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Seeing that Mu Jialan was still hesitating, Chen Xiang said: "Take off your clothes, or I'll go inside."

Yao Shumei chuckled: "Then I'll go first."

Although Yao Shumei had said this, he still minded it a little in his heart. But Chen Xiang had kindly helped them to cure the poison in their hearts, allowing them to get rid of the control of this strange poison, as well as allowing them to take away the Holy Spirit Rabbit. The benefits they had received could be said to be incalculable.

Yao Shumei tore his clothes open to reveal a hole in his navel, enough for him to put his hand in. Chen Xiang felt that it was kind of funny.

They were all wearing long skirts. If they wanted to expose their navels, they would have to take some off. It would be even more embarra.s.sing.

Although Yao Shumei was already a mother, he was still young and beautiful, and looked like a sisters. His figure was also very good, Chen Xiang extended his hand, and placed it on her navel.

"Have you started smoking?" Yao Shumei asked softly, his face a little red because Chen Xiang's hands were a little dishonest as he rubbed her navel.

It was just that when he placed his hands on her, that kind of feeling caused him to uncontrollably rub his hands. It might be because he had not had s.e.x with her for many years, coupled with the fact that the person in front of him was a completely familiar woman.

"It has already begun." Chen Xiang looked very serious, he immediately released a burst of G.o.d Power to check out the strange poison in Yao Shumei's body, and quickly found out that most of the poison was in his abdomen, where there were a few areas filled with this poison, the amount was very large, if it was even a little longer,'s entire body would have been taken up by the poison.

Chen Xiang immediately locked onto the strange poison and then activated Devouring magic kungfu, carefully absorbing it out. At this moment, Yao Shumei felt a cold feeling in his abdomen, the flow of the poison.

"Does it hurt?" Chen Xiang asked. He had already sensed that a large amount of poison was congealing in his palm and releasing a cold aura.

At this time, Yao Shumei was very close to Chen Xiang. She saw Chen Xiang unrestrainedly looking at her face, looking straight into her eyes, causing her to lower her head slightly. She then shook her head: "It's not painful.

In less than an hour, Chen Xiang had already sucked out all of the poison, and his entire palm was covered with a layer of frost.

"Are you alright?" Yao Shumei could not help but ask when he saw Chen Xiang taking out his hand. His face was filled with worry.

Chen Xiang smiled, a burst of flames emerged, and all the frost was incinerated.

"What's the matter? Jalan, it's your turn." Chen Xiang laughed.

Seeing that his mother had successfully gotten rid of the poison, Mu Jialan was secretly happy in his heart. She was no longer as shy as before and nodded, then also ripped a hole in her navel.

"Don't laugh."

Mu Jialan snorted softly. The evil smile on his face made her immediately understand why Xue Xianxian kept calling Chen Xiang a scoundrel, as if Liu Meng'er had also yelled that before … This made her think that Liu Meng'er might have also been hurt by Chen Xiang before, that he was his master.

Her beautiful eyes flickered with multicolored light, as if she wanted to see through Chen Xiang completely. It was said that it could actually cure this strange poison, and even if it was someone from the Snow Moon Immortal Palace, they could only temporarily suppress their poison, and could not completely cure it.

Yu Xuelian naturally had some understanding of Chen Xiang's achievements. To be able to drive the Fire Divine Palace away from Di Tian, this was a very impressive thing.

"Heavenly Peach Blossom, you haven't even let a man touch your stomach before. Hehe, it's time for you to find a man." Chen Xiang gently rubbed her smooth belly and laughed, he then started to circulate his Qi to absorb the poison.

Mu Jialan pouted. "I'm not looking for one, there's no need."

"You guys have seen Xue Xianxian and the others, are they alright? I handled matters regarding the Dragon Subduing School, so I ascended much later than them." Chen Xiang asked.

"They are all very good, they all have very high positions in the Mortal King Immortal Palace. It's said that the Mortal King Immortal Palace is preparing to set up the Immortal Country, and they are a group of people worthy of nurturing. Are you going to the Mortal King Tian Country next?" Mu Jialan asked.

Chen Xiang shook his head: "No, I don't want to bring them any trouble. If you don't mind, I can follow you guys around everywhere for a while."

Yu Xuelian said: "I will take them to hide in the Spirit Demon Realm. It is very safe there, even if the other powers know we are inside, they will not dare to mess around, do you want to go to the Spirit Demon Realm?"

"Not going, but big sister Snow Lotus, you will have a Holy Snow Lotus in the future, can you give me one? I am a Alchemist, I have great use for this Holy Snow Lotus." Chen Xiang asked.

"No problem, but you have to help me refine pills in the future." Yu Xuelian smiled slightly.

The poison in Mu Jialan's body had already been sucked out, and at this point, the mother and daughter pair were all fine.

"Don't not know me when you become the female immortal king in the future." Chen Xiang laughed.

"You definitely won't be able to play with me. You're the first man to touch my stomach … What's more, once we become the female immortal king, you won't even know what kind of monster you'll be. " Mu Jialan laughed mischievously.

Yao Shumei said, "In the future, we will send some Holy Spirit Rabbit blood over to Meng'er and the others at regular intervals. This will be of great use to them because you only have one Jade Rabbit, and it won't be enough for so many women like you …"

Chen Xiang coughed dryly and corrected him: "Until now, I only have Xianxian as my wife."

"You have to be careful of the Divine Saber Immortal Palace. If you don't have enough strength, don't expose your Green dragon demon-slain broadsword." Yu Xuelian reminded him repeatedly.

Sister Snow Lotus, do you know Lv Qinlian? She was just like you, transformed from a lotus. Chen Xiang said.

"I don't know her, but I know her. She is a person that I respect very much, but I know that her relationship with you is not bad. I need you to recommend her to me in the future." Yu Xuelian laughed.

The poison that Chen Xiang used was all extraordinary poison, otherwise he would not have been able to handle Immortal Monarch Rankers.

"Goodbye then. We will definitely meet again in the future." Yu Xuelian took out the Transmission array Plate, which she had already set up beforehand. To be able to teleport to the Spirit Demon Realm, Chen Xiang guessed that she must have spent all her savings to get such a powerful array disc.

Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan said their goodbyes as well, and even hugged Chen Xiang a little.

The array disc opened and the three women who had just escaped death headed towards Yao Tian.

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