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Chen Xiang had previously asked Chen Jiancheng about the price of the herbs here, and it was indeed higher than the price of the pills. Because many of the herbs were now treated as seeds and the price was relatively high, and those who bought the seeds would definitely be able to earn back, so using them to refine pills was not worth it.

"It seems that there are no wild Alchemist s here, and many great powers have mastered a large amount of medicinal ingredients. Alchemist has always been relying on those powers, and have a large amount of medicinal ingredients to use in the refining process. Don't worry about the matters of the medicinal ingredients, this can indeed attract many Alchemist." Su Meiyao said. Although the Heaven Realm had changed a lot, she could quickly accept it.

Hearing that the price was so expensive, Long Xueyi's heart went cold and he sighed in disappointment.

Chen Xiang anxiously said: "About that … Can I use other medicine to exchange for it? I don't have that many Spiritual crystal around me right now. "

"Honestly, the reason why this Sacred animal fruit is so expensive is because this thing can grow into a Holy level's medicinal ingredient, so normal medicinal ingredients cannot compare to it. Tell me, what kind of medicinal ingredient do you plan to use to exchange for it?" the old man asked.

Chen Xiang felt that this pill shop was also controlled by a great power.

"Nature fruit." said. This was a low grade Heaven level medicine, he felt it should not be that bad.

"You have fifteen, I'll trade with you." The old man said.

Fifteen Nature fruit were enough to fight against more than two million Spiritual crystal.

"Go on, this old fellow is quite generous. In the past, although Nature fruit s were lacking, they weren't as expensive as those who were sold." Su Meiyao said.

To the Heaven Realm, Nature fruit still held a pretty good position because they were not of a high level, but not low either. Many of the peak Nirvana stage or late stage or Immortal Monarch s could afford to buy them. This was also the reason why Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou wanted Chen Xiang to be able to get their hands on the Nature fruit very much.

Chen Xiang wanted to trade, but he didn't have that many Nature fruit at the moment. He only had one by his side, a foundation that he could use to duplicate things, so he couldn't use it.

"Do you want to use a Longevity fruit, or a Diamond fruit …" Chen Xiang asked, the price of Longevity fruit would definitely not be low here, it was a fruit that could let people who were about to die of old age to obtain rebirth.

"Don't use it, don't let these things leak out." Long Xueyi anxiously said: "Those high levelled medicinal herbs, they cannot be leaked out."

Chen Xiang said to the old man: "Can you save some for me? I will save enough Spiritual crystal to buy more."

The old man looked troubled. "I'm afraid I can't …" There are already a lot of people who have reserved this Sacred animal fruit with me. The three in the Heaven Realm have all been sold off very quickly, so I'm afraid that I won't be able to protect this Sacred animal fruit for long. "

Just then, Chang Jiancai ran in and said: "That Young n.o.ble Feng is here. I remember that the last time he was here, he wanted to buy Sacred animal fruit too, but it was not enough, right?"

Chen Xiang panicked. Then, his mind flashed as he immediately said: "Old senior, do you want to exchange for half of the Longevity fruit?"

Without the whole fruit, it would be very difficult to grow it, but Chen Xiang could tell that the shopkeeper was pretty strong, he should be at the late stage of the Immortal Realm or even the Immortal Monarch. There must be a lot of Spiritual crystal s, even if he was here to help look after the store, he could still produce his own batch of Spiritual crystal.

Although it was just half of it, but if the fire in the Alchemist was enough, they could still refine a Myriad Life Pill. Although it might not be able to extend their lifespan by ten thousand years, it was still possible to refine a Myriad Life Pill after a few thousand years.

"Enough." This shopkeeper wasn't a fool; this kind of thing was something that could only be encountered by luck and not sought after. He kept it for later use. If it stagnated in the future and his lifespan ran out, it would be of great help.

It only flowed out halfway, Chen Xiang felt that it was nothing, but when he took it out, the old man was a little disappointed, as this side was a little small.

This was cut by Su Meiyao, she cut it to be as small as possible, enough to make a Longevity Pill, and she couldn't let anyone plant it through those arrays.

But even so, the shopkeeper still changed and gave the Sacred animal fruit to Chen Xiang.

"Manager, hurry up and take out that Sacred animal fruit. I brought the Spiritual crystal here. Two million Spiritual crystal, right?" Before the person appeared, his voice had already reached his ears. Following that, a man wearing blue clothes walked in with big steps. He held this fan in his hand and a few big men followed behind him.

Seeing that set of clothes, Chen Xiang was sure that this Young n.o.ble Feng was someone from the Feng Clan, and that these Tong Tian Aristocratic Family had a lot of power and influence, so they could not be underestimated.

When Young Master Feng came in, he immediately saw that the Sacred animal fruit was in Chen Xiang's hands, and when Chen Xiang saw him come in, he anxiously packed it away and brought Chang Jiancai along with him to leave.

"Wait." When Young Master Feng came in, he was elated, but after knowing that the Sacred animal fruit had just been bought, his face immediately became gloomy.

"Enemies have a narrow path." Chen Xiang thought in his heart. He had just arrived at the Heaven Realm, and he had already started fighting with the Feng Clan. Previously, he had a huge enmity with the Feng Clan, so the Feng Clan should be very clear about this as well.

"Can you sell me your Sacred animal fruit?" Even though Young Master Feng asked this, his handsome face was not friendly at all. It was dark and gloomy, and he looked very deceitful.

"Not selling, I have great uses for it." Chen Xiang was about to leave after answering the question. He did not want to confront the Feng Clan right now, as he did not have the energy to do so.

The people around them were all watching the commotion, a person who had just ascended had met with Feng Clan Lord, the person who had ascended was once a peak character in that world, naturally he had his own pride, and Feng Clan Lord was not weak, he had some strong experts by his side.

"You know …"

"You don't have to do this with me. Even if I knew who your family is, I wouldn't sell it to you. I have great use for it, and I don't lack Spiritual crystal s." Chen Xiang said directly, then brought Chang Jiancai out of the shop without even turning his head.

"Don't even think about leaving." With a wave of his hand, he released a strong suction force that sucked Chang Jiancai over.

Seeing this scene, the medicine store's shopkeeper frowned slightly and said in a deep voice: "Young n.o.ble Feng, this matter does not have anything to do with the little kid, right? Please take note of the rules of the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, this place is not the Feng Clan's Divine Wind Immortal Country, so you should not be too presumptuous here."

Although Chang Jiancai did not have much strength, he was the most sweet of all. Many people knew him very well.

The young master of the Feng Clan was probably used to being unreasonable. He pinched the back of Chang Jiancai's neck and coldly shouted at him: "Sell the Sacred animal fruit to me, otherwise I will break this brat's neck."

The people around them were enraged, they didn't say anything about dealing with Chen Xiang, but Chang Jiancai was just a little kid who only ran errands to earn his living, he had nothing to do with Chen Xiang at all, and was actually used by the Feng Clan's Young n.o.ble to threaten others.

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