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Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan followed behind. Chen Xiang was the last one, he felt that the three women in front of him were really sick of living, they actually wanted to swallow the Jade Rabbit in private.

Arriving at Yu Xuelian's room, there was a large jade plate placed on top of a jade table, Chen Xiang and the three ladies were surrounding the table, only to see a few images inside the jade plate, and four rabbits that were snow-white like jade and released a snow-white glow were running around in a stone room, and inside the stone room, there were two old women sitting with their eyes closed.

"There are actually four Holy Spirit Rabbit." Chen Xiang was secretly shocked in his heart.

"These two old fellows are both from Immortal Monarch. Soo Mei and I will think of ways to get rid of them."

Yu Xuelian said directly, and then she gently touched the jade platform, causing the image to jump outside the stone room. It was a small courtyard, and there were over ten beautiful women there, wearing very thin clothes, almost naked, but Chen Xiang was not moved at all.

"Lan'er will be in charge of the women outside, and then the pa.s.sage to the stone chamber."

Yu Xuelian touched the jade plate again, but the surface was completely black. Soon after, an image appeared faintly, it was a naked woman with a plump body and jade-like skin, she could clearly see the beautiful things that could make one's blood boil.

"This woman is responsible for the pa.s.sage. You only need to deal with her and use this to open the Jade Room Array Gate to raise the rabbits. Then, go in and put the four Jade Bunnies into the immortal beast Bag."

Yu Xuelian had given some things to Chen Xiang, so she was becoming more and more satisfied with him, because when Chen Xiang saw those charming and enchanting girls, as well as those alluring jade bodies, he was not moved at all.

"I'm coming out." Chen Xiang asked.

"Meet us here. I have a Transmission array Plate with the surname once, which will allow us to move far away from Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace." Yu Xuelian said: "Originally, we planned to make our move in a month or two, but now the situation doesn't allow it, we will do our best to maintain your condition."

Chen Xiang rubbed his nose and asked: "Why don't you find a girl for this kind of thing, girls are more convenient."

Yu Xuelian said: "No, because the person who opens the jade room's array door must be a man. Although I am a Immortal Monarch under the command of the Divine Blade Palace Master, he is still very wary of me, that's why he arranged this way. I cannot open the array door directly, but he still gave me this thing."

Chen Xiang frowned and said: "So that means he is purposely testing you, because other than you and those two old granny from the Immortal Monarch, no one else can open the array door."

Yu Xuelian nodded. "That's right, after we obtain the Jade Rabbit, we will leave this place, and they will probably go to the Snow Moon Immortal Palace to report back."

"We can't have one each. Although I don't know what kind of rabbit this is, it must be very powerful." Chen Xiang said.

"No, if this Jade Rabbit Blood Man is used, he will only …" Actually, a lot of people did not know that the Palace Masters of the Frigid Moon Immortal Palace and Snow Moon Immortal Palace were men. There are many women in these two immortal palaces and they are very strong as well. Yu Xuelian's words stunned him.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou did not know either, but this was simply too shocking for them.

Chen Xiang had to remember that he should never touch the women of the Snow Moon Immortal Palace and the Cold Moon Immortal Palace, and never even look at them. Now, he knew why this Holy Spirit Rabbit was sold, and it turned out that men could not use it, unless they did not mind him becoming a woman.

"But I still want one." Chen Xiang said, he cannot use it, but his woman can.

"What are you doing here? If you sell this thing, it will only lead to a fatal disaster, it's very dangerous, and it will also be sensed by the Snow Moon Immortal Palace and the Hanyue Immortal Palace. Also, if the Jade Rabbit comes into contact with men for a long period of time, it will disappear on its own, so every so often the Xue Yue and the Hanyue Immortal Palace won't be able to protect it, even though they have become women …"

What Yu Xuelian said was the truth, she felt that giving it to Chen Xiang would only be a waste.

"Just give it to me, I really want it." Chen Xiang said. The questions that Yu Xuelian asked were all true.

Mu Jialan looked at Chen Xiang strangely, and suddenly laughed: "Don't tell me you want to become a woman? Oh yes, you seem to have a strong restraining power towards women, could it be that …"

Hearing Mu Jialan's words, Yu Xuelian and Yao Shumei could not help but laugh.

"No, I'll give one to my woman. In short, give me one." Chen Xiang said.

"Well, if you can do it, I don't mind giving you one." Although Yu Xuelian looked cold, after interacting with her for a period of time, he felt that she was very amiable.

Hearing that they had the chance to obtain Holy Spirit Rabbit, the three women in the ring became very excited, especially Long Xueyi. She had already said that she would give her all to help Chen Xiang when the time comes.

Holy Spirit Rabbit blood could allow them to have a very strong physical body, so they were not looking forward to the torturous training that Chen Xiang did.

"Madam Yao, why are all of you being threatened? Why don't you go back and report back? Why don't you just take the Jade Rabbit and run away with the Snowy Lotus Lord?" Chen Xiang asked.

"We'll talk about it when we get it." Yao Shumei sighed softly. Mentioning this matter also made her mood very bad.

"Go and rest, keep yourself in your best condition at any time." Yu Xuelian said.

Chen Xiang also stayed in the villa and stayed in the White Jade Pavilion. He realized that there were a few immortals in the pavilion, all of them in their advanced stages of cultivation.

Daybreak, Chen Xiang had to follow Yu Xuelian, and Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan were also by her side. But they couldn't fight today, because when Yu Xuelian saw him, she had already shook her head at him.

In the hall, Chen Xiang sat and ate some snacks and fruit juice, all these were expensive things to sell outside, but while eating, he quietly gave some to the three girls inside the ring, because these were all considered to be good food within the Heaven Realm, although it was not really effective, but it was very refreshing.

"Snow Lotus Immortal Monarch, this is the invitation from the Heavenly Cow Palace's leader." A man handed over the invitation letter to Yu Xuelian.

After Yu Xuelian finished reading, he said, "I will go."

Chen Xiang realized that Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan had a good relationship with him, and he didn't know how they developed such a relationship to scheme against him.

"Snowy, why are we inviting you over?" Yao Shumei asked.

"To partic.i.p.ate in the Pill Observation Meeting. Several Dan Immortal have come." Yu Xuelian said.

After saying that, both Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan understood, but Chen Xiang did not. He asked: "What is the Pill Observation a.s.sembly?

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