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Chen Xiang was very happy to be able to come to a place where there were people gathered. He did not care where he was, he urgently needed to know some things that had happened here, to find friends that had ascended earlier than him.

"Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace belongs to the neutral zone, and rarely interferes with any disputes. However, the business compet.i.tion inside is still very intense."

Chen Xiang arrived at the entrance of the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace. Entering the place did not require any entrance fee, which left a good impression on Chen Xiang.

"You just came to the Heaven Realm, it's best if you don't rush to find your friends and relatives, this is temporarily meaningless, everyone's strength is not the strongest here, so if you cause trouble, it will implicate them, you better act alone, with Xue Yi's help, you can escape from danger easily." Back then, when she and Su Meiyao roamed the Heaven Realm, they had a certain level of experience.

Su Meiyao completely agreed with Bai Youyou's words, and said: "There are many people in this Heaven Realm that are very sinister, able to use all sorts of methods, you should have already seen it before right?"

Chen Xiang could only give up the idea of searching for his friends and relatives. What Su Meiyao said made sense, as there were many treasures on his body, that would be enough for many people to do whatever they wanted.

After entering the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, Chen Xiang looked at the many streets, he did not know which one to take, and it was extremely big, so very few people would be able to visit this place. As expected of the Immortal Palace above the Heaven Realm, just entering the door would cause people to be stunned.

At this time, a well-dressed handsome youth ran over with a smile. He tugged on the youth's sleeves and asked: "This big brother, you have just entered the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, a large immortal palace, do you need me to help you get familiar with this place?"

Chen Xiang still had a little Spiritual crystal on him, which he had obtained from the Sacred Dan Realm. He said: "I need a lot of Spiritual crystal, I'm a poor b.a.s.t.a.r.d, don't be too expensive, I can't afford it."

Before he came, he had already emptied the entire Spar, because there was no use in bringing it here.

Ten Spiritual crystal s are enough, but you have to shelter and feed me, I will lead you for three days, I will do my best to let you have a meal in this Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace. It looks like he's a professional doing this.

Chen Xiang took out five Spiritual crystal and handed them over to him: "Give me half of them first, pay me in the next half and wait for three days."

The young man accepted it and said: "No problem, the young lad's name is Chang Jiancai, you can call me to see my talent, what about you, Big Brother?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "Common wealth, not a bad name, my name is Shen Yi."

After arriving at the Heaven Realm, Chen Xiang was also extremely cautious. He did not reveal his true appearance, but only changed his appearance a little, making others look like middle-aged people. That way, it would be difficult to recognize him even with a portrait.

Chen Xiang had already known before, that he had some fame in the Heaven Realm, but this was not a good thing for him, because others knowing about him was all because of his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, as well as his Heaven Earth Killing Method.

However, there were a lot of people of this level in the Heaven Realm. As the Heaven Realm did not lack in medicinal pills to help with the tribulation, it was relatively easy to pa.s.s the tribulation here.

Chang Jiancai brought Chen Xiang to a middle cla.s.s inn. This was Chen Xiang's request, it was too expensive, and he couldn't afford to live in it, it was too poor, and it wasn't too comfortable. The place he was currently in, was an area within the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, and it could be considered a bustling area.

"Look at the money, what's the price of the pills here? For example, a high grade Ground level pill, or a low grade Heaven level pill." Chen Xiang asked, these two pills should be more commonly used in Heaven Realm.

"The Relive Dan s for the Superior Grade Ground level Pellet are two hundred Spiritual crystal s per pellet, and the prices for the High Grade Ground level Pellets are almost this high. As for the Inferior Grade Heaven level Pellets, they need a thousand Spiritual crystal s per pellet." Chang Jiancai replied. He was very familiar with the owner of this inn, so he could rent two rooms at a very cheap price.

"This price... So low. " Chen Xiang was extremely shocked, and so was Su Meiyao. Su Meiyao had told him just now, extremely shocked, that in the past, the High Rank Ground level Pill would cost over a thousand Spar, and the Low Rank Pill would cost at least seven to eight thousand Spar.

"Big Brother, you couldn't have ascended from the heavens right? If that's really the case, then your luck is too terrible. No powers would want the Flowing Gold Immortal that didn't appear in the Hall." Chang Jiancai looked at Chen Xiang in shock, his eyes filled with admiration.

This was because the people who could ascend from the lower realms were all extremely powerful and possessed extremely powerful abilities. Only then would they be able to stand out in that world and arrive in this higher realm.

"That's right, but I heard that the pills shouldn't be so cheap. Don't tell me all the herbs here are like cabbages and can be grown all at once?" Chen Xiang continued to ask, he felt that there must be a reason behind this.

He laughed and said, "This is all thanks to Sacred Dan Realm merging into the Heaven Realm a while ago. The Sacred Dan Realm has a lot of medicinal ingredients, and in order to s.n.a.t.c.h the Heaven Realm's medicine market, they have put the price very, very low."

and Su Meiyao were both extremely shocked that the Sacred Dan Realm had actually become one with the Heaven Realm.

Isn't your big sister Long Huishan the Long family's patriarch? She's also a Female Dragon King, you can go and find her. Long Xueyi said with a tinge of jealousy.

Chen Xiang didn't plan to look for Long Huishan now. Although Long Huishan was a Female Dragon King, and was considered to be at the top in terms of strength, and was also very loyal, Chen Xiang was worried that he would bring her trouble.

"Look at the money, can you find out how many people have flown up in recent years? Where have they gone?" Chen Xiang asked, although he did not plan to look for them, he still wanted to find out more.

"I heard that most of the people who ascended during this period of time were from the Worldly King Immortal Palace." Chang Jiancai thought about it and said.

Isn't the Human King's Immortal Palace the Human Emperor Hall? Chen Xiang remembered that it was created by an expert back then in the Continent of the King.

"How many years of history has that Worldly Immortal Palace been?" Chen Xiang asked, because he had never heard of the Human King's Immortal Palace.

"It's been so many years. Originally, it was not called the Human King's Immortal Palace, but rather the Jade Dew Immortal Palace, but later on, the master of the palace seemed to have been defeated and lost an immortal palace." It has been so many years, originally it was not the Human King's Immortal Palace, but the Jade Dew Immortal Palace, but later on, the master of the palace seemed to have been defeated and lost an immortal palace.

Su Meiyao said, "Jadesea Immortal Palace should be that Bi Xia Dan Immortal. You should still remember that."

Of course, Chen Xiang remembered that back then when he was sparring with one of the Fire Divine Palace s in order to refine pills, that guy had boasted about how powerful his master, the Bi Xia Dan Immortal, was.

And that Bi Xia Dan Immortal had also lost to Su Meiyao before. Chen Xiang asked at this time: "sister Meiyao, did you guys have any immortal palaces or anything like that in the past?"

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