiang. He only felt that this fellow was extremely bored, coming here to provoke him to sleep on the streets. What made him even angrier was that this fellow ran really fast.

Just a moment ago, a group of people had been watching these two weirdos. One was a thick-skinned old man who was sleeping on the street, while the other was a bored old man who had observed this old man up close and had even kicked him.

Originally, everyone thought that this kind of scene would happen. However, they didn't expect that Chen Xiang's lightning-fast Treasure Rush would make many people feel inferior. What was even more surprising was that the old man on the street was also very fast.

"As expected, there are crouching tigers and hidden dragons in the central region of the Myriad Dan Immortal Country."

"Seems like I'll have to have some ability if I'm bored. Otherwise, if I get caught, I'll definitely be beaten to death."

Chen Xiang was not bored, he only wanted to lure Huang Jintian to a place with no one around, so he used such a method. Of course, he could send a sound transmission, but he was afraid that if this old lunatic Huang Jintian found out it was him, he would beat him up without saying a word.

Finally, Chen Xiang desperately ran to the gra.s.sland far away from the crowds of people, and shouted: "Master, it's me, I'm Chen Xiang."

"What? Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you dare to provoke me in public? Are you tired of living?" Huang Jintian suddenly shouted, increased his speed, and in the blink of an eye, caught up to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang immediately dodged, dodging the chaotic punch.

"Master, why are you here? The moment I came to the Heaven Realm, I looked everywhere for you, but I couldn't find you no matter how hard I searched." Chen Xiang changed the topic and asked.

Huang Jintian did not use this method, his punches and kicks moving out, and every strike was extremely powerful and overbearing, bringing with it a very berserk Dragon Power.

Huang Jintian was very strong, so he could not fight him head on. Even if he had Body of Heavenly Sage, it was still very painful to be hit, so he could only dodge.

After hitting Chen Xiang for a while, Huang Jintian was also very anxious, because he did not manage to hit Chen Xiang, and was dodged by Chen Xiang in a very strange way.

Huang Jintian suddenly stopped and asked seriously: "You're also here?"

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, walked over, and said: "I am here because …."

Before he finished speaking, Huang Jintian had suddenly flashed behind him, and gave him a heavy punch. Chen Xiang had long prepared for this, and he had experienced Huang Jintian's moves many times before, so he anxiously used spatial teleportation to dodge.

"Humph, that's too insidious. You can use this strange movement skill, stop fighting." Huang Jintian said, but Chen Xiang did not believe him and kept her distance.

Chen Xiang chuckled: "Master, I know that you want to see my strength, all of this is for my own good."

Huang Jintian tidied up his hair and said: "Little brat, your wings have grown harder."

"What are you doing here? The situation here is very complicated." Huang Jintian said: "Let me say it first, I have heard that there will be people from the Imperial Dragon Clan here, so I plan to kill one or two Emperor Dragons."

Chen Xiang was surprised that his crazy master would have such a thought.

"I'm here to make a fortune." Chen Xiang said with a serious face.

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