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Chen Xiang, who was running, also calculated how long it would take him to copy twenty Sacred animal fruit.

"According to the speed of the Hunyuan Dan's medicinal herbs, I can create it within a month." Chen Xiang thought, there were different main ingredients for Hunyuan Dan, he could get ten each every month.

If nothing unexpected happened, the amount of creation divine liquid that he condensed in a month should be enough to duplicate twenty Sacred animal fruit.

"Don't use this reason to trick me into eating the fruit. If you dare to lie to me, I'll definitely spank you." Chen Xiang said, now he could only choose this method.

As long as he was not discovered when he entered the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, he would be able to obtain Spiritual crystal s there and then leave the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace.

"Hmph, they're already so familiar with you, yet you still don't believe them?" Long Xueyi snorted.

Chen Xiang left the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace and arrived at a forest beside a large river. He hid in it to condense creation divine liquid and make some Sacred animal fruit for Long Xueyi to eat.

"I wonder if we can get our two hearts' worth of Sacred animal fruit. How are the effects compared to twenty of them?" Chen Xiang asked Su Meiyao.

"It's hard to say. In the past when I refined pills, I had only used Sacred animal fruit s that were wholehearted in nature. I have never seen two-sided Sacred animal fruit s, unless they were forces that specifically raise immortal beast s." Su Meiyao said.

"There's no need to be double-hearted. As long as it's wholehearted, it's fine. I've already calculated everything and can eat twenty of them just like that. It's not worth it to only eat one. There's no way I can satisfy my craving." Long Xueyi shouted.

In order to satisfy Long Xueyi's appet.i.te, Chen Xiang decided not to hara.s.s those two hearts of Sacred animal fruit for the time being. He spent a month's time to duplicate twenty Sacred animal fruit.

"After I sleep for two days, I'll be able to break through." Long Xueyi said a few words to Chen Xiang before he went to sleep.

Just by sleeping, he could break through, causing Chen Xiang to be extremely envious. This Little Naughty Dragon only raised strength by eating, drinking and sleeping all day, even though it was like that, the speed at which she raised her strength was extremely fast. She was even stronger than him now, causing people to be extremely jealous.

Chen Xiang did not stay idle these two days, he continued to condense creation divine liquid s. Right now, if he wanted to copy ingredients, they were all of high quality and would require a lot of creation divine liquid s, so whenever he had time or was rushing, he would condense creation divine liquid s. If not, he would have to wait for many days.

Long Xueyi woke up and yawned. "Alright, you can go to Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace now. I guarantee that those Tengu won't find you."

"What if he finds me?" Although Chen Xiang asked this, he was already rushing towards the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace.

"If you're found out, then hit my a.s.s as much as you want." Long Xueyi said with complete confidence.

"How did you do it?" Chen Xiang was extremely curious, "What realm is your divine soul in now?"

The first stage is called the Power of Divine Arts, and you are at this stage. The second stage is called the Divine Transformation, and this is the stage I went through previously. As you know, the third stage is called the Boundless Divine Arts, which is also the final stage of the Divine Arts. Long Xueyi said: "As for how powerful you are, you will know in the future once you have formed your contract. I can't explain it to you right now either."

Chen Xiang scratched his head and said: "Little Naughty Dragon, why are you raising your cultivation so fast, it's hard for my current cultivation in the divine way to even advance."

Long Xueyi laughed proudly: "This is called a race talent, you can't force it. You, as a human, only used such a small amount of time to reach this realm, you should be satisfied. I am the Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, you can't compare to me."

Chen Xiang muttered in his heart: "So what? No matter what emperor you are, you will always be my person in the future."

… ….

A group of Devil Dao suddenly came to the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, and a few powerful Demon Immortals were hiding there. They all came for the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, especially for Mo Tian, and he had almost smashed the pot. The Soul Absorbing Devil Spell had been lost for countless of years, and now that he had finally appeared, there were many powerful Demons that did not hesitate to use a large number of Spiritual crystal s, letting a group of people come over to investigate.

As for the Brainless Heaven Dog, after Chen Xiang used the Soul Dispersing Curse, it was already a treasure. Many almighty people who came to confirm the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell had to spend a sum of Spiritual crystal to examine the seven spirits and six souls in the dog's body.

Although the specific cultivation method of the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell was lost, but after being struck by the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, the relevant information had still been pa.s.sed down. For example, right now, someone could tell from that Tengu that he had been hit by the Soul Dispersing Curse.

The mysterious man who used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell had disappeared outside of Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace. Previously, he had killed the Divine Wind Immortal Country's w.a.n.g Sun, and he was a person who had just ascended into the sky. The weapon of attack he used was also a Demon Weapon with dense killing intent.

Chen Xiang went inside the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace again and strolled around outside the Sky Region Wall. He already knew that Mo Tian had sent many experts to investigate the matter regarding the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell.

"Sister You You You, you're quite accurate. As expected, it caused quite a commotion." Chen Xiang said.

"That is a given, the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell has been lost for a long time, although I have mastered it, I have not used it much, only a few experts know that I understand this technique, and I am already dead in the eyes of these people." Bai Youyou said.

"See, those Tengu did not chase me, I have reached the realm of limitless divine arts, and used the peerless divine ability that only the Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord can use, to help you hide that trace of smell that Tengu can smell." Long Xueyi laughed proudly.

Chen Xiang ignored her as he calculated how he would be able to enter the Heaven Realm. The permit would require ten thousand Spiritual crystal to buy, and they would need to eat and live inside.

When he first came to the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, Chang Jiancai had first brought him to a place where he could find work and work as much as he could to earn Spiritual crystal.

Chen Xiang couldn't think of a good idea for now, so he could only come here to take a look. He arrived at a bustling street, and found a six story tall wooden paG.o.da inside.

There were a lot of people here, all waiting for the Spiritual crystal to earn a good job, they were lazy eaters, and wanted to think of the least to do the simplest thing, to earn the most Spiritual crystal.

On the wall of the hall inside, there were many pieces of paper, and all that was written were jobs that could earn Spiritual crystal s.

Chen Xiang looked around. There were many jobs that could earn him a large amount of Spiritual crystal, but it was very dangerous.

"To actually kill a beast king level immortal beast... Isn't this equivalent to courting death? I'm not going." Su Meiyao said.

"This is even more outrageous. It's just a million Spiritual crystal, yet he wants them to take a single beast egg from the King of Beasts. I'll give him twice the price, and tell him to give me two." Bai Youyou said.

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