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Chen Xiang felt that he had touched on an incredible thing, and anxiously retreated, explaining: "It was not intentional."

Yao Shumei blushed red. In the previous tests, she had already suffered a small loss due to Chen Xiang, but she didn't expect to suffer a huge loss this time.

Mu Jialan's face was filled with astonishment, and he did not know what to say, because Chen Xiang did not do it on purpose just now.

"That must have been intentional." Yao Shumei coldly snorted in her heart. She really wanted to fight with this person in front of her.

Of course, she blushed when she saw Chen Xiang, she could not attack him, as the person in front of her had good strength, if he was not a little hoodlum, then he was a perfect candidate in her eyes.

"Let's continue." Yao Shumei's expression recovered its calmness, and said solemnly.

Chen Xiang was more careful this time, his footsteps were not strange, but his speed was even faster, it was just that he did not dare to use his hands to attack, and only used his leg to sweep below Yao Shumei's knee.

Yao Shumei was also wary of Chen Xiang now, and was worried that he would be eaten by her again, so she kept her guard up against him. However, she didn't expect that Chen Xiang would only hit her lower body this time, and while she was dodging, Chen Xiang's foot would still gently slide across her long skirt.

From the third strike, Chen Xiang had still only targeted Yao Shumei's knee area. Yao Shumei had also already noticed this, from the moment Chen Xiang had flashed towards her, she had already seen it in his eyes.

It only hit Chen Xiang's knee for a second, in order to prevent embarra.s.sment and misunderstanding when touching a place that should not be touched again. Both Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan understood this point, so they secretly praised Chen Xiang's character.

Yao Shumei tried his best to dodge, but he still couldn't understand why Chen Xiang's leg still hit her leg. Chen Xiang's speed and movement skills were both higher than hers.

"You pa.s.sed." Although Yao Shumei said it this way, he was still a little unconvinced in his heart. Everyone had a compet.i.tive spirit, furthermore, she was defeated by a young man whose cultivation was much lower than hers.

In Yao Shumei's heart, she thought that adding on the three previous times, he had already lost six times in a row.

"You can follow us to the Qing-Yun Realm. As for what you're going to do, you'll find out when you get there." Yao Shumei said: "As for the danger, there definitely is. It's fine if you want to withdraw right now."

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then asked: "If you finish what you need at Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, can you bring me to another immortal palace? I don't want to stay here."

"That's fine. Maybe you'll have to follow us everywhere during this period of time, and be transported to other immortal palaces." Yao Shumei knew that the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace was located in a relatively remote location in the Heaven Realm, very far from the other immortal palaces.

Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan led Chen Xiang to the entrance of the Heaven Realm, and helped Chen Xiang get a pa.s.s at the entrance. They already had it a long time ago, so Chen Xiang did not know why they had so many Spiritual crystal s to use.

He had finally entered the Heavenly Region. No matter what aspect it was, it was more luxurious than the outside world. The streets were paved with a kind of extremely beautiful jade brick with some engravings on it.

There was no need to even mention the shops on both sides. The decorations on the outside were extremely luxurious, and the interior was even more luxurious. Of course, everything here was expensive.

"Even if it's the Dan King s, it would still be difficult to survive in this kind of place. They are basically burning Spiritual crystal here." Chen Xiang followed behind Yao Shumei, looking left and right, as though he was a country b.u.mpkin.

The majority of the people inside were very strong and rich. One could tell from their clothes that Long Xueyi had already pointed out what beast skins some of them wore and what kind of celestial silk they were wearing.

Mu Jialan and Yao Shumei could be considered more outstanding beauties. Furthermore, they were walking together with two of them, making them look like a pair of beautiful sisters. This, coupled with the existence of a b.u.mpkin that was incompatible with the Heaven Realm behind them, caused them to attract many gazes along the way.

The place Yao Shumei and the others were staying at was very good, it was a quiet courtyard house.

"This house isn't cheap, right?" The moment Chen Xiang entered, he saw the multi-colored fragrant flowers in the courtyard, and when he saw the elegant little house, he immediately exclaimed in admiration.

"A thousand Spiritual crystal s a day isn't too expensive, but there are only two rooms here. Before, Lan'er and I had a room each, but now I'll give one to you. Lan'er and I will live together." Yao Shumei said. On the way, she had already asked for Chen Xiang's name, but she didn't ask for anything else.

Chen Xiang had told her a fake name, Yang Yue. Right now, they were sitting in the courtyard.

Madam, did you guys ascend from Di Tian? You guys should be very famous in Di Tian, right? Chen Xiang deliberately asked.

"Oh, my name is Yao Shumei, I'm..." Knowing that Chen Xiang was also flying up, Yao Shumei was a bit surprised.

I've heard a lot about her. She should be the Peach Blossom Heaven Lady, I didn't expect her to be you and your daughter. I should have thought of that long ago. Chen Xiang purposely revealed a look of respect.

"Little Yang, then you should have heard of Chen Xiang. How is he now, has he ascended yet? But come to think of it, your luck isn't that bad, you actually didn't appear in the palace." Mu Jialan asked excitedly, his face full of expectation for Chen Xiang to answer her question.

Chen Xiang shot a glance at Yao Shumei. He realized that Yao Shumei also seemed to be interested to know something about him, he never thought that this mother and daughter pair would actually be so concerned about him.

"Oh, are you one of his wives, so concerned about him?" Since Chen Xiang purposely said that, of course he could answer Mu Jialan's previous question. He was Chen Xiang.

Mu Jialan stuck out her tongue, supporting her cheek with one hand, she said: "Of course not, but his woman and I have a good relationship, after getting along with each other for a while, we can be considered good friends."

Chen Xiang asked again: "Then you really admire him."

Mu Jialan immediately nodded. "Of course, to be able to chase away the Great Emperor, who has two dragon veins, and to be able to go against many Tong Tian Aristocratic Family and sage realm cultivators earlier, while not being afraid of the Chaotic Mountain in the Sacred Dan Realm …"

Mu Jialan listed a bunch of Chen Xiang's achievements, and some of them were things that Chen Xiang did not remember, so he felt that there must be some people making him up.

However, Chen Xiang still corrected him a little, and said: "He only had one dragon vein, Chen Martial Continent was suddenly suppressed by a very big mountain, thus the entire Devil Continent was destroyed."

"Oh, then did he ascend?" Yao Shumei asked.

"There was no news of him decades ago. He should have ascended long ago." Chen Xiang did not want to reveal his ident.i.ty right now. In this Heaven Realm, there was a large handful of fellows who were stronger than him.

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