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Chen Xiang was startled when he saw her. She then walked in with a charming smile on her face and with every step she took, she made an extremely alluring pose.

Just as he was about to reach Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang's dull eyes suddenly glowed with a bright light, and in a flash, he appeared in front of the lady.

With one palm, he dispersed the force that had been gathered in the woman's body, and then with a few successive punches, his fist landed on her flesh, causing her to vomit blood. After hitting her flat on the ground a few times, Chen Xiang did not even bother looking at her, and rushed to the stone room, opening the door with what Yu Xuelian had given him.

Opening the stone door, Chen Xiang came to a room made of white jade. It was the same room that he saw on Yu Xuelian's disc.

"Be careful!" Long Xueyi suddenly shouted in shock.

Chen Xiang had always been on guard. Sensing that danger was approaching, he hurriedly teleported out of the place.

It was actually an old man wielding a spear and attacking him. From the look of the Innate Qi that was condensed on top of the long spear, this old man had the strength of a Immortal Monarch.

Chen Xiang was shocked that there was actually a Immortal Monarch here, and he could tell that it had been hidden here since a long time ago.

"Go catch Jade Rabbit, leave it to me." Long Xueyi shouted as he ran out from the ring. This was a very dangerous matter, and one must know that there were many Immortal King level fellows gathered in the Heavenly Realm.

Although Long Xueyi appeared, he did not fight with the old man. Instead, he released many ropes that were formed from white light and tightly wrapped around the old man.

The old man's face was filled with surprise, because he had used a lot of power but had been unable to break free. It could be seen that the masked woman was very strong, and this was a very powerful technique.

Chen Xiang caught the four Holy Spirit Rabbit in the corner and placed them into a beast bag. It was said that this type of beast bag was specially made, and normal beast bags wouldn't be able to hold this Holy Spirit Rabbit.

"It's a real Holy Spirit Rabbit. It's here, let's go." Bai Youyou said.

Long Xueyi also suddenly disappeared and entered into the ring, while the old man was still entangled by the white rope Long Xueyi released.

Chen Xiang quickly left the stone room and went outside. He immediately sneaked an attack on the ten over Spirit Demon women who were fighting with Mu Jialan.

"Quickly send a message to your mother and the others, I've succeeded." Chen Xiang anxiously said.

Mu Jialan frowned and looked at the place where the light was flickering, his expression was gloomy: "I'm afraid we'll have to trouble them, they are fighting with the Immortal Monarch, and might not be able to escape."

Right at this moment, Chen Xiang and Mu Jialan could sense a large wave of strong Qi approaching them. Without even thinking, they knew that it was the experts from the Heavenly Cow Immortal Palace coming over.

"Let's go." Chen Xiang suddenly pulled Mu Jialan along, then used the spatial travel and Shrinking step's coordination to rush towards the direction where Yu Xuelian and the others were battling.

"This is …" She recognized that this was the Shrinking step. Only Chen Xiang knew how to use it, and this was also the special footwork of the Heaven Earth Killing Method, it was extremely powerful.

Yao Shumei and Yu Xuelian's opponents were two old women with extremely strong bodies. What made Chen Xiang even more surprised was that Yao Shumei's Late period of human immortal could actually take on one of the Immortal Monarch s, but it was very strenuous.

Chen Xiang took out his Death-haunting arrow, condensed it with his own strength, and shot an arrow towards the old lady who was fighting with Yao Shumei.

"Ah... "It's extremely poisonous." The old lady did not expect that someone would plot against her. Chen Xiang's hidden arrows were powerful and silent, it was difficult to sense.

Immediately after, Chen Xiang released a second arrow, allowing him to escape.

"You killed them, yet you're using this poison?" An old woman roared. They were all trying to expel the poison, so they didn't dare to approach her.

"Let's go." Yu Xuelian and Yao Shumei appeared beside Chen Xiang in a flash, grabbed them respectively, and then quickly ran in one direction.

At this time, the group of experts was getting closer and closer. Chen Xiang was extremely nervous.

"What should we do? I'm afraid we're in trouble." Yao Shumei started to panic.

Chen Xiang immediately took out a shiny golden pill and threw it towards the group of people chasing after him. Then he shouted, "Prepare to defend against the cold Qi."

The thing that Chen Xiang threw out was the Destruction Ice seal Dan, this thing was something that he had refined when he was in closed-door training back then, when he was trying to ascend, and used to defend himself.

Yu Xuelian and the others immediately followed Chen Xiang's instructions. They already knew that Chen Xiang was not an ordinary guy, and not just anyone could have had that poison just now.

A burst of sound came from behind, followed by a wave of frost that engulfed the entire domain. The entire domain was immediately covered in this terrifying cold air, and many buildings were covered in a thick layer of frost.

"You guys are provoking the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace." The palace master's angry roar had shattered a lot of ice and snow, but the Heaven Realm was still a world of ice and snow.

Yu Xuelian had already taken out her Transmission array Plate, but now that no one was chasing after them, she could finally teleport peacefully.

The four of them stood on top of the array discs, they had already seen the Immortal Kings leading the group rushing over. Chen Xiang had shot out a few more Destruction Ice seal Dan, although it wouldn't cause any cold weather to the Immortal Kings, but it was still possible to delay them for a little while.

"It's open." Yu Xuelian shouted. At this time, she was also covered in cold sweat, if she was surrounded by this group of people, they would be dead.

The Transmission array flashed, and Chen Xiang and the three women disappeared. In that instant, a few destructive Ice seal Dan s exploded, and an even wilder and more berserk Icy cold power wreaked havoc in the entire Heavenly Bull Region. In that instant, these immortal kings worked together to set up a barrier, trying to seal the s.p.a.ce and prevent them from teleporting away.

However, they were still a step too slow, because Chen Xiang and the rest had already appeared in a large mountain.

"That was close." Yu Xuelian closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then, he sat down on the ground weakly, leaning against a large tree.

Although they could escape death, Mu Jialan and Yao Shumei were still in a state of shock. Their faces were pale white, and had yet to recover from the shock.

On the other hand, Chen Xiang started laughing loudly with his hands on his hips, causing the three women to look at him as if he was a monster. However, they had no choice but to admit that without Chen Xiang's help a few times, they would definitely not be able to safely escape.

Chen Xiang had encountered this kind of situation too many times, and he had a lot of experience in escaping from death, so he was currently very calm.

Now that the Holy Spirit Rabbit was in his hands, the next thing to do was to distribute them, and he had already agreed to each of them.

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